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  1. I use an agent for the extra perks. Onboard credit, specialty dining, etc.
  2. I booked last fall (September) for a May 2022 and November 2023 cruises.
  3. I've had travel insurance pay out for several things. Insurance carrier was Nationwide. Once it was a medical issue and the others were travel delays. I submitted all of the proper documentation and received the checks quickly.
  4. I prepay unless I have a significant amount of on board credit. I just like to have everything paid for up front.
  5. I'd cancel. Not because I'm concerned about getting the virus as I'm fully vaccinated. I'm more concerned over what would happen if there were an outbreak on the ship. I really don't want to be confined to my cabin, miss ports of call, etc.
  6. Same thing happened to me. Luckily my bill was only $200.
  7. Aft balconies are our preferred cabins. Never had an issue with soot. We have felt some small vibrations from time to time, but nothing major or anything that bothered us.
  8. Our 2022 Breakaway cruise is now about $1000 more than we paid. Our 2023 Pride of America cruise has doubled. I expect that they'll be some fluctuation in prices since we booked so far out, but we booked at a really low point so I'm hoping they don't get canceled.
  9. My children are all young adults and much prefer the western itinerary over the eastern one. We tend to be pretty adventurous and it seems like we just find more things that we like to do on the western side. One of the best tours we did in Roatan was to charter a catamaran from West Bay Tours. There were 10 of us and we had a ball!
  10. We've cruised both itineraries several times and prefer the western over eastern. St. Thomas is very developed and to us it doesn't really feel any different that going to Florida. Roatan is one of my favorite ports so I would always choose to go there.
  11. We plan to fly in several days ahead of our cruise. On our way back (we're on the east coast), we're stopping in Las Vegas for a day or two before flying home.
  12. I agree. While my immediate family is fully vaccinated, I have other family and friends who have opted not to get vaccinated at this time due to a variety of reasons and I respect their decision, as they also respect mine. They also realize that they may be prevented from being able to do/participate in things that may require a vaccine and they're ok with that for the time being.
  13. Depends on where you're flying from. Many times pre-COVID I found it less expensive to fly to the Caribbean than to Florida. As a PP pointed out, there's also the lure of spending a few days pre/post cruise in the destination you're sailing out of. That's our plan for our 2023 Hawaii cruise. While our plan isn't final yet, we're spending 3-5 days pre-cruise, doing the 7 days cruise, and then spending another couple of days after the cruise.
  14. I don't believe that any have mandated a vaccine as of right now. It seems to be a negative COVID test and a quarantine period, which varies by location and whether or not you're vaccinated. I believe that once the vaccine becomes more widely available most of the ports are going to require travelers to be vaccinated.
  15. I wouldn't be surprised if the countries the cruise is visiting make vaccination a requirement.
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