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  1. We just booked a 7 day, Alaska Cruise in 2021, with a balcony room, two for one deposits, all four promos (could have got reduced air but had a better deal through Alaskan Airlines' Credit Card), pre-paid gratuities and an extra Latitudes point per night, all for $3600 and some change. I thought that was a pretty good deal.
  2. I canceled our October cruise on May 6, before the final payment date. We had already paid in full. I received a full refund (minus our shore excursion) today, May 21. I'll guess I'll have to wait and see about the shore excursion.
  3. We canceled our Canada/New England cruise for October. We were before the final payment date and should get our refund. Even if cruising starts back up, I don't know if Canada will open the ports. We fully intend on booking again when this is all wrapped up.
  4. We went on a whale watching excursion on our Alaska cruise. Saw lots of whales but I enjoyed seeing them off of our balcony in the morning while I was drinking coffee. We also spotted a black bear on the shore and actually had a brown bear swim across behind the ship while we were cruising in to see the glaciers.
  5. Norwegian has a reputation for the best entertainment.
  6. Hey, we're on the same cruise. Well, we worked it out for my Wife to get an extra day off, so I got a deviation for the day before. I hate cutting it close and depending on the Airlines to not have delays. Flying into Quebec City instead of Montreal would be a whole lot better. It would save the hassle of the 3 hour train or bus ride.
  7. We've been to Moderno on at least 6 cruises. We like it. We both enjoy the salad bar. You can make a meal out of it alone. The meat has not been bad at all except maybe a fatty piece on occasion. There is always more on the way, so that's not a big deal. We've never had a problem with the Staff. In fact, they have always been very personable and accommodating to us. One time, when we couldn't decide on a dessert, they brought us all of them. We'll go again.
  8. I would love to do a deviation, but the Wife's work will not allow it.
  9. I'm hoping as ours get closer, they change to non-stop as we are flying in the day of (unavoidable) and we have to catch the transfer from Montreal to Quebec City (3 hours).
  10. I took advantage of the same 20 percent off sale. With the new 30 percent off sale my room would be about $770 more expensive and Free or Reduced Airfare isn't included either.
  11. Looks like either Boeing 737, 757, 777 or Airbus A319, 320.
  12. We have a cruise date for Oct 2020 and our place holders showed up over 300 days out.
  13. I've only made one culinary mistake on a cruise with NCL. I ordered the sugar free dessert.
  14. You're not complaining about complainers complaining about complainers are you?
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