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  1. Way to reel it in.
  2. Wishing safe travels to you, your wife and everyone else. FL just posted record number of cases since the beginning of the pandemic.
  3. There's a threat of contempt of court already in place if CDC tries to invoke violations of CSO as reasons for punitive actions against Crystal. CDC will most likely not act until there's an actionable event like an outbreak that is covered by other statutes. That said, you are correct that Crystal volunteered themselves to get in the cross-hairs of the CDC.
  4. I would definitely recommend that you don't visit restaurants, indoor spaces, or indoor store in a red hot COVID zone. The recklessness part is adding Miami as a stop at the height of the current outbreak.
  5. The only time we uploaded a picture of our vaccine cards was to obtain the Bahamas health visa. We showed the physical card during check-in onboard the ship. ETA - we may have also shown the card along with the passport and check-in documents prior to entering the testing hall at the convention center. We had them all in one package so not sure if it was required then or if it was a matter of convenience.
  6. Just filled out the post-cruise survey and our feedback is pretty much in line with what you've stated. Even though we - quite fortunately - weren't affected, such a change would have had a devastating impact on the overall enjoyment. If you think that people are PO'd at shorts during dinner, just wait until the unvaccinated show even a semblance of flouting the rules - even accidentally. The opportunities of pitting passengers against one another are only going to amplify with this unnecessary and avoidable class system. But above all, it's about trust. Trust that both sides keep their end of the contract. It's one thing to expect reasonable unavoidable changes such as cancellation of ports of call or an extra unscheduled stop at Nassau, but this is just unacceptable. We'd be demanding full refunds after cancelling our trip.
  7. The Bahamas doesn't require proof of vaccination, but actually grants a pre-travel exemption to skip COVID tests for those who are fully vaccinated and have passed the two-week immunity period.
  8. Doesn't this fail at the starting block? It's Florida law that prohibits businesses from requiring proof of vaccinations. It's SB 2006.
  9. Well, it seems like the Harbor Island and the Spanish Wells communities are indeed enjoying the last laugh. Crystal proved itself to be catering to the riff raff; from Miami nevertheless; ooh laa laa!! Should have guessed it from the loud, obnoxious, crappy music from the speed boats parked at the Bimini beach club. On a serious note, we'd have been devasted if they had changed the rules on us before or during the cruise. So, can't even imagine what some of y'all are going through right now. But, let me categorically state that literally swimming with the pigs is a far better exhilarating experience. I hope y'all get to experience this at least once in your lifetime.
  10. We didn't have to physically present proof of COVID negative results at the counter. I'd uploaded a PDF copy of negative tests during online check-in and this was good enough. We flew UA business and there was no line for premier check-in at around 11:15a when we reached there after the Nassau tour and airport drop-off. We were airside in just over 15m ( we have Global Entry) from dropping off our luggage. Actually we lucked out and the long line at luggage drop-off disappeared just as we got through checking our bags. Otherwise, this would have taken an additional 15-20m. However, there was a substantial line for economy passengers at the UA counter. But, this was nothing compared to the really long lines at both AA and DL. Even their priority check-in lines were much longer. Maybe they have more flights on bigger aircraft than UA, but we were flying A319 and there was just one other flight to IAD ahead of us. A family flying on AA to PHL almost missed their flight and were well past final boarding calls when they made it to the gate. So, please do your home work and give yourselves sufficient time at the airport. It was well worth it for us to take the Crystal tour + transfer where they pick you right outside the ship and drop you off at the US departures door.
  11. It seems that the antigen test will be administered onboard.
  12. Should have turned left at Albuquerque. I just looked at the map and it could definitely take long if you headed North instead of South.
  13. We've been back to our pre-vaccine routine of masking up in indoor public settings and limiting indoor exposure since last week.
  14. It's a Bahamas cruise. While CDC guidelines may have some influence, the requirements from the Bahamas government would trump CDC guidelines, I think. Lacking one, Crystal may very well establish their own requirements.
  15. What are the must-try drinks? There were already a few suggestions posted above, thank you. Are there drinks that are standouts at certain venues?
  16. To allay any concerns, I'm here to report that we will be pulling the average down on all those counts.
  17. You are right, I had burger and pizza in mind when I wrote that comment. Since burgers and pizza come from the Patio Grill, you can't order them when the Grill is closed. Or at least that was the explanation given to us when we tried to order a late-nite burger - or maybe it was pizza; we couldn't get it. So, no 24hr burger or pizza.
  18. Sounds very convincing because, period. But the above is actually incorrect.
  19. We've been in Celebrity sky suites with access to Luminae before X introduced the Retreat. We sailed the Seabourn Sojourn on a 12-night Eastern Caribbean RT from Miami. Here are a few observations: There was no class segregation. The smaller size gained us access to really interesting ports. The Caribbean itinerary typically includes a beach party and lobster lunch at Carambola, St. Kitts. We had a blast. Room service isn't 24-hour, which was a bummer, but we enjoyed caviar with full bottle of champagne on more than one occasion. Beer and wine gets replenished. We ate at the TK Grill specialty restaurant and this is included as part of the cruise fare. It was an elaborate and exquisite dinner and the food was delectable. There were extensive seafood choices at all the regular dining venues, with daily fish of the day. The burger and pizza quality is much better in general. We totally enjoyed the fries. Our experience at Luminae on the Equinox was so perfect with every dish a winner. Can't say this about the Seabourn main dining room or other locations, except TK Grill. That said, the food quality and variety was definitely much better than X dining room and buffet. The entertainment options were anemic at best. But, we had this amazing trio of musicians from the UK who were the saving grace. But, there was a themed party pretty much everyday by the poolside: Taco party, American Diner party, an Opera, sailaway parties, and the grand gala farewell celebration near the end of the cruise. Seabourn has an open bridge policy and we went on a tour of the bridge. It's cool if you are into such things. We also did the galley tour, while sipping champagne. All said, X has really lost us as customers by pricing their suites way more expensive for perks such as the Retreat that we don't care for. We just booked the Crystal Bahamas cruise this summer for a LOT less than what X suites are going for on the Millie. Yes, you get a bigger room on X, but that's about it. We are really looking forward to trying out Crystal as well as just getting back on a cruise.
  20. Found this on YouTube: It has all the excursions and activities for each island
  21. I must confess, I have indeed taken a few cruises on Carnival Fun Boats; and, have on more than one occasion imbibed 2-buck-chuck.
  22. Greetings, My apologies for piling on to an existing thread instead of starting my own. We prefer outdoor seating and are glad to note that there are plenty of outdoor seating areas on the ship. Do all these areas have good coverage for drink services? For instance, the outdoor areas in the aft? Are there any areas that have only sparse or no drink services coverage? Thank you.
  23. Do they offer any fresh juices or are they the pasteurized kind?
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