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  1. Correct. We don’t need or want him! I’d love to get on a cruise or a plane to travel but glad we have very low cases compared to other countries due to our strict international and internal border closures. hope we can welcome some international visitors soon!
  2. I love this! She’s a class act! Well done Captain Kate
  3. Thank you. Hope I can get some more aftershave, failing that a new watch it will be!
  4. It always pays to cost it all out. I priced a 1A to CC and CC came out cheaper than a 1A with a cabin on the hump with a bigger balcony, So it does pay to cost it all out and see what each category comes out and what’s important for you when cruising.
  5. Oh wow what a lot changes you’ve had! Fingers crossed this all goes ahead. I’m deffo in need of cruise. regarding the AU site, I can see cabins available in all categories and shows what cabin are available for the 2 day. Their IT is not the best for sure. I know when I was booking that it would allow me to hold the booking online with the perks.
  6. Oh this is music to my ears. Thank you, I’ll look forward to spending it all 👍
  7. No I have $600 for the 2 day and $800 for the transpacific and understand that I have to use them or lose them. This is why I wanted to shops open to spend it at the full sea day before heading back for the TP.
  8. Thanks. That was what I was hoping too! Appreciate your help
  9. You need to get the airline reference number. Of 6 numbers and/letters. You should be able to log on to manage your booking to the airline and select seats. BA unless high status frequent flyer will charge you for any business class seat allocation or you will get what is left at online check in opens. The agent at celebrity air should be able to allocate these also before tickets are issued.
  10. I have done a search and only found 1 review of the 2 day sampler to no where, it didn’t specifically say what was open. This is the 2 day trip before I take the 18 day Transpacific 2022 (yep counting the days!!) I wanted to know if these cruises particularly with no stops if they open the shops? I will have $600US OBC to spend I would love have a mini spending spree in the shops if they do. I have the PBP, internet and tips included. thanks in advance, Dominic
  11. Love the sea days too! I now only book cruises that have multiple sea days. I enjoy the ports but like a mix of both. Have done 2 TA and have my first TP Sydney to Hawaii in 2022 booked, 18 days with many sea days and a drinks package lol
  12. Hope it works out. I reprice mine all the time to check if it’s different. Sometimes it works out, sometimes not, but worth always checking.
  13. I’d certainly check and get them to reprice it and see. I’ve booked mine direct with X and they have said many times that they will reprice at anytime. good luck with the price adjustment
  14. 100% as long as you’re not after final payment, you can re-price as many times as you like. However you have to go with the new perks etc but in this case I’m ahead.
  15. I did a price comparison to my current held booking with 4 perks. With the 3 perks it’s $1470 cheaper. Even if I upgrade to the premium drinks package and add $300 it’s just under $500 cheaper. Always worth checking and redoing the costs.
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