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  1. Struggling to understand why it took 40 minutes to get to the City centre. The docks are pretty much in the city centre at Malaga...🤔
  2. Mind you, Oriana had terrible vibration in certain sea conditions at speed. Really not what you expect on a brand new ship today though...
  3. I know - and something we'll never know - but I'd still find it interesting 😀
  4. Yes, I know what you mean but it would be interesting to know what sort of percentage of us who only cruise on Aurora and Arcadia will choose to move to another cruise line once they have gone...
  5. I'm certainly hoping that Aurora will survive all of 2023 just not entirely convinced that she will. It just depends how much the paymasters at Carnival Corp push P&O to dispose of the smaller, less profit-making ships.
  6. I'm sure I would love the new Saga ships but sadly, especially as they are all-balcony ships, the prices are sky-high, particularly for solos. I've so far found that solo fares are between approximately £320 and £420 per night! Of all the larger ships, the only one I am actually keen to sail on is QM2. Whilst she is huge, her pax load is comparatively small.
  7. I'll be interested to see what they have on Arcadia as it is some years since I've been on her. Love Aurora too but worried about booking too far ahead on her now in case they dispose of her after Our Vera arrives next December. Solo prices are nearly always better booked at launch.
  8. It's to build up the excitement...🙄😂
  9. Thanks for the update. Always nice to experience a cruise vicariously.
  10. Saga too have had to amend a cruise due to Italy not giving permission to dock. They have added new ports in Spain too.
  11. Glad all went well and you enjoyed your cruise.
  12. No, I don't recall ever having an Amuse Bouche served in the mdr, even on Formal Nights. There has always been a palate-cleanser sorbet on offer though.
  13. Thanks for posting your thoughts and good to hear that you had a good time. Difficult to know what daytimes will look like post-Covid as things have changed over recent years and no doubt will continue to do so. I'm sure some things are currently on hold due to Covid restrictions. In terms of Formal Nights, it's difficult to know what they are planning for Iona and difficult to know what they can do with 5200+ passengers on board when up to full load.
  14. I like my footy but don't want to sit in watching it when on a cruise thanks 😀
  15. Yes, I know. Saga do holidays other than Ocean Cruises... https://travel.saga.co.uk/holidays/destinations/europe/croatia/dalmatian-island-explorer-mv-maritimo.aspx
  16. This has only happened to me once but I must say that I felt cheated being alongside in the home port. It emphasised that the cruise was over. Of course, I love my sea days too...
  17. I agree with you that it's never going to happen Dai but that's no excuse for the usual poor shoreside customer service from P&O. A little bit of obc costs them very little at a time when their reputation has already suffered from the refund debacle.
  18. The way that P&O has communicated with passengers over this is absolutely appalling. The least they could have done is to have spoken with you or your TA and given you a choice of available cabins. If for some inexplicable reason that was not possible then again, the least they could have done is to offer some extra obc as a goodwill gesture.
  19. Absolutely Jean. We had a number of super evenings there. It really is a shame thar there isn't a bar like that on Aurora. At least Arcadia has a decent-sized piano bar.
  20. I'll take your word for that. My alarm is normally set for then but I like a leisurely juice and cuppa before abluting and making my way to breakfast...
  21. Add a special Farewell Dinner and that makes 4...😀
  22. I've done over 15 cruises with P&O plus another 10 or so with other lines, all of which have had formal nights. Not getting remotely fed up with them and hope P&O do stick to 2 per week on Aurora and Arcadia.
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