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  1. Hi. Thanks for your reply. My point is in what people have described for many in the terminal queue there is no shade. Even in the shade it could be 35 deg,,,hats to protect from burning,water to stop dehydration,an umbrella for shade,,,,,it’s still 35 deg plus,,, Not all of the older demographic are triathletes many suffer heart problems,diabetes etc,,,for those people the heat can be a big problem. Lots of people are unsteady on their feet,standing around in the heat they suffer,,,from the photos I’ve seen and personal testimonies there is not even a seat in that queueing area. Celebrity should recognise this and do something about it. Saying that people who turn up 30 min before their allotted time being the problem is a cop out. Its not acceptable and either Celebrity or Port Authority should take responsibility.
  2. Hi Heat kills….. Can you inform us what preparations you take so others can do the same. There can be big health problems when being outside in extreme heat,,, Common causes of heat exhaustion include:[2] Hot, sunny, humid weather Physical exertion, especially in hot, humid weather Due to impaired thermoregulation, elderly people and infants can get serious heat illness even at rest, if the weather outside is hot and humid, and they are not getting enough cool air. Some drugs, such as diuretics, antihistamines, beta-blockers, alcohol, MDMA ('Ecstacy', 'Molly'), and other amphetamines can cause an increase in the risk of heat exhaustion.[3] There is no one size fits all remedy.
  3. Some people need to lighten up,,,the quote re ‘eating with the staff’ is a very old joke on this side of the pond. A joke regularly used by comedians,,,,even on Celebrity ships. Usually runs alongside cabins described as cupboard and the myriad jokes about asking the Captain at dinner ‘who’s driving the ship?’
  4. Hi Why can’t Celebrity do like TUI/Marella cruises do in Europe,on sailings from Palma,Mallorca for example you leave the ship according to the time of your flight. Admittedly they are usually TUI flights but this negates getting to the airport 4/5 hrs early. Even with late afternoon or early evening flight you can pay for a cabin until departure if you wish.So you can enjoy the ship on your last day,have a nap,shower then off to the airport. It seems most flights from the US to pick up a X cruise in SM don’t land passengers until afternoon,,,as one plane load comes in release a plane load to the airport.
  5. Hi I noticed that on the e-mail. I am booked on the 11th Aug Baltic sailing from Amsterdam. Final Payment for those of us in the UK is 15th June. I will be cancelling tomorrow,,,too many unknowns.
  6. Hi Does it say when they are suspended to….? I am booked on the 11th Aug sailing had no e mail yet. FP due on 15th June,,,,I will cancel before then if they don’t. After yesterday’s announcement by the UK government travel is not advised to any European country at the moment.
  7. Hi I’m on August sailing from Amsterdam to the Baltic on her. To me it doesn’t matter where she is I’m cancelling next week,,too many unknowns. The Baltic is a port intensive cruise and I like to get off,have a stroll,a beer and see some sights,,my days of being herded around on a bus are long gone. Except for Alla Tours in St Petersburg which is a must.
  8. I agree,I am on the 11th Aug sailing on Reflection from Amsterdam. I sailed the same itinerary (Baltic) from Amsterdam 3 years ago and I would guess the majority was Brits. If most on this cruise are of the same mind as me and cancel,,then yes it will be a problem,,for Celebrity and other nationalities on this trip. Do you think Celebrity will sail with a half empty ship?,,,I believe they will look at booking levels in the next few weeks. To fly from UK to Amsterdam we will need a Fit to Fly PCR test,,,,,the cruises are expensive enough without adding hundreds of ££££ for tests.
  9. Hi I don’t know if you have noticed they have added a QR code to your NHS app for ease of use when used for travel.
  10. Maybe one of the reasons for the 19:00hrs departure from Santorini is….. One of the big attractions is the spectacular sunset as you sail out of the caldera. JC
  11. Hi Being a government organisation surely they already have the Politics and power to shut it down now if it’s unsafe. Your answer doesn’t really answer the question,,,why would the CDC want to shut down an industry that provides jobs on board,jobs in ports and enjoyment for many. Maybe they are just adhering to the old adage “Better being safe than sorry” I think the truth is posters saying the CDC wants to shut down the cruise industry was a knee jerk reaction to decisions they don’t agree with.
  12. Being a Brit and having absolutely no idea about CDC reasoning. Can someone explain why an organisation like CDC would want to kill the US cruise industry,,,,what’s the motive.
  13. I agree. The question is the timing,when is the right time to live to learn with it. Some we’re saying the same thing 10 months ago,in my uneducated opinion that would have resulted in carnage. Would you go to India on holiday today?even if you was vaccinated?
  14. The UK government has just released its Green List of safe countries to visit. Greece is on the Amber list which means quarantine on return into the UK. They must think there is a chance of contacting Covid in Greece,,,,so do you think the risk of bringing it on to the ship is a risk worth taking? For the cruise industry to have another infection similar to the Princess outbreak would be its death knell.
  15. “The point is some people are now having to pay for something the cruiseline didn't charge them for and which they do not receive, in order to provide a level of profit. That service, or those goods, get consumed by some but are paid for by all, and that is a lamentable change” Thanks Myleemen Exactly,,,why are some posters finding it so hard to understand this.
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