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  1. I second the Vera Bradley bags. Something like this may be an option. https://www.verabradley.com/us/product/Carryall-RFID-All-In-One-Crossbody/24536-24536G52
  2. I used to take little wristlet to dinner and then a small crossbody on shore excursions but as my eyesight has changed and I need glasses to read the menus I carry a small crossbody all the time one stat I can put into my beach bag if I am doing a beach type shore excursion. I have become a fan of many of the Vera Bradley bags such as this little crossbody/wristlet https://www.verabradley.com/us/product/Lighten-Up-RFID-All-in-One-Crossbody/23120-23120M23 or this one below is the Mini hipster has room for cards-cash a phone-lipstick and my glasses. She also sells a cute lanyard that works great to carry your sail card and some cash. I like that the products are lightweight and in some cases, water repellant and they come in so many patterns and sizes *****I have zero affiliation in any way with this company but I do wish we had the outlets here in California.
  3. I am in the yoga pants and t-shirt category or lounge type pajamas in the cabin.
  4. Hello, DH my brother and are "taking my mom" on the Bliss May 5th. She is 75 years young. I am the planner for our group. I have a little spreadsheet that I made for our trip if you're interested in it. This will be my 3rd trip to Alaska and my first time on what's considered a mega-ship, but I think the observation lounge area will be fantastic for my mom. I think the in-laws will really enjoy the train in Skagway and depending on their mobility maybe you could do a whale watching/Mendenhall glacier tour in Juneau. Good luck. * Tip if you're new to NCL- don't forget to book your dinner reservations and show reservations at 120 days out.
  5. I am booked on this cruise. I expect it to be a bit cool the first couple of days but plan on bringing clothes i can layer. If you're interested there is a youtube post by SoTweetie that is 3 years ago on the same cruise itinerary and ship.
  6. I am on the May 5th Bliss cruise. You will get on the ship when I am getting off.
  7. I will be taking my 3rd trip to Alaska this May. In my experience, we didn't really see any whales from the ship, and even though we did see some dolphins from the ship it is nothing like the experience we had from the smaller boat on a whale watching excursion. The tram; you can easily get that yourself when you walk off the ship (if you can tell time for yourself and get back to the ship on time that is) and if I remember corexctly it was a day pass and cheaper then the cruise ship price. The tram takes you, Mt Roberts, where you can hike and possibly see some wildlife. Personally, I preferred the whale excursion. Alaska is beautiful, enjoy your trip.
  8. Congratulations on your anniversary and what a great video. It looks like you guys had an amazing trip. You said no drone questions, but I loved the drone footage. I don't understand why that footage is supposed to be a problem. Can you tell me what I don't know about that?
  9. I like the OP am a control freak and had considered the "FREE AIRFARE" to Vancouver on my Hawaii cruise since we have 6 people going and the price was so so RT LAX - YVR then HNL - LAX. but I was thinking at least we could save a vacation day the hotel expense of 3 rooms in Vancouver. I asked my travel agent to make sure that if the flight was delayed the NCL would get us to the ship somehow (at sea first 5 days of cruise ) but my travel agent called NCL and was told that even if we booked the airfare with NCL and they chose to put us on a flight same day; they WOULD NOT be responsible for us to get to the ship. We would have to use our travel insurance. "Just because the book does not make them responsible". Now, of course, everyone's experience may be different but I would want something in writing sat they would get me to the ship if they book me the same day and want to charge to fly in early. Good luck OP and please report back with your experience.
  10. I am 80 days out and was able to book Havana and the Jersey Boys. It is my understanding that the Beatles and Comedy shows are to be done on board at the Social club or a touch screen computer (located around the ship). this is the same for laser tag and race track. If I am wrong someone please jump on here and correct me so I get the other reservations I want 😃
  11. Care to share your spreadsheet for cabin inventory? I love a good spreadsheet. 😃
  12. Looking at deck 14 midship. It appears we will have the view similar to what littlelulu01 posted and that is fine. I am also looking at the M6 cabins as suggested and trying to decide if the price difference is worth it for us. There are no additional perks for a mini suite and the larger bathroom is not a big upsell for me. We do spend a lot of time on our balcony but as this is Alaska and will most likely be cold our visits on the balcony may be a bit shorter. Oh, the decisions talk about first world problems .
  13. Thank you all for the info. I could only dream of a Haven cabin lol. The deck 10 picture is kind of what I imagined it would look like.
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