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  1. Yes, this was the case on our cruise as well. It's quite likely that this was announced during the show the night before but we don't do shows. There was no separate turndown card but it was listed in the Herald, just not on the front page. We received the paper version during turndown service every night. We were aware of the event from Cruise Critic reviews and YouTube videos and were really looking forward to it. Seabourn really excelled and exceeded our hyped-up expectations. The beach bbq was most definitely the highlight of our cruise.
  2. This was served on the Sojourn during our recent Caribbean cruise:
  3. On our recent cruise, the event wasn't publicized but fellow passengers knew of it. It didn't even make it to the highlighted list of activities on the summary page of the Herald, but was listed in the chronological list of activities for the day. Our guess was that Seabourn still wanted to sell the excursions so they downplayed the event. On our trip, they ran out of lobsters so if you have the hankering, then our recommendation is to hit the buffet line on the earlier side. One tip: the marina events are conducted on the far right side as you face the shore, so if you want to grab front row beach chairs, avoid the far side as they beach all their craft there. The beach caviar event was held on the right side so you wanna stay in that side, just avoid the far side. Enjoy!
  4. Hello seatrial, We just returned from our first Seabourn cruise on the Caribbean itinerary. We've also sailed on Celebrity suites and I plan to publish a comparison review in the next few days, but here are the answers to your questions based on our recent experience. The formal night was on the first Sea day. Yes, we did see a Tux or two but it was predominantly West-coast formal with no tie. The only day when the marina was open was at Carambola beach but they brought all the toys to the shore so you don't miss the beach BBQ. Like others have mentioned, your best option is to check onboard on the first day for reservations at the TK grill. The last two Sea days are quite popular and the grill was fully booked for those days. So, the earlier you book, the better. Now, here are a few tips: ( these are for any room category and not just the high end suites ) 1. Soap selection: our wonderful stewardess Naomi gave us all the four soap choices once she found out that it was our first voyage. So, go for it. 😊 2. Caviar and champagne in your room: you've probably already heard about this, but you can actually order a full bottle. In fact, you can order a full bottle of any of the included wines with room service. You also receive a full bottle of champagne in your room as the welcome drink. We didn't even open our free bottle of vodka since we could get wine delivered whenever. 3. For those who don't drink, the mini bar is restocked on demand and you can personalize your options. If your choice is available anywhere on the ship, you can get it delivered to your room. 4. Room service is indeed 24/7, even on the last night. Chris, the room service manager, was fabulous and took care of all our needs. You can enjoy multi course dinner from the restaurant menu delivered to your room during posted dinner hours and from the in-suite dining menu the rest of the time. This is truly a luxury experience, and I'm sure you'll have a blast. Enjoy!
  5. Does TK Grill offer surf-and-turf? The lobster looks fabulous but I wouldn't mind a cut of steak to go with it.
  6. I haven't been able to look this up for my upcoming cruise in November; however, a dummy booking for a cruise next December allows me to review rooms for selection. I usually use online sites - scan for cabins, for instance - to check which cabins are still available.
  7. Thanks all. So, collar is the key. Hideous is optional.
  8. I got a killer deal (only $1039.25 + shipping) on this (these?) Balenciaga designer shirt(s) and thought might come in handy for a quick switcharoo at 6p from casual to collared shirt. Just checking the collective wisdom of this forum before packing it in. Thanks
  9. Thank you all for the responses! Really appreciate it.
  10. Greetings, We are booked in the Sojourn for the Caribbean itinerary in November and have a few questions regarding the various bars on the ship. - What are the bar hours during port days and sea days? Which bar remains open late in the night? - Does the coffee bar serve mimosas, bloody mary's in the morning or is it strictly a beverage bar? Are there other bars open in the morning? - We've seen reviews of Champagne being delivered as part of room service. Does this extend to cocktails as well, for instance Martinis or Margaritas? - Is there a favorite bar where the crowd gravitates towards? - What are the must-try cocktails? Thank you
  11. Hello and greetings, We just booked our first Seabourn cruise for this fall; the 11/04 sailing out of Miami on the Sojourn. We are really looking forward to this cruise. We'd like to request a referral coupon to enjoy the onboard credit. Please PM me if you are interested in extended the invitation to us. Thank you!
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