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  1. What about mid July? Received a Club Royale offer where July 14 was the earliest cruise you could book.
  2. Have the free cruise offer from Club Royale for cruises in July-August. I would do it early August, no worries. It would help if I got my refunds from other cancelled cruises.
  3. Still haven't received anything and better yet, my stimulus check. Good thing I'm still working!
  4. Booked on Symphony for Halloween, price went from $61 to $ 49.
  5. When I first received this offer it said any ship, any length, any port in the Caribbean. I had a balcony with some OBC, so I tried to book the Odyssey. Was told no and then new offer came out listing ports and ships. Booked Symphony for Halloween and keeping fingers crossed. Got a different offer for July-August. Greater OBC with another balcony, not booked cause waiting on refunds for April and May cruises.
  6. JMHO: If you want to fly in the day before, I'd stay in Miami area. I was on Symphony in Feb 2020, flew in day of cruise to FLL. The traffic going to Miami, not just the port, was bad. It added about an extra hour to the ride, not worried since I arrived at 10ish, but still took awhile. I used SAS in the past, no problems. Have been using Jiffy Jeff, a shared ride from FLL to POM at $15/pp each way. hope this helps.
  7. I had 2 Club Royale cruise offers. Cancelled right when all this mess started in mid March. Between the 2 I have $900 tied up, not a lot from what I'm seeing. I've called 2-3 times and was told you should see it, it has been processed. Checked credit card daily, nothing there. Oh, and I booked another leaving on Halloween with a great casino offer, another $117 tied up. Won't book anymore till I see some credits.
  8. I thought the same thing. Gibbs’ rule # whatever: don’t believe in coincidences!!!
  9. You causing trouble,LOL. Just saw the new offer too. Balcony and $250 free play. Hmmmm, what shall I do?
  10. Booked my Halloween cruise on Symphony. Had a balcony, CP, but got an Ocean View for $47 more. Had patience, they told me I can get OV for $274. Waited a few days more and got what I wanted!!!
  11. I have used Jiffy Jeff, Always on time, great communication on times and pickups. It is a shared ride, $15/pp before Corona.
  12. Tried again this morning and still can't book Odyssey. Same thing for Symphony, only a CP balcony for Will try other dates and or ships. Am happy for the offer , was just hoping for an ocean view balcony this time and willing to pay for a reasonable upgrade too.
  13. Yes I did check and was told an upgrade to an oceanview balcony would be $274 and I'm already in a Central Park Balcony!!!!!
  14. Tried to book Odyssey of the Seas and was told it's not available. Nowhere did I see the disclaimer in terms and conditions in the email I received. Bummer!!!!! Also, if you book a Oasis class you will get a Central Park balcony.
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