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  1. Appreciate this question & responses as we are booked for Jan 2022 and was contemplating FTTF as well!
  2. There’s a study that looks at a countries handling of Covid and how the message to contain was implemented. The countries that were clear, honest- even saying we don’t know X yet- and implied it’s citizens to do the right thing (without shaming or virtue signaling) did better. Even when the leaders admitted mistakes were made and had to change things. There is also a study by Dr Monica Gandhi coming out with the theory masks are NOT stopping the spread, but they ARE reducing viral load to low levels- allowing the individual to amount an immune response without becoming sick-thereby helping
  3. Still have my NCL be for Jan 2021- doubtful will sail at this point but since final payment pushed to 60 days- might as well wait. But I’m not gonna do it if masks required. Nothing against Masks at all- but on a cruise? Caribbean humidity? Nope. Will use that money to go with In-laws to their TS in Mexico instead in January. And airfare cheaper to Mexico than Miami!!! Did book Panorama for Jan 2022 a couple mmo this ago with all those promotions and price was right - had been accumulating Allstate gift cards- with the 12% discount now even better!
  4. IF big IF- they work. However when you listen to top virologists- who’ve actually worked and developed vaccines, not a talking head who’s survived 6 administrations-many are really hesitant about the rush on the vaccines. Dr Paul Offit has given some really excellent interviews on why he’s cautious. He developed a vaccine so the Doc has the credentials. Google him for his interviews on covid vaccines, he’s sure one will be developed but lots of magical perfection has to happen for it to be realistically ready this year, or even by next summer. He explains why the timeline CAN be shortened an
  5. welp if they have ice cream machine as well there then I'd never see the kid 😁
  6. Insomnia strikes again! Thanks for the great read! Kinda surreal reading now on back at start of this craziness. Funny I found this as I’ve got Panorama booked for January 2022. And your description of the teen zone and pics. we recently started cruising. My son’s first cruise was a year ago (he was 13) and he said he would never go to kids club or do any activities (he’s quite grumpy about trying new things)- turns out I had to force him to come to dinners as that was pretty much only time we saw him! Couple nights he had late night teen activities and he’d come to bed after us -so much
  7. Right? Husband wanted to keep playing and I'm grabbing the ticket and running lol! Not like Las Vegas, where we play craps and generally come out ahead.
  8. Last time I did that-decided to play with $20-made another $100 lol-did cash it out then as I figured that is never going to happen again.
  9. It's not 30% who may have it it is 30% of the symptomatic who have it. Seems most are pre symptomatic or asymptomatic. And then I want to know-if you are asymptomatic how infectious are you and how how much does it take to make someone else get a severe case? Because if the "majority" seem to be asymptomatic and so mild it doesn't matter?? But it is all in how much severe illness it can cause. And not a single study yet has shown what that is. What is becoming clear-you need to be in close direct contact in enclosed spaces for longer lengths of time. Why it is going through care homes, prisons
  10. This!! And yes- I am allergic to lots of stuff in spring and fall, take the allergy meds and nose sprays, but it will sometimes trigger the asthma too and coughing opens up the lungs. This winter has been brutal! I am actually on a ten day steroid taper to get stuff back under control with breathing. With all the Judgy mcjudgersons out there now I am truly afraid of random coughs/sneezes (by me!) now. People are forgetting there are lots of reasons NON covid related to cough. I always cover my cough, turn away or move away as much as possible from anyone else etc. But I am in the town tha
  11. Can I just say how much I LOVE this response?? Very beautifully and clearly written. In the end everyone has to do their own risk analysis. I am considered "high risk" with asthma. In fact had an attack just two nights ago-windows open due to fantastic weather-someone in neighborhood decided to do a wood burning fire pit night and the smoke came in through windows-smoke is a surefire trigger for me. Risk for me is everywhere. Yes I will cruise again. I will do what I can to mitigate the risk, but not being able to travel - for me-regardless of type isn't life worth really livin
  12. Carnival had the best debt to equity ratio of all the lines. So probably not as bleak as NCL and RCCL.
  13. yes this is more about the poor poor poor response of Carnival compared to other lines.
  14. I can't like this enough. I will be emailing carnival customer service as well. Did you get your survey? Let's just say it wasn't a good one they were going to be happy to receive! I did really enjoy the crew and CD (think my 13 year old son has a crush on Erin) and the 2nd comedian and our room steward and the dining room crew...but I would NOT have spent the money to stay on this cruise if given the option if the change had happened before we sailed.
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