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  1. firecrewcapt

    Sail Away Traditions

    Pretty much the same for us, nothing better than a bucket of beer to get the cruise started and relaxing.
  2. Wow, there's a lot of assuming here. My comment wasn't directed at anyone, it was an opinion, let me say I really enjoy all the info/pics, we'll be on the ship in April for 21 days and will be better aware of the amenities/food/areas for following this thread. The whining and complaining happens on all threads/cruises.
  3. firecrewcapt

    Princess website down AGAIN

    Little patience goes a long way, no problem signing in just now.
  4. Been following and I love the 3D artwork really nice change and the coffee/alcohol bar combo is a nice surprise. If I was on that cruise I sure would cut the cruise some slack on food, service and operations, first cruise there will be hiccups and the need to set up a routine with all areas, so I guess I just don't understand why people are so short and all they have to do is sit around and complain. Life is too short so enjoy the cruise and relax. Just my opinion.
  5. If you can't find the answer here or via a Princess phone rep then just Google it, just saying.
  6. We've always done ATD and have never been handed a pager, with that said we eat at a 2 top around 7:30ish. Just saying.
  7. firecrewcapt

    New to cruising - foreign exchange

    One word, security, harder to hack because the simple fact of more combinations needed to break open your credit card.
  8. firecrewcapt

    New to cruising - foreign exchange

    We wait till first port and then find a bank with an ATM and get local currency there, the rates are usually better. But then again we are exchanging USD to Euros.
  9. firecrewcapt

    Just for fun. Do you have any cruise traditions?

    Unpack once on board and go get a bucket of beer, that signifies the start of a relaxing time.
  10. firecrewcapt

    Tender Unloading Accident on Maasdam

  11. firecrewcapt

    Live From the Star Princess Hawaii R/T November 4, 2018

    Just curious, How long is the cruise for that price?
  12. firecrewcapt

    Casino Offer- no vacation time

    All I do is ask, "Is there a Casino rate with this cruise" I've never received an email or mailer offer for the rate. Just booked a Oct. 2020 cruise yesterday and asked the question and right of the bat it saved me more than $350 dollars and I will be watching for more drops in price between now and then.
  13. firecrewcapt

    Princess EZair

    I've been known to change 4-5 times before the cutoff, just saying.
  14. firecrewcapt

    Ginger Ale or Beer?

    I drink "Irish Mules", Jamison and Ginger Beer with a lime. Ginger Beer is readily available.
  15. firecrewcapt

    Princess website changes

    I'm in Ca. also and I DON'T see anything different, I still see everything that people are complaining about. I see recently viewed cruises, EZAir flights, calendar is fine. Just my .02 worth.