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  1. checkkp75 hit the nail on the head. 3.3 miles but it's a long 3.3 miles. Some goes along a beach, but it's not the Boston Harbor that you're thinking of. There's not much to see at all along the walk since you'll be surrounded by tons of traffic (Boston drivers cannot drive and do not pay attention to 90% of the road rules) After you leave the water you go through a residential area and then close to the Port it's industrial. I'd get an Uber or a taxi instead.
  2. Thanks CruiserCindy! My dad was so excited when he called me from the Gem that he was able to park in his "Normal lot". It's not listed on the Port site. It was $25 a day but at 8:30 this morning they called me and they were already on L Street heading back to the Cape! It sounds like they had fun. I can't wait to talk to them about it on my ride home from work this afternoon.
  3. Has anyone been out of Boston this year that can comment on the parking? My dad has trouble walking. He was expecting to park in the lot next to the terminal and just walk over. This sounds like a nightmare. I may tell him to call NCL about it since he's technically disabled. There's a mention about a shuttle bus from the parking lot back to the terminal, but ugh. Why did they have to go and change a good thing?
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