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  1. chaz cruiser

    Price Drop

    That is one of the reasons I love Princess. If the price drops before you make your final payment and you call them they will match the price! No risk to booking early! Well worth keeping an eye on the prices... Sent from my SM-T355Y using Tapatalk
  2. Hi everyone, has anyone had recent experience taking soft drinks onboard RCL out of Sydney? If yes, did you carry on or put it in your luggage? Thanks in advance Chaz Sent from my SM-T355Y using Tapatalk
  3. chaz cruiser

    Powerboards Royal Caribbean

    Yes Aldi... Thanks everyone! Sent from my SM-T355Y using Tapatalk
  4. chaz cruiser

    Powerboards Royal Caribbean

    My brother has a travel power cord that has 4 USB and 2 power sockets... assume this one would be a powerboard and qould be confiscated? Sent from my SM-T355Y using Tapatalk
  5. chaz cruiser

    Powerboards Royal Caribbean

    Thanks [emoji16] Sent from my SM-T355Y using Tapatalk
  6. Hi everyone, I know that Royal Caribbean confiscate powerboards but does this include the multi USB plugs? Thanks Chaz Sent from my SM-T355Y using Tapatalk
  7. So what did everyone think of the Celebrity Apprentice onboard the Pacific Jewel? Was anyone here onboard when they did the shows??? Cheers, Charmain:)
  8. Hi All, A friend has just returned from the Pacific Sun where she was told by the Deputy Captain's wife that Carnival were restructuring the company & that P&O would be rebadged as Princess. Has anyone else heard any more about this? Cheers, Charmain:)
  9. Just thought I would share that I picked up our tickets for our quickie on the Oriana in February from Sydney to Brisbane. Now I just need to wait for a boarding time, dress code for the nights we are on and cabin number!! Cheers, Charmain:)
  10. Hi All, For those on line in Qld or WA channel 7 is showing Alan Sugar's The Apprentice and their task is on the Grand Princess. Wow what a ship!! Cheers, Charmain:)
  11. Hi All, I am looking to get travel insurance for our two night cruise on the Oriana in February. I asked an online insurance company if I needed Australia or South Pacific cover and have been informed that they do not cover medical expenses while the ship is in Australian Waters??? I asked them if this is because we are covered by Medicare and was told I need to check with the cruise company. So I decided to do the next best thing & ask here!! Has anyone had experience with travel insurance on Australian coastal cruises? Are we covered by Medicare when in Australian waters? Or do I just need to use a different insurance company? Thanks, Charmain:)
  12. chaz cruiser

    Cruising on the Oriana

    Hi All, I'm an Aussie and will be enjoying a quick trip on the Oriana when she travels from Sydney to Brisbane next February. As we only have two nights on board I want to make sure we are prepared. I would appreciate any tips & hints on the things not to miss. Thanks, Charmain:)
  13. Hi All, I have booked a quickie (two nighter) on the Oriana from Sydney to Brisbane. I know this is not a P&O Australia cruise but I am sure a few people here have been on her. Any tips or tricks would be appreciated especially as we have such a short amount of time on board. Thanks, Charmain:)
  14. Hi everyone, We are having a lot of fun. It's been a little rocky the first few days but no real problems for anyone in our group although there is some very green people around! Had our meet & greet yesterday where only 5 of us turned up. I must admit it was a little embarassing as we had the F&B Manager, the 1st Assistant Purser & the ship's photographer there plus they put up signs & reserved the Bengal Bar for us!! We left a little early to sign up for the new show Deal or No Deal (which was great BTW) and missed the captain who also popped in for a visit. It was nice to meet the ones who made it though. Oh well better get back to having fun. I've just had a frangipanni massage (BTW the price has gone up but you now have to have the shampoo & blowdry - previously called the Girls Night Out). Still relaxing. Bye, Charmain:)
  15. Hi All, I know we have seen so much on this over the years but thought I would share this news report. About time! Cheers, Charmain:) ____________________________________________ Brimble suspect to be charged September 11, 2008 05:48pm Article from: AAP Mark Wilhelm to be charged with manslaughter Friends face charges over perverting course of justice Brimble died on board P&O liner in 2002 MARK Wilhelm will be charged with the manslaughter of Dianne Brimble while two of his friends will face charges over perverting the course of justice. The decision released by the NSW Director of Public Prosecutions Nicholas Cowdery QC comes almost a year after a coroner recommended charges be laid against those who owned the room where Mrs Brimble died on the P&O cruise ship Pacific Sky. Mrs Brimble, 42, died on board the P&O liner Pacific Sky in September 2002 from a toxic mix of alcohol and the illicit party drug fantasy. In July last year, after a 66-day inquest, NSW Deputy State Coroner Jacqueline Milledge ruled there was enough evidence to charge "known persons" over her death. The DPP has recommended that three of the four men who shared the cabin in which her body was found should face charges. Mark Wilhelm should be charged with manslaughter and drug supply for giving Ms Brimble the drug fantasy, the DPP said. Two other men - Letterio "Leo" Silvestri and Ryan Kuchel - should be charged with perverting the course of justice. "Ex officio indictments for these charges have been filed in New South Wales with the District Court (regarding Silvestri and Kuchel) and will be sought in the Supreme Court (regarding Wilhelm)," a statement from the DPP said. The DPP said that no charges were recommended against the fourth occupant of the cabin, Mark Slade. The DPP also did not recommend charges against the other men of interest in the case, Dragan Losic, Petar Pantic, Luigi Vitale and Charlie Kambouris, who were travelling companions in a neighbouring cabin. The DPP said the case had been complex because the allegations against Wilhelm took place in Australian waters, but not in NSW, and some of the allegations against Silvestri and Kuchel took place in a foreign country. Some of the allegations against Kuchel also took place when he was in Sydney for the inquest, the DPP said. "There were some jurisdictional issues that needed to be settled between the NSW DPP and the Commonwealth," the statement said. "This further delayed resolution of the matter by the NSW DPP." Criticisms of the time taken to assess the case last month prompted NSW DPP Nicholas Cowdery to reveal his office would be "in a position to give advice in the Brimble matter before the end of August". Mr Brimble said he had called a press conference for 10.30am (AEST) tomorrow in Melbourne after being contacted by the NSW DPP today. "Well, there have been some further developments in relation to the matter that's been ongoing with the Director of Public Prosecutions in NSW," he said. "I am not going to comment until such time as the DPP has issued any release or statement on it." Mr Brimble, who is in Melbourne on business, said he would be joined by other family members at tomorrow's press conference. Comment has been sought from the NSW DPP. Source: http://www.news.com.au/story/0,23599,24330344-29277,00.html