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  1. Those cabins up on level 12 are newer than other cabins. Plus the ship is having a refurb in November apparently-
  2. Have done Amsterdam to Budapest, Budapest to Bucharest two years ago... but with Uniworld... that too was excellent, luckily found a two for one deal!! They are very expensive but fully inclusive. Emerald was also except drinks only with meals. But just about everyday there was some activity and the often handed the wine around then. ( sometimes too much 😂😂) Honestly, the BEST holidays we’ve ever had!!! And if you have great people on board with you - makes all the difference... we have new lifelong friends now that we are traveling with again next year. Hope yours is wonderful
  3. Reply Hi Lene, from memory I think we got all of our paperwork and wonderful back packs from our travel agent about a month or three weeks out before the trip. I am pretty sure that I was able to look up the excursions on my itinerary . you know of course that the excursions are included but there are sometimes one or two extra that you can do and pay for. We never paid for any ,we just went on the ones that were provided and were extremely happy with those, and were very happy just to walk around the villages and towns ourselves after each excursion . There must be somewhere online that you can look this up because I remember sending lots of messages to Emerald or Evergreen on their Facebook or messenger page. I too had lots of questions and basically harranged these people to get all information, and I have to say that they were very quick and kind in their response considering that I was bombarding them all the time. And I’m glad that I did because I got lots of extra information that I wanted and was amazed that so many of the people that I travelled with had no idea of where they were going, where we were staying and what to expect. And even what the room looked like . ... so I think I said that we did the Portugal and the south of France trip in October, and if you have any specific questions don’t hesitate to ask me. I’m not sure which trip you are doing but if it’s the same as ours happy to give you any information that you want .
  4. Thank you so much. Do the rooms have a tv ( sometimes I like an afternoon rest and watch some tv to send me off to sleep) I enjoy cups of teas regularly during the day and wondered if there’s a place to get this? Is it included in the fare or do we have to pay for everything outside of the three main meals? Any information would be welcome. Thanks
  5. I am looking at the 12 night ( 34 stop) trip Bergen to Bergen. In August 2020. So im guessing that you get the ship that is going on that date that is best to you. Can you find out what ship you get in advance. ? Is August a good time? Also assuming the northern lights won’t be there at that time. As the cabins look great but small, is there lounges to spend the time in... when you’re not outside admiring the view. Many thanks. K
  6. Probably Best to read my ships review on both of the ships. But I suppose the highlight points would be ,one the ship is beautiful with very clean minimalistic lines, very nice food that I didn’t have to cook, plenty of wine will be served with lunch and dinner, really lovely Portuguese staff who are very friendly. I have to say though that I thought the actual views from the boat would be a little boring but we were totally wrong. It was as good as ,if not slightly better than, the Danube traditional Budapest to Amsterdam cruise . We enjoyed visiting the wineries even the museum that I thought would be boring and the day trip out to Salamanca. Plus we met some other guests from different countries that were just brilliant and made the trip so wonderful. The little pool on top of radiance was a shallow pool ,but perfect for just sitting in and watching Portugal and it’s beautiful wineries and homes and villages slip by.. Plus there was plenty of activities provided on the boat during the day ,some being quite hilarious. Enjoy your cruise I’m sure you will
  7. Well Lisbon is a fab place to spend 3 or more days in, surrounded by amazing villages that are worth visiting... i know the river cruises are expensive , but once paid, we never spent a cent.. i have a long review on the emerald Radiance that cruise critic is taking forever to post ( I know they are busy).. ive done cheap ocean cruises and my account at the end was more than my original price for the cruise.. im extremely happy with what we got on Emerald..
  8. Hi lois, it is a shame that you’ve cancelled because I’m sure you would’ve loved it. I have just got back from a river cruise with Emerald waterways on the radiance. We started in Lisbon as well and have a wonderful four days there before going onto Porto and onto the river. Yes most of the excursions involved a short bus trip there was still plenty to look at at the little villages when we docked. Both my husband and I have done Amsterdam to Bucharest with Uni world which was absolutely fantastic but do you know what we preferred Emerald and the Duroe river it was just really lovely have a rethink because uni world is very expensive we paid Far less With Emerald radiance but enjoyed our time just as much
  9. I have just done a comprehensive review on Emerald Radiance ,plus photos. Should show up now or tomorrow... cannot recommend this trip enough.
  10. Hi. We did the Douro on EMERALD RADIANCE in sept. Great trip. No water problems. Loved the scenery, new boat, food, Portuguese staff, and excursions.. thoroughly recommend
  11. Also... I would stick to the Mid level on river cruises. We had the drop down balcony , just lovely and dried my clothes beautifully... I need a big window or fresh air. Top level... apart from the suites, cabins are the same size as the mid level. But much pricier?? No idea why... because you can get the noise of the early morning joggers , and the clank of the crane as it lifts the gangplank.. save your money.
  12. All good points about Scenic and Emerald. I’ve done two Emerald ( which shortly I’ll write reviews on) and visited a scenic with my friend who was onboard... the boats were moored next to each other so we had an explore! we don’t drink much but enjoyed our wines and beers with lunch and dinner. Don’t need a mini bar or sunset drinks ( happy to pay for one if the desire took me) very happy with emeralds interior, staff, food and in our case, plenty of included excursions and activities.. after years of travelling, I’m accustomed to doing my washing in the shower and I have a very tidy way to get things dry. Scenic looked lovely but I wouldn’t pay the thousands extra for it. Ive travelled 28 days with UNIWORLD ( 5 star) and I’d still save my money and go Evergreen. Just my opinion. You need to do your own research.
  13. Most bus rides short. Even the longer one to Salamanca goes quickly. ( quicker coming back cause you snooze). Still each port has local stuff to look at. You’ll enjoy it
  14. No stomping. Just drinking. We went with Emerald Radiance. Fabulous trip
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