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  1. We were sailing on Easter a few years ago and there was a non-denominational service. It wasn't real early, something like 8 or 9 a.m. It was really nice. Many attended.
  2. Carnival just got my final payment today on our May cruise.
  3. Can you get non alcoholic drinks on the first night of the cruise out of Galveston when you buy the cheers package? I know you can not have alcoholic drinks until the next day.
  4. Would you please tell us what the notice said. I have a cruise scheduled in May, but got no notice.
  5. Thanks Jamman54. I always enjoy your posts. You are so knowledgeable when it comes to any subject on Carnival Cruise Lines. We are also planning on going to Hawaii also after we reach #50. Would have already been if it had not been for so many cancellations.
  6. My TA tells me I need to complete #50 before getting milestone credit. I was told I was not eligible for the credit until #51.
  7. My PVP told me we had to complete our 50th cruise before redeeming the 50% off. Linda
  8. 117 days on the Vista and looks like we will be going on this one. Should be on the Freedom right now, but was cancelled.
  9. I understand you get 50% obc on the basic fare, but is this for the total basic fare of the booked cabin? There will be 2 of us in the cabin.
  10. Thanks. We have the same cabin for both legs so no issues with changing cabins. Since it will be winter won't be able to get in pool or sun bathe, so thought we could just get off the ship for a few hours. Linda
  11. We are doing a back to back cruise in Galveston. Does anyone know the procedure in debarking the ship between the cruises and shopping in Galveston and boarding the ship before it leaves for the second leg of the cruise. Thanks. Linda
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