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  1. We have been considering this, too, but with an after Christmas/NY cruise. Probably just wishful thinking (and really wanting to get out of FLL as quickly as possible), but I'm thinking it will be doable even with distancing or whatever else is in place at the time. My "logic" is they will want to gently "shove" everyone off the ship as quickly as possible so they can start the enhanced cleaning process for the next cruise. Of course, everything is upside down now and who knows what the reality/protocol is going to be in a few months.
  2. I LOVE this! What a great turtle. Thanks so much for sharing. We always try to pick up a Christmas ornament from the places we visit - the more "primitive" or homemade/authentic, the better. Our tree is certainly not a decorator's idea of a sophisticated presentation and we just do one tree, but we love it. We really enjoy seeing them each year and makes us smile.
  3. Just wanted to say thank you for posting this. We are staying for the first time this December and needed a place to stay and leave our car. Looking at your review and others on TripAdvisor, it looks like exactly what we need. Thanks again and happy travels!
  4. I second and third this!! For the life of me I just can't understand why Princess and some other lines design ships that have a (narrow) pathway through a dining area. I eat in the MDR as much as possible and skip the HC but will go through a few times a day to just get to the back deck touching nothing along the way. Wishing those currently onboard safe travels for the rest of your cruise and on your way home.
  5. I'm guessing the amount of sun will depend on ship position but will find out soon. We'll actually be looking for shade 😎
  6. Thank you for asking this question and those that answered. We are onboard this Wednesday for the first time. I would have thought these would have been for a fee so glad to know the area is free. So much to look forward to!
  7. Sure thing, I understand about the foreign port legal issue and not debating that. Ruby stops in Victoria.
  8. Good point about the possibility of there not being a pre-check line. Never had that problem even from my regional airport, but I don't fly as much as a lot of people on here. I always pack the "regular" way with the quart bag so taking it out would not be a problem. The last thing I want is anything that delays me getting through the security process.
  9. I'm seeing a Ruby Princess RT Hawaii cruise departing October 3, 2020. There's also a Holland America one from Seattle, but it leaves in April.
  10. Are you saying that one does not have to put all liquids in the quart sized bag in their carry-on if they have TSA pre-check? I have pre-check and the way I read the rules is I still have to put all the appropriate sized liquid items in the quart bag but I do not have to remove it from my backpack during the security check process. I use Zip-lock bags for everything and, as you mentioned, use contact lens cases for small amounts of liquids (make-up, moisturizer, etc.) It's amazing how much they can hold.
  11. I'm confused with the statement that "in reality, no one does that itinerary" as we have cruised to Hawaii RT three times - San Diego, L.A. and Vancouver. While I can't speak specifically for Seattle, here are my impressions from our Vancouver trip (done at the end of Sept. in 2016, Star Princess): 1. The seas can be anything from lake calm to a bit rough. The water was calm around the islands when we were there but the crossing can be a crap shoot (although the captain has a big ocean available to navigate around any serious storms). 2. It will probably be cool for at least 2 days out and the last 2 days. I generally tend to run a bit cold but I don't remember seeing a lot of others beside the pool at the beginning or end. I don't want to be negative but just wanted to share - this was the sickest cruise we have ever been on. Flu season comes early for our neighbors to the north and there were a ton of people onboard sick and got sicker as the cruise went on. The theatre was a big cough fest. I have never had the flu in my life (I'm 55) and take precautions, but there was no escaping it for us (were tested positive at medical and were quarantined for a few days). All that aside and don't mean to be a downer, all three of our HI cruises were wonderful and I love going in the fall. I love Hawaii and I love sea days! The last one we took was in Feb. and while we did see whales, the temps were a bit cooler than the fall trips and the foliage on the islands was not quite as vibrant in the winter.
  12. Oh wow, I see guava juice on the list - really?! That is wonderful. My DH loves it. I'm pleasantly surprised to see all of the options and am looking forward to a few of them on our next cruise 🙂 Thanks for offering this list.
  13. I hale from the heart of U.T. Vol country (Knoxville) and don't have one piece of orange clothing. I'm a complete oddity on game days as everyone around town is donning the orange. It's a "happy" color and I like it in general, but it makes me look like death warmed over. My brother (a U.T. alumnus and vol fan) just looks at me and shakes his head 🙂 I went to a different university. A few years back on a different cruise line we saw a family of 5 - parents and kids - decked out completely in orange on formal night. I mean full suits for the guys and full dresses for the gals. They just had to be from here, bless their hearts! Back to the orange party, it's good to hear orange is not required and sounds like we won't be missing much if we skip it on our upcoming Koningsdam cruise (just our second cruise with HA and still learning the ropes).
