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  1. I took advantage of the recent 15% off offer to book cruises in 2022 and 2023. I didn't feel safe booking anything for 2021.
  2. I booked the Breakaway in May 2022 and Pride of America in November 2023. Based on pricing these cruises out pre-pandemic, I got a great deal on both. I think it depends on when you want to travel. I looked at several in 2021 and I thought the prices were high. My guess is that a lot of people rebooked for 2021 and there may be limited capacity when the ships start to sail.
  3. Our thinking for the May 2022 cruise was the same. We've been to all of the ports multiple times so we would just treat the ship like an all inclusive sea vacation and not get off if we can't venture out on our own.
  4. We decided against booking anything in 2021 - to iffy for us. We're booked on the Breakaway in May 2022 and Pride of America in 2023. Prices were really good, got all the perks and only had to put down a $250 deposit.
  5. I rebooked my May 2022 Breakaway cruise. Lost the free prepaid gratuities, but saved $626 so it more than made up for it. I had all 5 perks previously and I kept those. I'm not sure about the extra Latitudes points.
  6. This happened to us a couple of years ago and we were able to substitute a passenger a week before the cruise. NCL was really easy to deal with.
  7. I'd cancel. I hightly doubt that there will be any cruises leaving from the US in 2020.
  8. I'll have to disagree. I booked a cruise for 2022 and all I've put down is the $250 deposit. If I booked that same cruise today it's $500 more and I don't get all of the perks I got when I first booked it.
  9. I did a mock booking for my 2022 cruise. Not only did the price go up $500, I would have lost the free wifi, $50/port shore excursion credit and the free gratuities.
  10. Sad to see her go. We had a couple of great cruises on her.
  11. I'd go with the western itinerary. We cruised a lot with our children when they were young and it seemed to us that there were a lot more child friendly shore excursions on that itinerary.
  12. Luckily we had no plans to cruise in 2020 or 2021. Hoping my 2022 Breakaway cruise goes off as planned.
  13. DIL just got her refund from an end of April cancelled cruise. Said it took 90 days to the day.
  14. The "lesser" refund is a 100% refund. They're calling is "lesser" because they're offering 150% cruise credit, so a 100% refund is "lesser."
  15. I wouldn't do it. I have no interest in tying my money up as I highly doubt any cruises are going out in June. Who knows if the countries are even going to have their borders open to non-domestic travel by then.
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