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  1. Thought I would pass this along if you're missing ship entertainment Royal Caribbean International Tune in this Friday, August 14 at 5 PM EDT for our first-ever Very Virtual Variety Show, featuring a collection of live performances with Royal Caribbean entertainers from around the world, including Mo5aic GOLD ART DUO Jamie Allan Paul Zerdin Analiza Ching Music Pete Matthews . Plus, your host for the show, our very own SVP of Entertainment Nick Weir, will catch up with all the performers between acts. Trust us, this is one show you don’t want to miss!
  2. Did that on our first cruise as well. Good memories, though.
  3. Tough going on that one, Bill. One of our all time favorite excursions was with you in Panama! Would do it again. Cheers!
  4. Reading that document will make you go cross eyed! Bottom line is the CDC is not convinced cruise ships do not have the propensity to spread Covid-19 quickly. So, until the CDC is satisfied, NSO will remain in effect. Will be interesting to see what the Royal Caribbean and Norwegian collaboration are able to put together to assure safe cruising to the CDC's satisfaction.
  5. Same situation here as well. Cruise Planner purchases were refunded within two weeks. Cancelled our Cruise Planner purchases prior to cancelling the cruise. Royal had not cancelled our cruise when we cancelled, but was offering the Cruise with Confidence program for an FCC. We received the FCC in about a month. Our cruise taxes refund took 90+ days. Got it, so that's what counts!
  6. Being invited to participate in sail away from St. Thomas on the helipad of an Oasis class ship. Believe it was the Allure, but could have been the Oasis. The helipad area is closed to passengers on those class of ships. They had special entertainment and officers mingled. Not a big rub elbows with the brass person, but this was cool since we would be enable to be there any other way. We've never seen this event since. Funniest memory....We decided to catch a sunrise. Headed up to the top of the ship. There was a group of 20 somethings there to watch as well. As they all began to leave, they were telling each other "good night". They were just heading to bed as we were starting the day! 😁 Oh, to be so young!
  7. Here's our story. Apologize in advance for the length. djjoe, I have faith your refund and FCC will happen. I cancelled on March 10 for an April 12 cruise. FCC received in about 45 days. We received our taxes refund last week which was a week past the 90 day mark. The really crazy thing is Royal cancelled a May 31 cruise we were to have taken with friends. Immediately upon receiving the email, I opted for the refund. That refund showed up in about 3 weeks. The friends we were to have cruised with on May 31 cancelled the same time we did. Their refund took about 60 days. I also cancelled an August 28 cruise on May 26, right before final payment was to be due I knew our deposit would be eligible for an FCC. Got that email yesterday with the FCC. That took about 30 days. So, who knows? This refund and FCC business is all over the board as far as wait times. This whole process is requiring an extreme amount of patience, which I grew weary of hearing I needed to exhibit. Hoping you will check that credit card statement online and email one morning and be pleasantly surprised and relieved to have received your refund and FCC!
  8. We're booked on Jewel Feb. 7-14, 2021. From looking at Royal's website, it seems we're the last Jewel sailing out of Galveston. On Royal's website the Liberty's first cruise would be Feb. 21. So, I guess we get off on the 14th and the Jewel takes off to a different port. Wonder where? That might be an interesting reposition to stay on for.
  9. The Allure of the Seas Amplification has been postponed until further notice. Additionally, due to pier construction delays in the Galveston terminal, the pier will unfortunately not be ready to welcome an Oasis Class ship. Therefore, Allure will no longer sail from Galveston, Texas, and rather, local fan-favorite Liberty of the Seas will assume Allure’s itineraries in late 2021. Very slick....This statement appears to make Galveston the scapegoat in pier delays, when Royal is the one, who understandably, requested it. Would have been nice to have had an amped Oasis class ship in Texas even though the itinerary wasn't that great. Well, maybe some day. 😕
  10. While way too long to receive your refund; glad you did receive it. I'm simply waiting on my taxes to be refunded and mine was requested about a month after yours. Hope springs eternal. 🙂
  11. Yes, exactly. I remember that. Wonder if her position will be re-instated now that Royal's corporate offices are re-opening.
  12. May be a green screen background. If using Zoom, there are some to choose from or personalized ones can be uploaded to their system and used. It's a very relaxing background scene.
  13. Maybe since specialty dining is also open for lunch, perhaps some eat a bigger lunch than they would have otherwise. With that it seems like too much food. (?)
  14. Hahaha! No wonder I just semi remember an uproar here on CC. Makes sense.
  15. Ahh...got it. Didn't really pay much attention. Thanks!
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