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  1. I'll be watching what Regent decides to do with some interest. We have two cruises currently booked on Regent, after what was supposed to be our first cruise with Regent was canceled last year. We were supposed to be on the Splendor Barcelona to Venice cruise at the end of April 2020, and how Regent handled our refund after the pandemic shut cruises down is a big reason why we chose to book with them again rather than with Silversea or Seabourn. If Regent decides to not require 100% vaccination, we'll be giving serious thought to canceling and rebooking with another cruise line.
  2. There will be a lot more opening up I understand when New Mexico hits 60% of the population being fully vaccinated. We're at about 54% fully vaccinated right now, so keep checking!
  3. Thank you for linking that. I'd say "Sign me up," except my DH and I had already booked 2 Regent cruises in the last few days. Sadly, the first one isn't until August of 2022, but after the disappointment of the cancellation of our Splendor cruise last April, we're both cautiously optimistic about the restart.
  4. Our son in law travels for his business every week, and in his experience, American does the worst job in terms of mask enforcement, spacing while boarding or exiting the plane, and distancing while on the plane. He has been impressed with the way other airlines, including Southwest and Delta, have handled these same issues, and prefers to fly with those airlines. He no longer books with American at all. Everyone has to decide how willing they are to deal with the risks, but I thought our SIL's analysis was interesting since he has no choice but to fly several times a week, has a child who
  5. We just received notification from our credit card company that we have received a refund from Regent for our April 30 Splendor cruise, Barcelona to Venice. Well done, Regent!
  6. To me, the interesting thing about the Scylla policies is that Scylla is the company used by Tauck for their river cruises, and that Tauck clients are the same demographic as Regent clients: age, income, expectations of luxury and service, etc. I'm sure that Regent and other luxury cruise lines are looking at something very similar to allow them to resume cruising, so it's worth taking good hard look at the Scylla policies and deciding if that's something that would be a showstopper in terms of our individual willingness to cruise again. Whether Regent and others would actually go to somethin
  7. Sail date: 4/30/20 Splendor (Barcelona to Venice) Cancellation date: 3/31/20 No refund as of 5/10/20 Thank you SusieQft for taking this on!
  8. Apparently much stronger wording advising against any air travel for seniors was vetoed: https://apnews.com/921ad7f1f08d7634bf681ba785faf269
  9. Thats on Le Champlain, isn't it? If you have traveled with Tauck before, you know that you will be well taken care of, and if you haven't, I would be interested in hearing your thoughts when you get back. My husband and I are dedicated Tauck enthusiasts, and really enjoyed our Ponant experience. We are definitely planning to cruise with them again, and hope you have a fantastic time. Post a review when you get back!
  10. https://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=579879 At the time I posted this review, I believe it was the only Tauck related review on CC. If not, I certainly couldn't find them, and I looked. Let me know if you need any further information, I'd be happy to answer questions.
  11. My husband and I cruised with Tauck on a Ponant ship a couple of years ago, and when I wrote the review I posted it under Ponant. It was the Land of the Rising Sun cruise (Japan) and if you are interested I wrote a fairly lengthy review that separated out the parts of the cruise that were all Ponant, and the parts that were Tauck. I agree that Tauck has a product that would appeal to a certain segment of CC members, and that it would be nice if it were easier to find and exchange information about those itineraries. We liked the Ponant ship we were on, but we also know that a goo
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