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  1. You will not have a dining room table however GS have a very nice counter to put all the food then you can either sit on the balcony or use the little table near the couch. As others have said it all comes at once so does tend to get cold but it is nice to pick and choose what you want to order. Dont forget to order everything you will need such as salt pepper ketchup etc... Enjoy !!
  2. Yes...once on ship you can switch anyone you like from one room to another. You can go down to guest services and they will make it official so that all keys and charge accounts are changed as well. But I would wait til the lines settle down on first day. You will need both people to go down to guest services together to make the change.
  3. IMO there is nothing wrong with staying on the ship to be last off, you are not delaying anyone and sitting by the pool is not interfering with any workers. Just be off by the time they ask and dont have them need to announce your name. As for FLL, I too have flown home from there many times. One time the line was so long it snaked around the entire airport. I waited in this line only to finally get to the front and be told you are too early only flights within 2 hours are allowed past this point. Lesson learned, next time I went to FLL and saw a long lone I went to the front and asked the "guard" if there were any restrictions and she said NO so I went and waited in the line. Apparently FLL does put 2 hour restrictions on checking in when they feel they are overwhelmed with passengers and I assume this was a day when several ships had all got into port on the same day. That being said, I would stay on ship as late as they allow and no reason to go to airport so early, find something to do in the area. BTW someone HAS to be last off the ship, so no one should feel guilty about being that person, unless of course they keep calling your name over the announcement, in which case they are trying to close out the sailing and you ARE indeed holding them up. Enjoy your cruise !!
  4. There is plenty to drink besides water for free. They have iced tea or lemonade in all dining rooms as well as flavored water in various places such as park cafe, solarium, and the buffet just to name a few. If you like specialty coffees and mixed drinks then sure maybe the package is worth it but consider how much you think you will drink and the costs for you to buy packages for both of you. If you are only concerned about not having anything to drink without buying a package that’s just not true. There has always been plenty of free beverages on every ship esp the larger ones such as Allure.
  5. Nashna you’re thinking is correct...just add people to the cabins that will allow it...who sleeps where doesn’t matter once the cruise starts you can move them around. For that matter put an adult in the rooms for namesake only if that’s what it takes to get the cabIns you need where you want. and you are correct....what should have happened a year ago isn’t worth debating so just move on and do what you need to BTW kids sail free going n as of yesterday, however, as usual they raised prices to make up for the sale....you may still be able to get a better deal
  6. true.....figure out what your portion of the upgrade would be so you can then split the cost and pay them your share up front However, I’m not sure how you know what the cost for them to upgrade to your GS would have been since there aren’t any available Are you saying the $1000 is the cost for them to upgrade from their current cabin to the one you actually want or is that the cost to upgrade from your GS ? if it’s $1000 total to get you both the better cabins that’s a heck of a deal IMO then you just gotta trust they will swap cabins once on the ship LOL Good Luck !!
  7. Oh yes that would be correct....the two upgrade perhaps equal out so your idea might just work....def worth calling to check it out
  8. Balsam that might seem the easiest thing to do only problem is the price to upgrade will surely be higher going from a balcony compared to going from a GS. So the just buy it then swap plan won’t really work That said, should be easy enough to call royal directly and ask the agent to make the two changes for you at same time.....I’ve done this before and it really depends on the agent taking your call...usually they will do their best to assist you just be sure to have all info for both cabins when you call...prob best to call when you have other family on the call with you
  9. I am on Symphony on 12/15 this year and the menus for MDR, Coastal Kitchen as well as every specialty restaurant are listed in the Royal App...they even list breakfast lunch and dinner If my December cruise has the menus then I’m sure yours will as well. It’s really quite easy to to use and a wealth of info regarding your specific cruise.
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