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  1. Laszlo....That is how my family is also. We had two big losses six months apart and went right back to work. But this family is looking to sue and may end up with a large settlement. By the way...Laszlo is my family name.
  2. Regarding my comment about family not being able to return to work...I don’t see how they could get over the shock, guilt, trauma of losing such a young child this way, especially as they are not accepting the cause of the accident. Don’t see them able to function for a very long time.
  3. I hope Royal does not settle as it’s so clearly not their fault. I do think a monetary settlement is what the family is after...I doubt either parent will be able to go back to work. They would probably use the money to start a foundation of some sort and run it. Hope they don’t do any more interviews.
  4. My 3 year old nephew has never been on a ship but he could point to the open windows in the pictures. I think the grandfather chose an open window because of the fresh air...it can be very hot on deck while in port. Poor baby...hope the family gets therapy
  5. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/ensenada-comedy-dance-magic-cruise-tickets-44970165977
  6. Bigger theatre for comedy shows. Enforce the no chair hog rule😜
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