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  1. I called the hotel concierge and was told about $20
  2. I didnt post on there. I found bidding helper on there and went through that and it has a hint to tell you which hotel it might be. It said might be Riverside. Amenities below and so I went a FULL AMENITIES: Free Internet, Pet friendly, Smoke-free rooms, Fitness center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Business center, Internet access, Golf nearby, Accessible bathroom, Roll-in shower 3.5 stars
  3. Just got 2 rooms at the Riverside in Fort Lauderdale for $117 each (plus taxes which made it $142.76 each) for April 28, 2017 on Hotwire using better biddings assistant portion of their page :)
  4. Update! I went out on a limb and included the downtown area as well and ended up with the Riverside for only $117 per room! With taxes it was $142.76 per room :) Much better then paying $125 plus tax at Rodeway even though Ill have tp buy taxi to and from as well as breakfast. Super excited.
  5. I am looking at hotwire now and interested in 2 rooms pre cruise. Was considering Rodeway Inn to save $ and we dont fly in till 8pm night before cruise but after reading this I am tempted to try Hotwire. We are cruising Harmony out of fort lauderdale the next day. Is the FLL North still the suggested location? My searched yielded this: 3.5Star in FLL airport north area 95% recommended FULL AMENITIES: Free Internet, Airport shuttle, Smoke-free rooms, Fitness center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Business center, Internet access, Accessible for visually impaired, Accessible for hearing impaired, Accessible path of travel, In-room accessibility, Accessible bathroom, Accessible parking, Roll-in shower Is this Crown Plaza? Does crown offer free breakfast? How far to cruise port. There are 6 of us (3 per room) wondering cost to get to pier next day. If another hotel is suggested I appreciate your insight.
  6. That was my initial thought. Ok. Thank you. I think I will wait out a closer airports fares and fly down the night before so I am there. Thats my "norm". Thank you
  7. Hi everyone. Just found a great deal on a flight into FLL but it arrives at 110PM and the ship departs at 4pm. We are sailing the Harmony of the Seas end of April. Would love your feedback. Thank you!
  8. Hi everyone. Just found a great deal on a flight into FLL but it arrives at 110PM and the ship departs at 4pm. We are sailing the Harmony of the Seas end of April. Would love your feedback. Thank you!
  9. RN7997


    If we go and buy a day pass on arrival for the aquarium only I am reading that the desk opens early on the days that Harmony is in port (730 I hear)? Can anyone verify that? Wondering how long it typically takes to do the aquarium iwht a couple teens? If there is time should we plan to visit the beach nearby that is free or head back towards the ship and explore there?
  10. Im curious about buying aquarium passes there too? We are in port only 7-230 not for sure on what the group wants to do so would be nice if its an option to decide that day. Following......
  11. RN7997


    Thank you everyone. I was personally at Atlantis on my 1st cruise. I dont think we did anything other then the public beach and attempted to go into part of the aquarium. I recall an area you didnt have to pay to get in...there was a rope bridge to cross and a walk way that was an aquarium on either side. I dont recall being impressed. A friend wondered into their casino. I am more asking for a friend going along who's son really wanted to see this place. I appreciate the reviews. Doesn't sound like $ or time is on our side with this. We are going last week of April into early May so I think we will be ok with spring breakers. I think I will also look into other options for our day there. Anyone have other suggestions?
  12. RN7997


    Hello everyone. Going on the harmony in April and we will be in this port 7am-230pm. Friends going with us have never been on a cruise. These ports are ALL new to them. I was at Nassau once but it was my first cruise so before I found YOU! lol I was not impressed but hoping it was just my lack of research. My friend;s son really wants to see Atlantis. My question is what do you suggest we do and especially knowing our port times? Thank you!!!
  13. The mom just got back to me and said her son is set on Harmony so I think we will stick to that. :) I was thinking that too but he is soon excited about that ship. I am also excited to hear about the changes for Adventure though. Id love to sail that ship again after :)
  14. We have been on several cruises. I do love the Oasis class and all it has to offer but I also always loved the Adventure of the seas and the southern caribbean routes. Last time we sailed Adventure it was in need of a renovation and after having been on the Freedom class ship it seemed to show its age in a way I hadn't known before. Today I got an email that Adventure is getting redone again and will feature water slides, flow rider etc. We are currently booked for Spring 2017 on the Harmony in D2s (two familys....mine with an 18 and 16 year old and our friends with their 14 year old...kids are all boys). The adventure has D2s available and we will each save $1000! Some of that I am sure we will lose in air as it is cheaper to fly to Florida then San Juan. This is going to be their 1st cruise!!!! What are your thoughts????? Not sure which way to lead them.
  15. Thank you I just saw this today but we did opt to avoid the city. We went to Westfield mall and ate at the new Mexican place there which was really good:))
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