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  1. Thanks for your "BoneHead" reply. Just trying to make people aware of what they are getting or not.
  2. Please correct me if i'm wrong. If I elect the Free Drink Package it DOES NOT INCLUDE the 20% Grat charge. So Free Will cost me aprox. $250.
  3. We did the B Triangle shipwreck, Save You Money, saw some fish, go to aquarium if you want to see Lots of fish
  4. ?? Did that say 9 AM free drinks??
  5. I'am from Allentown PA, schnitzel right up my alley, good old PA dutch eats
  6. Do they have a nightly theme dinner?
  7. One day pass $19 vs $10 for two may ferry ride, token to Caves $3.5, token to Aquarium from Caves $3.5, Token back to catch Ferry $3.50 (total $20.50) but all day pass gives me other options if I change plans. Thanks in advance
  8. Its all up to the individuals bankroll and taste. We use our cabin for the 4 S"s. Sleep, Shower, Shave & you know. To many things to do on and off board to spend a lot for a cabin. We are more then happy with an OV, of course we are just "common people".
  9. Edhoff

    Tokens or tickets?

    FYI just watched a video on horseshoe bay. Public Trans drops you off at top of hill, appears to be a pretty long walk to beach, especially coming back all up hill.
  10. To much to do on board, just keep it at home
  11. Yes, but I'm on vacation. I wear dockers and a collared shirt. Wife just wears dressy top, slacks, capris.
  12. Sorry they refer to Miami as the Magic City, the mall name is Dolphin Mall.
  13. RC setting up free shuttle service for Bayside Market Place & South Beach. Will either of these get my wife to Magic City (Outlet Mall) Also is this like the Hop On Hop Off they sell on the ship? Thanks
  14. Can hardly wait to see how long the shuttle lines will be.🚎
  15. Wife just read your reply, made her feel better, THANK YOU
  16. Just received my email for the 3/15 sailing. Miami instead of CocoCay. What a bunch of crap. Just what I want to do, if I wanted to see Miami I would have flown and gotten a cruise from there. To compensate they have arranged some free shuttles to SouthBeach etc WOW. Nice to know one week prior to sailing..They have my money I have no choice.
  17. Appears on line bookings are closed, can I assume they hold seats open for walkins on a first come first sit basis?
  18. Just received my email, $200 total to jump from Ocean View (2N-deck 3) to Full view balcony (deck 6-7-8). Leaving March 15 and figure temps for the first 2 days and last 2 days wont allow for sitting out. Thoughts appreciated.
  19. How much are the pre-set virgin drinks at the bionic bar
  20. Dry is important, wet people,clothes, creates slippery floors for us old timers.
  21. Sailing March 15, 2019, which app do I download and what are the main features?
  22. Would take a shot and save $987, beside how much time do you really spend in your cabin, unless your a newly wed.
  23. Agree Key would be waste of money. Usually no problem finding seats for shows and don't know what else you would use if for. Save the money and applied to your next cruise.
  24. I know their are always 2+ at the Windjammer, what other decks have machines? Thanks in advance
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