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  1. Does Navigator no longer have Sabor? That was the ship on which we first tried Sabor. Menu has been changed since then.
  2. Our final payment for an August Alaska cruise was to have been due this week. We only had a NRD in place for this cruise. We decided to go ahead and cancel under Royal's Cruise with Confidence program. TA put it in for us, and we will receive a FCC for the deposit. I feel certain we'll cruise and be able to use this in the future. We are one of the fortunate ones. One of our cruises we cancelled and have received the FCC. Only waiting on taxes to be refunded. Another of our cruises Royal cancelled, and we received the complete refund for that one.
  3. Thanks so much for the review. Never having been on the Adventure, it's nice to see. Have cruised on all of the other ships in the Voyager class. Anxious to see more of your review.
  4. i was told once I use a FCC, I cannot move from that cruise. Once it is put into place on a cruise, I'm dedicated to that cruise. I cannot move it without losing it. Example: If I choose to cruise in Oct 2021, then decide to change, I'm not allowed. Incorrect information? Would I possibly lose any deposit I had put down if it was a NRD? No RCL special program such as Lift and Shift would be in use. TIA for input.
  5. I think it's interesting that we're told the virus doesn't survive very long in the sun and heat. Seems like the beach may be the very place to be able to relax some of the fear of being close to others. Something wondered about.
  6. This is so amazing. Cruising is very different from times past.
  7. Thanks for your help. Leaning toward taking this as a FCC. No concern about this becoming an FCC regardless if a future cruise we book is cancelled or not.
  8. We have an August 29 cruise with final payment due this week. If we cancel before final payment, can we get just the non refundable deposit in an FCC rather than making final payment? OR....can we move that deposit to another cruise? This cruise is an Alaska sailing. We'd probably change that itinerary.
  9. Thank you so much, SeaHunt! Done. Learn something new every day! 🙂
  10. No, I'm in total agreement with you. I was so afraid of some misunderstanding. I tried to say later in my post I understood his position having learned that flashy journalism sells rather than facts. The reporters were trying to get him to commit to anything. I think Mr. Fain is unflappable. No matter how many questions he was asked, he simply tapped away on stage. 😄 Best way to handle the situation.
  11. One most interesting topic Richard Fain addressed was when sailing will begin. His response did not sound like it would happen August 1 even though Royal is only cancelled through July. Lots of tap dancing by Mr. Fain on just about every question he was asked. (Answers are paraphrased) When will all crew be home? We're working diligently on it. We really depend on our crew members, and we know they want to be with their families. How will cruising be different? We're looking at it. What will happen if a person does get sick on board? We're focused on developing a process. We have to have a process. What percentage of cruises for 2021 are booked with FCC? Not sure What percentage of passengers do you need to have to be viable? Well, every ship is different. Our more modern ships operate more efficiently. The reporters kept trying to get him to answer with specifics. Having been in a situation which I was asked some questions by a press reporter, totally understand his tap dancing. No way he'll be misquoted. No way any cruise line can predict how things will go at this point. Given the circumstance, the interview didn't really add much that was substantive.
  12. RCCL Fan, Your "guesses" seem very practical and likely scenarios. We were looking forward to having the Allure coming to Texas. Disappointed in the delay of the terminal for the Allure in Galveston, but totally understandable. Agree on Aug 1 or Sept 1 all ships will not be sailing and could see the reassignment of ships. It will definitely be interesting to see what transpires to see what ports open first and which ships are deployed to which ports.
  13. It will be interesting to see what Royal does with various venues. They are no stranger to changing the use of venues. Have read here on CC how venues become gambling locations when ships move to Asian market.
  14. I do agree with the layout of Dazzles. I love going in there in the daytime when not being used for the view of the Boardwalk.
  15. TA submitted a Cancel with Confidence request FCC on March 13 for an April cruise. We have received our FCC for an April cruise. Was told I would receive the FCC by April 30. Came through my email on May 1. The taxes have not yet been refunded. Submitted a refund request on April 16 for an end of May cruise cancelled by Royal and that one has been totally refunded. Checked online and found my total cruise was refunded on May 10. Totally flabbergasted as to how we were able to get everything in such a timely manner. My TA was on furlough since last week of March. Just back on board this week. Talked with her about the refund. Said she would try to see if she could get anyone to give her info. Otherwise, I think we're in a holding pattern.
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