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  1. It's a Bahamas cruise. While CDC guidelines may have some influence, the requirements from the Bahamas government would trump CDC guidelines, I think. Lacking one, Crystal may very well establish their own requirements.
  2. What are the must-try drinks? There were already a few suggestions posted above, thank you. Are there drinks that are standouts at certain venues?
  3. To allay any concerns, I'm here to report that we will be pulling the average down on all those counts.
  4. You are right, I had burger and pizza in mind when I wrote that comment. Since burgers and pizza come from the Patio Grill, you can't order them when the Grill is closed. Or at least that was the explanation given to us when we tried to order a late-nite burger - or maybe it was pizza; we couldn't get it. So, no 24hr burger or pizza.
  5. Sounds very convincing because, period. But the above is actually incorrect.
  6. We've been in Celebrity sky suites with access to Luminae before X introduced the Retreat. We sailed the Seabourn Sojourn on a 12-night Eastern Caribbean RT from Miami. Here are a few observations: There was no class segregation. The smaller size gained us access to really interesting ports. The Caribbean itinerary typically includes a beach party and lobster lunch at Carambola, St. Kitts. We had a blast. Room service isn't 24-hour, which was a bummer, but we enjoyed caviar with full bottle of champagne on more than one occasion. Beer and win
  7. Found this on YouTube: It has all the excursions and activities for each island
  8. I must confess, I have indeed taken a few cruises on Carnival Fun Boats; and, have on more than one occasion imbibed 2-buck-chuck.
  9. Greetings, My apologies for piling on to an existing thread instead of starting my own. We prefer outdoor seating and are glad to note that there are plenty of outdoor seating areas on the ship. Do all these areas have good coverage for drink services? For instance, the outdoor areas in the aft? Are there any areas that have only sparse or no drink services coverage? Thank you.
  10. Do they offer any fresh juices or are they the pasteurized kind?
  11. OK, we are new to Crystal but didn't realize that we are gonna be boarding the seediest dive on the wharf when we booked our cruise. What kinda reputation do y'all have where an island that is literally infested with feral pigs wouldn't welcome you lot? 😄 😄
  12. Yes, this was the case on our cruise as well. It's quite likely that this was announced during the show the night before but we don't do shows. There was no separate turndown card but it was listed in the Herald, just not on the front page. We received the paper version during turndown service every night. We were aware of the event from Cruise Critic reviews and YouTube videos and were really looking forward to it. Seabourn really excelled and exceeded our hyped-up expectations. The beach bbq was most definitely the highli
  13. This was served on the Sojourn during our recent Caribbean cruise:
  14. On our recent cruise, the event wasn't publicized but fellow passengers knew of it. It didn't even make it to the highlighted list of activities on the summary page of the Herald, but was listed in the chronological list of activities for the day. Our guess was that Seabourn still wanted to sell the excursions so they downplayed the event. On our trip, they ran out of lobsters so if you have the hankering, then our recommendation is to hit the buffet line on the earlier side. One tip: the marina events are conducted on the far right side as you face the s
  15. Hello seatrial, We just returned from our first Seabourn cruise on the Caribbean itinerary. We've also sailed on Celebrity suites and I plan to publish a comparison review in the next few days, but here are the answers to your questions based on our recent experience. The formal night was on the first Sea day. Yes, we did see a Tux or two but it was predominantly West-coast formal with no tie. The only day when the marina was open was at Carambola beach but they brought all the toys to the shore so you don't miss the beach BBQ. Like others have ment
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