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  1. Sounds like a good idea but what about people who have already had Covid and are past the contagious/sick stage. It is still possible to test positive for 3 months after you have had covid.
  2. This is what was on the NCL page shows as of 4/9/20 @ 1600hrs Specialty Dining Package Sail Length # Of Dining Package Meals Retail Value 20% Gratuities 3-4 Nights 1 $44.95 per person $8.99 per package 5-6 Nights 2 $79 per person $15.80 per package 7-8 Nights 3 $99 per person $19.80 per package 9-10 Nights 4 $114 per person $22.80 per package
  3. My son proposed to his girlfriend on our cruise in October 2019 and had the whole thing photographed with the perspective photo people. They did an amazing job. Its a little pricey for the photos but... we were very happy with what we received.
  4. So just noticed the "promo" is 30 % off again (3rd time) since Christmas. Come on NCL lets get the prices back to a "normal" rate. 😡 Sorry just had to vent. I want to book my next cruise but the prices have been SOOOOOO high since they started this "sale".
  5. I wont say DH and I are "at an age" but we do not care to do the slides, go carts or laser tag. We do like both the Jewel class ships and the breakaway class. The breakaway class has lots of place to dine and we love all the entertainment (music, shows) that those ships offer. I am not so "old" i want to be in bed by 10pm. and have nothing to in the evenings.
  6. On our cruise last month when we went to Cagney's, the waiter asked us if we knew "how the Specialty dinning worked". 2 people (My adult children) in our party had never cruised with NCL. So the waiter then explained how you get I entree, 2 sides and a desert. I told my kids just order what they want. They ordered 3 sides each and we were never questioned or charged. I think it is to "encourage" less waste.
  7. Thank you. I had a blonde moment and was only thinking of how I would switch to Sparkling cider for the kids at new years. Didn't even think about the no drink on board rule.
  8. Does anyone know if the Non alcoholic wine is a sparkling cider like Martinellis? Does NCL even have sparkling cider or should I just bring a bottle on?
  9. ON the NCL website is shows this.. so the question remains are the menus the same? Dining COMPLIMENTARY DINING Every cruise fare includes beautifully crafted menus in our two main dining rooms, a help-yourself buffet and a variety of casual cafés, grills and on-the-go choices. From fresh-baked breads, desserts and pastries to our chefs' original dishes made with the freshest ingredients, your dining can be as fine or fun as you want. View Photos O'Sheehan's Dine on Irish pub
  10. Hello, I thought I already did a post for this but I cant find it so sorry if this is a duplicate. I was wondering if anyone has any recent menus from the Jewel. Trying to figure out if there are any differences between what we had on the Bliss in May and what to expect for the Jewel this October. I know we do not have some the specialty restaurants such as Los lobos and Food Republic. Anyone know if there are differences between the Local and O'sheehans?
  11. I used my app/gift card on the Bliss in May without a problem.
  12. Does anyone have any recent menus from the Jewel?
  13. I use this style( see attachment) on the newer ships that have RFID cards and do a hole punch and use the lanyard only for the older ships like the Jewel. Vera Bradley Zip Id Case and Lanyard.html
  14. Thank you all for the response back. The tax amount is about what I thought it would be and I now remember that a lot of the bars were closed while in Victoria. I hope the bars are open on departure day in Vancouver.I guess we shall see.
  15. We are sailing out of Vancouver. On sail away day will we be able to take advantage of our drink package tax free? When I sailed in May on the Bliss we were charged a "tax" the whole time we were in port. If anyone know I am curious to plan ahead for the extra expense if there is a charge.
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