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  1. great news, thank you everyone for sharing!
  2. Thank you for these responses very helpful!
  3. Hi We are thinking of booking the Cities of Antiquity and the Holy Lands in January 2022. Concerned that the seas might be rough then, does anyone having thoughts on this? The cruise starts in Rome and ends in Athens. I am especially concerned about the Mediterranean Sea, thank you!
  4. Hi I am waiting to talk to our Viking Rep in the next hour. We will book only those included excursions for now. We are traveling with two other couples so we need to coordinate everything.
  5. Interesting... I didn't know that, thank you for the information.
  6. That maybe true but still planning on planning as if it is a go. I also heard that Viking may alter some aspects of the trip such as what city you make start and end in...all very speculative of course.
  7. Hi I really don't know what to think, so we are planning as if we are going. We can sign up for excursions 4/29 and dinner reservations in early May. I know that Alaska has begun to open up again, starting last Friday. We have decided to sign up for all the included excursions and wait to put money down on paid excursions as the date gets closer. I think we will have plenty of wonderful options.
  8. Hello We are suppose to go to Alaska 8/20 with Viking. We have cruised several river cruises with Viking but this will be our first Ocean. Do they have shows in the evening? And if so what time? We will soon be allowed to book our dinner reservations and what to make sure that if there are shows that we can see them. Thank you
  9. Thank you for these suggestions, appreciate it very much.
  10. Thank you everyone for your helpful responses. I can't wait for this cruise and will continue my research. DaveSJ711 my cruise is from Vancouver to Seward.
  11. I understand Viking has an included excursion for each port you visit but are these mostly walking tours into and around the port? Alaska is my dream come true cruise and we have booked a explorer suite so we have first shot at signing up for the excursions but I am trying to do research to see what else I may want to do in each port. I have found with other lines that the optional excursions are more expensive if you book through the ship..is this the case with Viking? Would we better off booking excursions on our own? Thank you for any insight you can give. Viking doesn't even post excursions for our August 2020 trip until April.
  12. we love Vancouver have been there before! Agree great city.
  13. very helpful and a lot to think about, thanks
  14. Hello, We will be cruising on the above cruise summer of 2020. Much of this cruise is a repeat for us so I am looking for advice on any non included excursions others may have taken and if you felt the price was worth it? Thank you in advance.
  15. Very helpful information, thank you! I think our flights are part of our package with Viking...need to check on that. I assume if we are booked with them, they won't leave without us. But as you said if we come in a day early it is stress free...
  16. Thank you everyone for your help. Looks like we will probably fly in a day early.
  17. Are most of the included excursions for Viking's Ocean Alaska cruise walking tours of the towns/ports visited. Trying to plan now and research whether I should book with some independent operators. Thank you.
  18. We will be on the Orion next August 2020. Flying from the East Coast, does anyone recall what time the boat departs from Vancouver? We have been to Vancouver several times so would prefer not to do the pre Viking Vancouver excursion. Trying to decide if we should come in a day early to Vancouver on our own or just fly in day of departure. Long travel day but next next day is scenic cruising, the Inside passage.
  19. Hi has anyone done the Lake Como pre trip for the Rhine Getaway? pro's con's? we pre booked Lake Como but are re thinking if we should to Lucerne. We went on the Grand European two years ago and loved it and some of the stops will be the same, but hopefully the tours will be a little different.
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