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  1. Oh, and I'm using Explorer.
  2. Yes, yes, yes - I'm so glad you posted as I have had this issue for a few days. I will call them later if I still am unable to make a payment today. I'm just glad I have a few weeks before final payment and the deadline wasn't yesterday. Oh, and I'm using Explorer.
  3. I appreciate the information about recycling straws. I really do. I'm not terribly fond of the tone of the delivery but understand the subject is a hot point for some. I'll check out what my local waste system recommends. My point is that compared to the "necessities" (cars, phones, computers, TVs, refrigerators, etc.) and true 21st century necessities like the aforementioned medical items and hypodermic needles, band-aids, medicine containers, etc., my few straws are not even an atom in a drop of the bucket of the world's plastic. Seriously. I will continue to reduce, reuse and recycle where I can as I have done for many years.
  4. I love this idea! Good for travel/luggage but is a nice idea for our "real" world engagements. So much nicer than finding a post-it or scrap of paper and writing out our info. Yes, I know there is the option of texting or (old school) emailing, but I think this is more personal. Thanks for sharing!
  5. So I have been thinking about all the plastic use - just how many instances I can think of where plastic is ubiquitous. The one area that really sticks out to me is in the medical field. Just one recent example, my BIL had a couple of stents placed a few months back. A few complications so he was in the hospital for 3 days. Let's see, there were the many IVs (tubes and bags of various medicines & saline), tubing for oxygen, the stents themselves (can be metal or plastic), plastic items for the room (cup, pitcher, urinal), single serve food containers like for Jell-O, butter, etc. along with plastic wrap covering some of the items on the meal plates, and other miscellaneous items that I can't recall and wouldn't know about (lab stuff?) Oh, and a ton of gloves (plastic as I guess a lot of people are allergic to latex). I get it - these are medical necessities and Lord knows they are needed as we seem to have such a problem controlling infectious elements in hospitals (I worked for a health system). But I personally feel my straws are a bit of a medical necessity for me. I use them for my coffee and tea (small one that I wash out and use for a couple of weeks then put in recycling bin). I also use the bigger ones for my very thick smoothie and my very occasional carbonated drinks (also clean these out with a little brush and have used the same ones for months). By using these, I can keep my teeth really clean and do not worry about acids eroding my teeth. Not a life and death situation, but by doing this, I endure very little scraping by my dental hygienist and my enamel is strong. I also like using straws in restaurants and on ship because I have seen many "clean" cups and glasses with lingering lipstick. Who knows what is on the rims that I can't see. I do care about plastic in the environment and really detest litter of all kinds on the side of my local roads and in our lakes/rivers. However, I will continue to use straws, will put them in the recycle bin and am pretty sure I will not come close to creating even a pound of straw plastic waste in my lifetime. Not even close. I'm not sure what I am going to do on my upcoming cruises but will figure out a way to have a straw.
  6. Thanks for sharing these tags - look sturdy and I like that the personal info is hidden. I'll purchase on our next Amazon order. Also like the tip about including the airlines flyer number. Hadn't thought about that before and experienced a "duh" moment after reading the tip! FWIW, we also put our email address on the tag. It is MUCH easier for us to check email while out of the US than to receive a cell phone call (our cell service does not allow use out of the US/Canada and the internet phone number we use, well, we obviously must be hooked to a WIFI network and we can't always stay attached to one).
  7. These are two that I haven't thought of before - eyeglass case for laundry pods (have just used multiple ziploc baggies in the past) and keeping the excursion tickets in the safe and off the desk (was always afraid I would discard with the tons of other paper). Thank you!
  8. Not sure which ship you are on but wondering why you can't access SiriusXM? Or Pandora, for that matter. With unlimited streaming and the app on your phone/tablet, I would think you could listen to either. We listen to Sirius and Pandora every day using the wifi at our gym, and I know he has streamed Pandora and YouTube videos in the past (Celebrity Solstice). And not to beat a dead horse, but we only listen with earbuds unless in the car or at home (or in the cabin).
  9. I had never thought about it before, but surely longer cruises (month+) which generally cater to an older clientele must have a fair amount of passengers taking blood thinners (thinking Coumadin). Not sure this is what the OP is talking about, but they would need to have a P-time blood test. I'm not a medical person, but when my MIL was on it, she had the blood test regularly (every few weeks or monthly) and depending on the result, the doctor would decrease, increase or leave "as-is" the dosage of her medicine dosage. I can't imagine the medical staff would not perform the test (for a fee). OP, I hope you get a definitive (positive) answer for your friend.
  10. Another "vote" that it is not too early for a flu shot. Our experience in a nutshell - went on a cruise to Hawaii from Vancouver in mid-September. We asked our doc's office about getting the shot and they said it was a bit early (end of Aug/first of Sep in Tennessee) for our season. Well guess what, it wasn't too early for the hundreds of Canadians and upper Pacific coast passengers onboard. Incredible amount of sickness onboard - coughing, sneezing, etc. Medical was kept pretty busy. We both got the flu (first time for me at age 51). Back to the main subject - we have a list (lists) we developed over the years with tasks starting 2-3 weeks out on up to the moment we leave. That being said, I still check our passports at least 20 times between home and the airport!
  11. Thank you for this info! I have not actually signed up for the meet and greet yet but think DH and I will. Really looking forward to this cruise and hope to meet you onboard as well 😊.
  12. Thank you - just downloaded it!
  13. That is a great idea! Like a laminator type sealer for bottles.
  14. Thank you all so much for the replies. We are leaving from NY (repo to Port Everglades). We are going straight from LaGuardia to the cruise port and will not be stopping along the way (although I might have a few minutes to see if the airport has anything - not counting on it though). I hear you on the leaking potential. That would be a disaster. I will just buy a new bottle and wrap it up (several times) and put it in our checked bag. It isn't a must have item - we use it for dental care (coffee/tea stains) - but it would be nice to have along since we will be hitting the IC fairly frequently for espressos as well as attending afternoon tea! Thanks again and happy travels.
  15. Thanks for the confirmation. I didn't remember seeing it either but didn't want to depend on my memory.
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