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  1. Glad all went well and you enjoyed your cruise.
  2. No, I don't recall ever having an Amuse Bouche served in the mdr, even on Formal Nights. There has always been a palate-cleanser sorbet on offer though.
  3. Thanks for posting your thoughts and good to hear that you had a good time. Difficult to know what daytimes will look like post-Covid as things have changed over recent years and no doubt will continue to do so. I'm sure some things are currently on hold due to Covid restrictions. In terms of Formal Nights, it's difficult to know what they are planning for Iona and difficult to know what they can do with 5200+ passengers on board when up to full load.
  4. I like my footy but don't want to sit in watching it when on a cruise thanks 😀
  5. Yes, I know. Saga do holidays other than Ocean Cruises... https://travel.saga.co.uk/holidays/destinations/europe/croatia/dalmatian-island-explorer-mv-maritimo.aspx
  6. This has only happened to me once but I must say that I felt cheated being alongside in the home port. It emphasised that the cruise was over. Of course, I love my sea days too...
  7. I agree with you that it's never going to happen Dai but that's no excuse for the usual poor shoreside customer service from P&O. A little bit of obc costs them very little at a time when their reputation has already suffered from the refund debacle.
  8. The way that P&O has communicated with passengers over this is absolutely appalling. The least they could have done is to have spoken with you or your TA and given you a choice of available cabins. If for some inexplicable reason that was not possible then again, the least they could have done is to offer some extra obc as a goodwill gesture.
  9. Absolutely Jean. We had a number of super evenings there. It really is a shame thar there isn't a bar like that on Aurora. At least Arcadia has a decent-sized piano bar.
  10. I'll take your word for that. My alarm is normally set for then but I like a leisurely juice and cuppa before abluting and making my way to breakfast...
  11. Add a special Farewell Dinner and that makes 4...😀
  12. I've done over 15 cruises with P&O plus another 10 or so with other lines, all of which have had formal nights. Not getting remotely fed up with them and hope P&O do stick to 2 per week on Aurora and Arcadia.
  13. P&O always say changes are made as a result of customer feedback but like any commercial organisation, I am sure they know how to pose questions that get the answers they want...
  14. It's a bit of a perfect storm with Brexit, HGV Driver shortage, the Pandemic, the interruption of the supply of non-food goods from China via Suez and now the Gas crisis...😱
  15. Not at all. I was always going to be difficult to convince but I totally agree with you. I've now seen lots of photos and some comprehensive video-tours and that's enough for me to know that I won't sail on her - not even tempted to think about about a 3 or 4 nighter if they do them... I am pleased to see that plenty of folks are enjoying her though.
  16. She could never get angry at me when I flash my sweet smile...😇😇😇
  17. Ah, but I don't feel the need to speak every time I pass you...😀
  18. I think we are at a very interesting point in P&O's continuing development Avril. It is pretty obvious that Iona and Our Vera/Arvia are something of a sea-change in style for the company. What remains to be seen is how quickly P&O/Carnival are prepared to potentially alienate a percentage of more longstanding passengers who prefer that quieter, laid-back style of cruising. At what point will they decide to throw us "superfluous dinosaurs" overboard...? When will the 'big bosses' at Carnival Corp tell P&O that Aurora and Arcadia are not profitable enough and have to go...? I am now looking at each of my future P&O cruises as potentially being my last with them.
  19. I think gradually they will stop giving decks names and just use the numbers. On Iona, deck 6 is Gala, 7 is Parade and 16 is Lido, none of which particularly make sense. Even with Lido deck, neither of the pools is called the Lido Pool and there isn't an area called the Lido...
  20. Let's just hope that they don't use Covid and Iona to change the on-board experience on Aurora and Arcadia too much Avril...
  21. Purely for accuracy, it is LNG as opposed to LPG. It is Liquified Natural Gas but not sure where it comes from so a good question!
  22. On my most recent cruise aboard Aurora, doing walking laps of the Promenade was still very popular, especially on sea days. I always try to walk in the opposite direction to the majority and that way end up exchanging greetings, which often spark conversation at a later stage elsewhere on the ship. It is very sociable.
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