  14. Ah, good to hear tunafish about sweeteners everywhere on the Koningsdam. I'm with you Bostonjetset as we love the pink packs. Neither of us is a diabetic but prefer sugar free drinks. I read the packets were gone on a thread by Copper10-8 - his Oosterdam NY cruise report (great review) I think around page 4. Maybe (hopefully) I misunderstood, but I read it to say a lot of the paper products were going away including the little packets. I really do not want to pack a box of Sweet n Low but will probably do it just in case. . . . .
  15. Thank you both for the quick responses! I know what you are talking about with the little spoons brought with coffee and that would work well. I was thinking of a longer handled teaspoon more like we use (I'm in the southern U.S. and tea is a "thing" down here!) But certainly the other spoon should do the trick and will ask for one. FWIW, I am more of a hot tea drinker and am over the top excited to get onboard and have a stroopwafel warming on top of my cup!
  16. Hi all. We are fairly new to HAL (only been on Veendam once but going on Koningsdam in a few weeks - can't wait!), but we are not new to cruising and have been onboard Princess most recently. My question in a nutshell is this - when ordering a glass of tea, in particular in the MDR, how does one add sweetener and then mix it up in the tea? I understand there are no longer straws and haven't seen a teaspoon offered in a long time. At least not on Princess. On our last P. cruise, DH just ended up using his butter knife to mix in the "pink pack." It gets the job done but kind of crude. Am hoping to hear HAL has the proper silverware, at least with dinner. As a side note, I read on a recent "live from" that packets of anything (pink, yellow or blue and certainly not real sugar) are no longer offered. They only offer sugar and Stevia in a glass shaker type bottle. Can anyone confirm this is the case on the Koningsdam? Oh, and I know we could solve the "problem" by ordering wine or other libation, but DH likes tea with dinner 🙂 Thanks in advance for any info you may offer!
  17. This sounds like such a good deal. Just curious though, is there also offered a "stuff a bag" type deal? We have an 11 day coming up (Koningsdam) and thinking we might just have a few things to send out mid cruise. If we have to pay per item, the per day price might still work out better for us.
  18. Just wanted to say thanks to all for the questions and contributions to this topic. I have been casually looking at going to Greenland (HAL in 2021) and the info provided is very helpful. For example, I did not know about the upcoming ban on larger ships. Thanks again and happy sailing!
  19. A little further in my post I said it was toward the end of the cruise. However, it's probably a moot point as this was the repositioning cruise from NY to FLL. Her upcoming Caribbean cruises will probably be different (assuming length of cruise is shorter) but hoping it will be available.
  20. We just got off the Regal this past Sunday. Yes, they had the Bavarian night - yeah! It was not listed in the Patter and we just happened to run across it one night. I figured I had missed it and was glad to see it available. It was close to the end of the cruise and the area was not really "decked out" like I have seen it done on other ships. It was just part of the regular set up. Regardless, it was good and I'm glad we found it (we normally eat dinner in the MDR and only check the buffet randomly).
  21. I can't remember the exact board, but a while back someone posted they always take a really big bag of candy and give it to the customer service people for the engine room and maintenance staff. Reports were they absolutely loved it - nobody thinks of the crew working to make the ship sail and keep us comfortable and safe on board. I'm firmly in the leave the candy if you want camp (but if you, OP, have reservations about it, don't do it). It's a gift, not intended to be a tip or replacement for a comment card or not a thank you note - just simply a nice thing to do for someone. As a side note, we just purchased a vehicle a little over a week ago, and today we received a very nice thank you card and some good brownies from our salesman/dealership! Now, we are fully grown mature people and we can afford to buy our own treats but for the life of me I can't figure out why I should be insulted by them sending us a gift as a thank you. They don't know if we have food allergies, issues or preferences but they sent it anyway. I appreciate the thought and I enjoyed one just now with my coffee! However, had it been something I couldn't have, I would still appreciate it and make sure it got into the hands of someone who would like it (sort of paying it forward).
  22. Yes, yes, yes - I'm so glad you posted as I have had this issue for a few days. I will call them later if I still am unable to make a payment today. I'm just glad I have a few weeks before final payment and the deadline wasn't yesterday. Oh, and I'm using Explorer.
  23. I appreciate the information about recycling straws. I really do. I'm not terribly fond of the tone of the delivery but understand the subject is a hot point for some. I'll check out what my local waste system recommends. My point is that compared to the "necessities" (cars, phones, computers, TVs, refrigerators, etc.) and true 21st century necessities like the aforementioned medical items and hypodermic needles, band-aids, medicine containers, etc., my few straws are not even an atom in a drop of the bucket of the world's plastic. Seriously. I will continue to reduce, reuse and recycle where I can as I have done for many years.
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