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  1. I would appreciate if you could check the casino and see if they have a Texas Holdem Table. The Nieuw Statendam doesn't have one, but every other HAL ship has Texas Holdem
  2. Here is a list of the perks as of 2019. The only people not invited are those who accumulated days as part of their compensation or deeply discounted fare - lecturers, entertainers, travel agent hosts etc. Presidents Club Perks.pdf
  3. Most of future HAL crossings from Barcelona to FLL are in November. Might be a little too chilly to be outside much
  4. Silver Muse in front of a setting sun off San Diego yesterday
  5. More here https://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US/worry-free-promise/travel-well/frequently-asked-questions/faq-for-cruises-from-usa.html This is from the HAL website "Guests will be considered fully vaccinated who have received their final dose of an approved/authorized COVID-19 vaccine, or any combination of two doses of an authorized or approved vaccine at least 14 days prior to the beginning of the cruise. Acceptable vaccines are those that have been approved/authorized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or have emergency use listing by World Health Organization (WHO). VACCINE DOSE Pfizer (Comirnaty / BioNTech)2 Moderna (Spikevax)2 Johnson & Johnson (Janssen)1 AstraZeneca (Covishield / Vaxzevria)2 Sinopharm2 Sinovac (CoronaVac)2 MIXED DOSES:  Pfizer (1 Dose) + Moderna (1 Dose)  MIXED DOSES:  Pfizer (1Dose) OR Moderna (1 Dose) + 1 Dose AstraZeneca  US ONLY: Novavax clinical trial participants who can confirm that they receive the full 2-dose series of the active COVID-19 vaccine."
  6. It will typically be too breezy to get much use of a verandah on a transatlantic. Get one if you think you will appreciated the extra natural light from a larger window.
  7. Some have commented that they don't like how far it is from the Neptune Lounge....FWIW. I would take it
  8. Did they use if for anything? Did people sit in there and read or use laptops?
  9. Sad to read about the continuing erosion of the dress code. Hardly surprising - after all, when a collared shirt is all you need for a "gala night", wearing shorts during normal dinners is not a real stretch. The day is coming, far too soon I fear, when your cruise fare will buy you nothing more than your hotel room and everything else, from the shows to buckets of ice will be an extra charge - for your convenience of course.
  10. Here is some more items to consider How to pack for a world cruise
  11. My last Holland America Cruise - that wasn't a world - was in 2019 - It was OK then......so.....resetting my expectations for my two upcoming california coastal cruises next month.
  12. That was from the world cruise. I did look up the one from the Koningsdam last week just now and it did look identical to the normal evening MDR menu, which is disappointing to see. If they don't even print a special menu for the MDR on gala nights, then I sadly agree that there is little reason to continue calling it a gala night. Hopefully this will be a COVID related service issue and not a sign of things to come. If the only thing HAL does on gala nights is print the words "gala night" into the Navigator app - no more special seat covers? No more decorations? Wait staff not dressing up? I am on my first post COVID cruise in 2 weeks on the Koningsdam. I hope its better than what it appears at the moment.
  13. The MDR usually has a better menu on Gala nights than normal nights, while the Pinnacle has the same menu every night. If you forgo the MDR on gala nights then you miss the upgraded MDR menu. Here are a couple of MDR menus from gala nights on my 2020 cruise. This was my idea of special. I hope you love it! 26-Jan-MDR-Gala.pdf 8-Feb-MDR-Gala.pdf
  14. I don't see any mention of MS Studio classes in the posted When and Where's. What is going on in that space? Just forward of the Rolling Stone Rock Room.
  15. I learned that the new Rotterdam has a space called the Library where the MS Studio is located on the Koningsdam. I can't find any mention of the MS Studio program on the HAL website anymore. Is the MS Studio and Digital Workshop no longer offered?
  16. If you get the Emed Home test from Optum, you will get the results emailed to you within one hour...You will know the results right away, but Emed will send you official results that HAL will accept within an hour or so
  17. You will usually only get one upgrade offer. If you find the price acceptable - take it - you won't likely get another. Sometimes people have made a counter offer, which the cruise line has accepted, but usually HAL just works down the list and someone will finally take the upgrade at their price. One advantage of the verandah is that the window is bigger and lets in more natural light, even if you never actually sit on the balcony. You don't get any extra perks with a Verandah cabin over an inside.
  18. Check HERE with HAL for the most accurate and up to date guidance on their requirements. Most drug stores don't sell the proctored at home COVID test that is required. Emed or Optum health sell the correct tests on line. HERE You can buy the same test at a drug store, but it will usually be marked OTC as opposed to Rx. if there isn't a big warning to NOT OPEN THE PACKAGE until instructed, it is not the proctored test. If you are going to the CVS or Walgreens in person to get a test, you will want to sign up for the Rapid Antigen Test. The PCR test is fine, but the results take 1-2 days. Although I have read that if you take the test, but don't have results, HAL will test you at the pier. Make a CVS reservation HERE
  19. I prefer the MDR over the Pinnacle for Gala night. The MDR on a gala night always has a special menu that we enjoy. The pinnacle has the same outstanding menu every night, nothing special for a gala, so if you forgo the MDR on a gala night, you will miss out on the MDR special dinner. I always go to the MDR on gala night.
  20. Horton plaza is permanently closed and being replaced by office spaces "In January 2020, Stockdale Capital Partners announced it had reached an agreement with Macy's to close their store as part of a plan to close 125 stores nationwide, allowing redevelopment of the mall to move forward.[26] Macy's closed in April 2020.[26] Starting in May 2020, Horton Plaza was fenced off and began demolition; the plan is to redevelop it as primarily office space for a new tech hub called "The Campus At Horton". Completion is expected in 2022.[27]"
  21. “Unless eating or drinking”. Do people mask up between sips or bites?
  22. Here is some information about how to handle a variety of issues associated with long cruises.
  23. I am on a flight now - with wine - mask stays on except when actually taking a sip - then back on. Did they follow the airline rules - Masks on except when sipping? Or masks off once you have a wine glass in your hand?
  24. Did people wear masks during the mariner reception?
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