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  1. As it includes lunches on sea days, you also have to consider how many times you will be able to actually use it. So, if there are a lot of ports then you can't use it as frequently. The ability to do multiple restaurants a night is nice, especially if you want to get an appetizer or desert at one restaurant and eat a meal at another. When I looked at it, taking into consideration access to the Coastal Kitchen (was in a JS) and formal nights, the 3 night package made more sense than the unlimited...
  2. Supporting that position (although not necessarily applicable to a foreign proceeding), the US Supreme Court yesterday issued a ruling that a licensor cannot terminate the use of a license by attempting to reject it through the bankruptcy process.
  3. I have never seen it discounted on the cruise planner, but it is more expensive if you buy it once on board. Last time my family took over 200 pictures. If any of your packages include the digital copy, make sure you review each picture to make sure it transferred properly before you leave the photo area. I made the mistake of walking off without looking. I was in a hurry and didn't think I needed to confirm they were there. It was not until a couple of months later when I was going to print some pictures as Christmas presents that I realized they all didn't transfer. Almost 40% didn't copy completely with lots of missing heads or bodies from the pictures. When I contacted the photo company they indicated that they only keep the pictures for a limited period of time after the cruise and it was too late. Lesson learned on that one.
  4. I wonder if there will at least be a refund of any difference in the port charges, assuming San Juan is less than St. Thomas...
  5. I am on the October 6 Allure and earlier today received a notice that because of the propulsion problems San Juan is now being substituted for St. Thomas. Although I wish that Allure rumor was true, it does not appear to be the case, at least as it related to the October 6 cruise.
  6. I am on the October 6 Allure and just received the notice from RCI that San Juan is being substituted for St. Thomas. Like some others, I would almost prefer to simply skip Nassau and keep St. Thomas, but we don't get to make the decisions.
  7. We sail on the same itinerary in October. If you think about saving/posting the cruise compasses, that would be a great help to my planning. Are you seeing any deeper discounts on the beverage/dining packages at this point?
  8. I did notice in the description that it "appeared" that the Maine Lobster (normally a $21 upcharge) may be included in the price. "Savor dinner at the Royal Caribbean hallmark steakhouse, Chops Grille and feast on signature favorites, including hand cut steaks, Maine lobster, irresistible sides like Gruyère Cheese Tater Tots..." I wonder if the Chef's Table is an option for your second choice. If there is no "upcharge" for the seafood tower/lobster and you can pick the Chef's Table then it makes a little more sense. Otherwise, you could pay $10 - $15 more for the non-sale 3 night package or pay about double the $75 for the unlimited package. The devil is in the details...
  9. one at a time. Host Clarea beat me by about 2 seconds...
  10. I have been following this topic and have found it fascinating. The fact it was almost "real time" was great. I find everything posted by Chengkp75 on this, and every other topic he posts, to be most insightful. Seeing all of the lifeboats floating around reminded me that sometimes at the various ports they will release one (or two) lifeboats for crew training, etc. Maybe they are trying to do it all at once, to get it completed for the next reporting period, or however often they need training, etc.
  11. I have one that has the clip. That way, you can simply unclip it each time you hand it to the bartender, waiter, security personnel, etc. I also got rid of the plastic holder that came on my RCI one and simply have them hole punch it.
  12. I didn't see anything in the materials that maintained the "up-charges" for lobster, etc. "Packages include service charge and food portion only for dinner and, when available, lunch service."
  13. I could see how a Suite guest could have dinner room service ordered with a salad and entree from Chops, some guacamole from Sabor and dessert from Giovanni's all under the unlimited plan.
  14. Is a GS (or higher) you don't have to worry about checking the "beautiful blue" RCI towels in and out and won't be charged the $25 if you forget to turn one in.
  15. Last fall on the Allure (October 7 cruise) entertainment opened at 75 days before sail date. Not sure if there is a rhyme or reason... just keep checking.
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