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  1. This is good to hear. I will pack accordingly. Thank you for your input.
  2. As I've said, we are rookies to river cruising. Are the walls in the cabin metal like on an ocean cruise ship? I bring magnetic hooks with us to hang odds and ends. Just wondering.
  3. Would be so happy if I could get us packed in just a carry on and a personal item. Don't think I could. Wondering if the laundry facilities stay busy. I've never been a fan of doing laundry on vacation. Just do it when I get home. As far as evening dress is concerned....do some get very dressy or is it mostly slacks and shirt for guys and nicer dresses or pants outfits for women? We want to do what is proper.
  4. Wow! The water bottles and stations around are cool. Would definitely expect the hand sanitizers. We've only done ocean cruises and have never seen the filling stations around like this. Thanks for the pictures!
  5. Tim, Getting masks all in order. Thought we might have to wash masks. Do they provide disposable masks on board?
  6. Not sure why, but the Oasis class ships struggle with My Time. Something I learned was they were taking care of Diamond Plus much sooner. They had a reservation desk closer to the entrance that we could just go to and get seated. I had our friends and husband stand out in the line while I went and spoke to the host there. Got in right away. Last cruise on the Allure, we lost track of time and lost our reservation. This was the last night on board. After waiting 40 minutes, we opted to leave and go to the Windjammer. They thought we were upset, but no, just tired of waiting
  7. Did you keep a carry on or were you required to give that also?
  8. Tim, We will be on the Countess starting April 17. Thank you for posting the tour information. Although our cruise will be a slightly different itinerary, we well be at some of the same spots. We've never done a river cruise, so we are looking forward to your posts. I'm concerned about having to take a covid test the day before. Our flight will not get into NOLA until 9:30 P.M. Any information you have regarding that will be appreciated.
  9. Anybody happen to see this? https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/miami-dade-mayor-danielle-levine-cava-sends-letter-to-cdc-in-hopes-of-restarting-cruise-industry/ar-BB1eJS3A?ocid=uxbndlbing&fbclid=IwAR063LeKiawZvxvGpIBklJxsvF2anxfS1Dd5dHt8BElbsw_-fccM2adtWk8 Here's the letter: https://miami.cbslocal.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/15909786/2021/03/Letter-to-CDC-Director.pdf
  10. If all passengers being vaccinated is the one way RC can cruise from North America (i.e. CDC requirement), I would think that would be what they would do. Getting some cruises started and getting the money moving for them would seem like a logical choice. Will there be tons of howling? Absolutely! But getting around it may not be a choice.
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