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  1. Thanks. We have the same cabin for both legs so no issues with changing cabins. Since it will be winter won't be able to get in pool or sun bathe, so thought we could just get off the ship for a few hours. Linda
  2. We are doing a back to back cruise in Galveston. Does anyone know the procedure in debarking the ship between the cruises and shopping in Galveston and boarding the ship before it leaves for the second leg of the cruise. Thanks. Linda
  3. To someone who eats in the MDR on debarkation day. What time do they like you to leave the MDR on debarkation day so not to be an inconvenience the wait staff? Thanks.
  4. Can someone tell me the breakfast hours for the main dinning room the day of debarkation?
  5. What time is the breakfast hours for the main dinning room the last night of the cruise?
  6. Thanks Finoky for your courteous helpful response and unassuming position to the question. Pulling the luggage would definitely add to our cardio. We have always been among the first ones off the ship usually around 7:30 a.m. - sure didn't mean to cause such a stir - really didn't know what passengers did until their time to debark - that's why I ask. Guess we will be the first ones off the ship. Thanks again.
  7. We are diamond and always do self assist to avoid standing in line for an hour getting off the ship. However, on our sailing next month on the Magic, we plan on spending an extra night in Fort Lauderdale - would like to stay up late the last night and sleep in the next morning. We have several hours to kill before checking into our motel. I know we need to be out of our cabin around 8:30. Has anyone ever talked to your cabin steward about leaving your luggage in the closet and picking up around 10:00:? Or is there someplace you can leave your luggage as we would like to get our daily hours walk in.. Also, can you walk around the promenade deck or the jogging track for an hour? How late can you eat breakfast in the main dinning room? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Linda
  8. Thank you for the information. I just didn't want to get to the port and stand around for an hour, but I didn't want to get to the port at 12:30 for check in either. We usually get a much earlier check in time, which I try to adhere to, but am going to do as you suggest and leave the motel at 10:30 and get to the port around 11:00. Linda
  9. Thank you so much. We are on the 10/26 sailing. We are diamond and our boarding pass shows a 12:30 time of arrival, which seemed a little late to me and we have an 11:00 check out at our motel just minutes from the port.
  10. Can you tell me if Fort Lauderdale has a "Captain's Lounge for Plats and Diamonds? Also what is the earliest time you can enter terminal? Thanks.
  11. We used Jaital about a year ago in Ocho Rios for a Dunns excursion. Great excursion - great price - picked us up on time and back to ship as scheduled - English speaking. We had a great experience. I would use them again. Linda
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