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  1. I believe you might be right. Following the link to the spa from their website I see they offer a "tropical smoothie" package as well as a "Caribbean breeze" package which are both wraps mentioned in the Island Marketing package.
  2. The add says "Tropical Island Spa located at a beautiful lagoon side Resort in one of the islands most stunning locations." Do you remember which resort this was in and approximately how much transportation costs?
  3. Much prefer the larger ships because of the entertainment options. The smaller ships we've done we found there was usually only 1 option for something to do. For example at 1pm there'd be Bingo. If you didn't want to go to Bingo, you could sit in a lounge somewhere and wait for the next event at 2pm. We'd find ourselves sitting in our room watching netflix waiting for something fun. On the larger ships there'd be Bingo plus 2 or 3 other options. Much easier to find something that fits our style and makes for more enjoyable time on board.
  4. Just an update for any future searchers. It took roughly 2 weeks for my TA to get a proper answer from the MSC call center. They had to escalate it to the manager of the call center because nobody seemed overly sure on how much the package was supposed to be and if it was for 1 or 2 people. Ultimately they added it to the account at $158 for the couple based on the price valid for 2 people. Since then, from the main package page, the price valid for 2 people has been removed and I've seen the wording change back and forth from $158 per person to $158 per package. So it seems they are still trying to figure it out on their end. 😛
  5. IronRobi

    Sandals Day Pass

    Their website lists it at $140. Check in the FAQ section, it lists the price for all locations Sent from my LYA-L0C using Tapatalk
  6. Thanks for the input. $158 per person seems steep for a 7 night cruise compared to a lot of the prices I read about being in the $55-$90 per person range. I checked on the MSC for me app and it lists thermal area couples passes and single passes which the website does not differentiate. But it does not show any prices or give me the option to add it to my Cruise. I'm still waiting for my TA. She called in yesterday and coincidentally got the same person I was speaking with, but he wasn't able to help her either. Sent from my LYA-L0C using Tapatalk
  7. Looking for some input from anybody who may have already booked the Thermal Area Cruise Pass online through the MSC site. When I look at the small thumbnail from the main spa section it says "$158 per person". When I click on details it says "$158 per person. Price valid for 2 people". And when I click on "Add to Booking" and select both of our names it gives me a warning "Please, be informed that you are purchasing a per-couple package 2 times." If I check some of the couples packages available it says the same thing. For example Golden Jasmine - For Couples says "$1,096 per person. Price valid for 2 people" and gives the same warning when I select both people. So I thought I'd call MSC on their toll-free number for clarification. 45 minutes on hold I finally got someone and he had to go look it up. He came back telling me the pricing was $308 per person and that he could not add it on to my booking because I booked through a TA. So his advice was to e-mail a screenshot of where it says "Price valid for 2 people" to my TA and ask them to match that pricing. The whole thing seems off to me. I've heard the MSC site is terrible to navigate and if you call them you'll get 5 different answers. So I'm wondering if anybody here has successfully booked the thermal area pass for 2 and how they did it? I've attached screenshots of everything I'm seeing for reference.
  8. Sorry to revive such an old thread but I seem unable to message at the moment. @maureencruiser With 10078 being what looks like right behind/underneath the stairs, did you notice any noise from people going up and down during your time there?
  9. NCL Gold - 50pts Best Western Diamond Matched to Silver. Replied back asking for a second review. If Hilton diamond is matching to black, I would expect another hotel chain's diamond status to at least match to Gold.
  10. IronRobi

    Discount code

    I contacted them about a week ago because SUNSHINE and CARNIVAL were not working. They told me they had none available at this time but to continue checking in because they release them a few times per year. Doesn't help me at all since we leave in a week. We decided to just do the pay as you go
  11. I reached out to them and they told me they have none active at the moment but to "keep checking" since they release them a few times per year. We decided to just go pay as you go, we'll likely save money that way.
  12. I'm wondering if anybody has a current promo code that works? Tried both Sunshine and Carnival and both say "Invalid dates for this promo" regardless of what dates are selected.
  13. I've also noticed they are about half way down on the left side. You can get better seats on your own, but I've noticed the wait staff to be a bit more attentive to the haven section seats when taking drink orders prior to the show.
  14. My wife and I got married 3 years ago. Her passport is good for another 4 years and is under her maiden name. When travelling we still book everything under her maiden name because that is what's on her passport. We could pay to renew her passport early under her married name, but why bother?
  15. Happy to hear you were able to get the flight changed. I was nervous for you reading through the first page. I've only sailed out of NY once. LGA was a traffic nightmare with the construction. Took about an hour to go from the airport to our hotel in Long Island City which is about 5 miles away. Most of that time was just pulling out from the airport. From the hotel to the cruise terminal the next day was about an hour and 20 minutes and is still only about a 5 mile trip. From there it was probably the smoothest check-in process we've ever done. Took about 5 minutes in line for security, we walked right up to the counter with no lineup to check in and get our cards, and then walked right onto the ship. We were maybe 15 minutes from pulling up to the terminal to being on board.
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