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  1. Hi again - I think it was aqualand - it was organised by p&0 - quite a lot of families did it. It was about 20 away minutes in the bus.
  2. If you booked your cruise pre Nov 12th it will be honoured as it was when you booked it. I’ve sogned up to that too, so hoping it’s worth paying upfront for. 👍🏼
  3. Delighted to hear that the pina coladas in Seaview were delicious!! 👍🏼 Will keep in mind the BBC ones! 🍹
  4. All sorted, thank you all for your help. Booked the old classic aka all inclusive restaurant and bar package through travel agent today at the pre 12 Nov prices. 👍🏼
  5. Thanks Sidari! Also found this one but it’s carribean. I imagine the European one will just be a variation of Australia/Caribbean one. 👎🏼Boo no pina coladas!
  6. Oh fab, thanks so much Sidari! I didn’t notice that. Fingers crossed there’s a pina colada on it! 😂👍🏼🍍
  7. Thanks. I’ve been going through them all for days but it seemed to be more USA pricing and people who have previously booked packages. It’s all very confusing eh? Thanks for your help hamrag
  8. I apologise if this has already been asked, but I could only find USA site info on drinks threads on here. I havent purchased drinks packages yet for Seaview next June , but I will do. In the ‘easy’ package does this cover drinks up to value of 6€? If so, does anyone have menus/lists of what these drinks actually are? I’m thinking that basic cocktails probably will be above 6€ - any ideas? I only drink fizz, red wine and cocktails! 🙈🙈
  9. Thanks all. Have a great cruise Jo. That’s a shame re the cut off.
  10. We’re having same dilemma as you Jo. We’re a family of 4 (from Scotland too). Just not actually sure that on a 7 day cruise with ports everyday that we’d really use £490 worth of drinks/ice cream. I’d be kicking myself if I didn’t take it and ended up going way over though 😂😂 I do know from this site that the 15% gets added on to drinks if you don’t take a drinks package.
  11. We’re just back from Dubai and our cream taxi from airport to the Palm was 129 dirhams but on the way back was 88 dirhams. Tacis are the ONLY thing that is cheap in Dubai!!! 😂😂😂
  12. If you’re looking for somewhere amazing to stay, we stayed in Hilton Molino Stucky which has a free boat back and forward to St Marks square area. It’s on giudecca island right across from S Basilio on the map posted above.
  13. Thanks. What’s the difference between the restaurant and bar package and the classic drinks package?
  14. Ah I see. I wondered if it was like plane upgrades “pay another £800 and you could upgrade to this cabin etc..” Thanks for your advice.
  15. I’ve booked a family of 4 in a fantastica balcony cabin next June on Seaview from Barcelona. I’m curious to know if there’s a way I can check on the msc website how much it would cost me if I decided to upgrade to a bigger cabin or YC. Is this possible, or would I need to phone the travel agent I originally booked with? I’m based in Scotland.
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