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  1. My reservation for October to Hawaii from Vancouver was also affected. My OBC didn't show and it was no longer showing as a Past Guest Perk. I called my travel agent and she said it was a glitch since NCL was updateing thier progam. I called her again today and had her send me a copy of the amenities reciept. She then waited on hold with NCL to finally get me my $200 OBC. Definitely, agree you need to check your booking.
  2. I would also like the menus for the Jewel if anyone has them. Looking for Chin Chin & O'sheehans please.
  3. I just sailed the Bliss in May and the towel animals were a hit a miss ( not a deal breaker for me) in our balcony cabin we had a coffee maker as I suspect is usual for balcony and above, but quite frankly I would have rather had a bit more counter space instead of the coffee maker as we don't drink coffee and if I did would just get it at the other avail places. Sorry, your cruise was not what you had hoped or expected.
  4. Simplybcause: I was on this cruise too. I will be interested to see your point of view on things. We had a great time. I will try and do some sort of review as well.
  5. I just got back from Alaska on the Bliss. We had a magnet holding a sign for each of our 2 cabins. No problem.
  6. Thank you for the info. I wondered if the prohibition show went up again Was it worth it??
  7. does anyone know if the price for the Prohibition show is still $29.95? What are the latest fees for laser tag and the go-carts? We go in 35 days and at the rate, things change on NCL the price may very well change again but I thought I would check.
  8. DH and I do a mix of both cruising and AI resorts. I think the food is about the same for both vacation choices. We usually only do cruise now to places that are more port intensive ( Europe, Alaska, Iceland -2020). If we want a "beach" vacation it is more cost effective to do a land-based AI. I really enjoy the Hard Rock Riviera Maya in Cancun.
  9. I second the Vera Bradley bags. Something like this may be an option. https://www.verabradley.com/us/product/Carryall-RFID-All-In-One-Crossbody/24536-24536G52
  10. I used to take little wristlet to dinner and then a small crossbody on shore excursions but as my eyesight has changed and I need glasses to read the menus I carry a small crossbody all the time one stat I can put into my beach bag if I am doing a beach type shore excursion. I have become a fan of many of the Vera Bradley bags such as this little crossbody/wristlet https://www.verabradley.com/us/product/Lighten-Up-RFID-All-in-One-Crossbody/23120-23120M23 or this one below is the Mini hipster has room for cards-cash a phone-lipstick and my glasses. She also sells a cute lanyard that works great to carry your sail card and some cash. I like that the products are lightweight and in some cases, water repellant and they come in so many patterns and sizes *****I have zero affiliation in any way with this company but I do wish we had the outlets here in California.
  11. I am in the yoga pants and t-shirt category or lounge type pajamas in the cabin.
  12. Hello, DH my brother and are "taking my mom" on the Bliss May 5th. She is 75 years young. I am the planner for our group. I have a little spreadsheet that I made for our trip if you're interested in it. This will be my 3rd trip to Alaska and my first time on what's considered a mega-ship, but I think the observation lounge area will be fantastic for my mom. I think the in-laws will really enjoy the train in Skagway and depending on their mobility maybe you could do a whale watching/Mendenhall glacier tour in Juneau. Good luck. * Tip if you're new to NCL- don't forget to book your dinner reservations and show reservations at 120 days out.
  13. I am booked on this cruise. I expect it to be a bit cool the first couple of days but plan on bringing clothes i can layer. If you're interested there is a youtube post by SoTweetie that is 3 years ago on the same cruise itinerary and ship.
  14. I am on the May 5th Bliss cruise. You will get on the ship when I am getting off.
  15. I will be taking my 3rd trip to Alaska this May. In my experience, we didn't really see any whales from the ship, and even though we did see some dolphins from the ship it is nothing like the experience we had from the smaller boat on a whale watching excursion. The tram; you can easily get that yourself when you walk off the ship (if you can tell time for yourself and get back to the ship on time that is) and if I remember corexctly it was a day pass and cheaper then the cruise ship price. The tram takes you, Mt Roberts, where you can hike and possibly see some wildlife. Personally, I preferred the whale excursion. Alaska is beautiful, enjoy your trip.
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