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  1. We have done a couple of the Adelaide to NZ cruises in the past and have had the customs clearance done in Melbourne each time and yes the requirement to disembark was there for each leg. We have chosen to spend the day out and about in Melbourne on the turn around days each time and it has been pretty straight forward. Off in the morning (with a transit passenger card) and then just express through if there is still passengers boarding when you return. The bonus is you are not taking luggage off and back on so it is really just like any other port visit we have found.
  2. We had a refund of our policy from Defence Health when we called after our cruise was cancelled a few months back. We have an annual policy which was due to start beginning of August, not much chance of that being useful....
  3. Simple answer is you don't wait. Princess have stated that their refund time would be up to 60 days, if it has past that then you ask for it to be escalated and continue to do so until it is resolved to your satisfaction.
  4. They were so helpful on the FB page that they just referred me to their new and improved cancellation policy (which doesn't actually even apply to the cruise I had asked about). Top suggestion that to help fix an issue, just refer me to the cancellation policy 👍 Obviously business is booming and customer retention is on the top of their priority list, I literally couldn't spoon feed them any longer.
  5. I did ask the question on their FB page, I got a less than helpful response from Princess.
  6. If it was an issue that had just popped up I would agree with you, but as we have been on the merry go round since before the New Year (pre coronavirus) my patience extends only so far. All of it to do with a move over, which guess what all of these passengers with FCC's will be using from their compensation will be categorized as. All I can say is god help them when something goes wrong with their booking....................
  7. For anyone wondering, there is no such department that we ever found. in fact we could not even find anyone willing to stop passing the buck. In the end we just cancelled and will for now look elsewhere, hopefully for better service. Wishful thinking I know but hey it has to exist somewhere 🙂
  8. For the first time we are actually having significant ongoing issues with Princess and are in need of a contact within their resolution department if they actually have such a thing? Has anyone had to deal with issues that you have had no joy with through the regular channels and have dealt with someone who is actually responsible for resolving issues rather than just passing the buck. If you have would you mind sharing the process you went through or the contact details?
  9. Ah must be a wine drinker, lucky there is only a red and white in those 😉
  10. Thank you for the feedback, yes we are looking at one of the Sky Princess cruises that originates out of St Petersburg. Though the more feedback we are receiving on the difficulties associated with travel to Russia we are reconsidering if the extra time pre or post cruise is going to be worth the effort. Maybe altering our plans to a cruise originating elsewhere with just an overnight stay may have to be sufficient for now.
  11. We are considering cruising out of St Petersburg next year for something different. Anyone care to share their experiences of departing or arriving from St Petersburg? Interested to hear what you thought about flights and accommodation etc.
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