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  1. If that is the case then the one night would be for the press.
  2. Ours too Kathy. Do you think the invitation will become a collector's item? Wonder when we really need to RSVP by?
  3. One can only hope that the Viking Serenade will be back. Sorry everyone, but we are not getting a Royal Caribbean ship on the West Coast. Why not send an email to Adam Goldstein agoldstein@rccl.com and tell him your feelings. Let's support Carnival, Princess and Holland America because they are supporting us.
  4. We were on the Pre-Inaugural November 27-29 and the ship was amazingly hot. The cabin never cooled off and the shops in the Promenade were so hot people had to walk out. Did not seem like the air conditioning on the ship worked at all.
  5. Just returned from the two night PI as well and found the ship much too big for our tste. Love Radiance Class and even Voyager Class but this was a monster. We walked and walked and found the D5 cabin cheaply constructed and quite small. No way we would have enough room for 7 nights. Saw the Crown Loft and was not impressed with having to walk a flight of stairs to get to the bedroom. Kind of like going up to an attic. Never saw cabin steward...never had any ice or extra towels and TV never worked although reported to maintenance and guest relations twice. They said there is an IT problem onboard. Same as what they said when they could not do the Aqua Show Saturday night at 9:30. Planning shows in advance did not matter because they changed all of our times around anyway. Could not help wonder what will happen when there is rain or even a hurricane and both the Central Park neighborhood and Boardwalk are not covered. How could 6,000 people wind up in the Promenade?? Saturday night there was a 70's party in the Promenade and you could not move and we were half full. Highlight was definitely seeing Hairspray which was as good as any Broadway Show. Kudos to the cast. Found the food at the Seafood Shack just awful. Glad we did not have to pay for it. Cupcake was $2.50 and was just okay, nothing great. Did not think much of the food in the MDR. Service the first night ws good but the second night it was just awful. Told the headwaiter that the waiter needed training as we were there THREE HOURS from one seating to the next. Missed the Diamond Plus Party because of the service. Heard there will be 2,000 children onboard for Christmas. Wonder how they will find their way around or how their parents will find them. very scary..... Went to muster drill in the Comedy Club and every single person who came in tripped over the legs of the chairsa bec ause they stick out so far. Curbs in Central Park are also dangerous and now will be painted yellow so people will see them. Alll in all this is definitely not a ship for us. Much too big...l expected the crew to be clueless but not one crew member I asked in the Promenade could answer a question about where things were located. After coming over from Finland as well as the time spent there they should have had some idea or at least offered to check a map. If you sail to shop and drink there are plenty of stores and plenty of bars...if you like elegance, try another class of ship. As someone else send this is more of a resort than a cruise ship and too many people will be milling around to look for something to do when all is said and done.
  6. Could we possibly have the entire ship to ourselves? Where are all of the people sailing through the beautiful Norwegian Fjords on the Opera next May???
  7. The current Cruise Director is the magnificent Johnny O who leaves on vacation when the Monarch gets to Miami. We were on the last LA weekend cruise and he told us that he is going to be reassigned when he returns after vacation. Those of us who live in California hope he will be the C.D. on the Mariner when she arrives in Los Angeles in February.
  8. Hi Cathy, How are you and Ron doing? Are you going on a Viking River FAM? Bob and I are going on the Christmas Market trip with Peggy and Tom on Amadeus Waterways Amalegra. Our trip ends December 7 so we will definitely not be seeing you in Budapest. Take care and tell Ron hi. By the way, do you ever hear from Pam Sands? The last she wrote she was having alot of problems with her mom. Karen
  9. She became the Viking Serenade when Royal Caribbean bought her and in 2001 she was sold to Island Cruises and sails as the Island Escape overseas. Karen
  10. WOW, the Viking Serenade was our most favorite ship. We sailed on her 51 tmes and was in the Royal Suite on her final voyage from San Pedro to Aruba in fEBRUARY 2001. We see VS crew members often on other RCCL ships. Just saw Trudy Julius who is now the Guest Relations Mgr on the Monarch of Seas. Whenver we board a ship we wear our VS shirts and crew members always find us. We also saw Karen Mayberry who was the VS Cuise Director and she is now on the Vision of the Seas. What is your name? Did you sail with Captain Kent, Laila, Captain Carlos??? Karen and Bob
  11. We are really excited with this amazing itinerary through the Norwegian Fjords. We have looked at Celebrity and Hurtigruten and decided that this is the best of them all. We are Karen and Bob from San Diego County and we love to cruise. We are cruise agents and have just returned from our National Conference where we heard all about MSC and it sounds and looks wonderful. Who is joining us on this memorable voyage to Norway? Karen and Bob
  12. I'm a TA and this was sent to me from my Holland America Business Development Manager. Hi Karen: The Oosterdam will sail every Saturday to the Mexican Riviera thru Oct 11, 2008 thru Feb 28, 2009. The Ryndam sails every 10 days to Mexico's Sea of Cortez Nov 1 thru Dec 11, 2008; then again Feb 3 thru Apr 14, 2009. Here is the Fall 2009 Ryndam schedule, roundtrip San Diego : Sep 29 - 11 day Sea of Cortez Oct 10, 17; Nov 14, 21 - 7 day Mexican Riviera Oct 24 and Nov 28 - 9 day Sea of Cortez Nov 2 and Dec 7 - 12 day Mexico
  13. We just returned from the Veendam yesterday and had As you Wish dining and it was wonderful. Each morning at 8 am I made our dinner reservations and we had the option of eating with others or just a table for 2. We enjoyed dining at 7 pm and getting out of the dining room in plenty of time to make the 9 pm show. Karen
  14. The Ryndam is available to book the Mexican Riviera starting in September 2009 after the Alaska season. She is doing one 11 night, 2 7 nights (November 14 and 21) and the rest are 10 nights in the Fall of 2009. Karen
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