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  1. Hi A Flat White is usually served in a 5-6oz cup with a double shot of espresso with a bit of steamed milk and good crema. A Latte is usually served in a 10 oz glass with a single shot and a whole lot of milk. Hence a Flat White will have a stronger coffee taste.
  2. Yes they do but they are chargeable,,,,should be OK to use this facility now on AI. Passport Bar has a coffee machine,they use it for Luminea dining room,,,or for a nice Irish Coffee.
  3. Hi. I thought the same thing myself,,horrid stuff. My favourite on Celebrity is a Double Espresso Macchiato in Cafe el Bachio. Ps,,In Europe the city of Naples claims the best cup of coffee and I must admit it is one of my favourites,it’s said it’s because the water is filtered through lava..,a Cafe Cortado anywhere in Spain comes 2nd.
  4. I have a Baltic cruise booked in August from Amsterdam on Reflection. This will be my 3rd Baltic cruise if it sails. I don’t see any great benefit being docked up the Neva River,,it’s not as if you can get off the ship and walk around the city on your own.Unless you buy your own Visa. Travel companies like Alla Tours (great) have priority entrance into the Hermitrage,,usually in by 09:00. Have docked in both ports in Stockholm,,,the easiest way I found to get into the city from Nyshamemem is to jump on the HoHo bus,,,they are lined up outside the termin
  5. Hi The app is called Patient Access,,,,I think it’s a shared app through doctors practice. The surgery will give you a code to register. The Patient Access system uses information from the Summary Care Record if you have agreed that the GP can share this information with Patient Acceess.
  6. It shows on my Patient Access online record.....a NHS app.It says ... COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 30micrograms/0.3ml dose concentrate for suspension for injection multidose vials (Pfizer-BioNTech) (Pfizer-BioNTech) 5 dose1 dose by Intramuscular Injection
  7. You can access your CV19 vaccination details in the UK if you register a NHS app. You have a digital copy,,,copy and print if you want a paper copy On mine it says..... .. COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 30micrograms/0.3ml dose concentrate for suspension for injection multidose vials (Pfizer-BioNTech) (Pfizer-BioNTech) 5 dose1 dose by Intramuscular Injection
  8. If anyone is on a Fjords cruise that stops at Olden make sure you are on deck for sailaway.The local pub plays Bocelli singiing 'Time to say goodbye',through the biggest speaker in Norway ,,,,it gives you goose bumps,,,,Just a snippet...
  9. RCL may not have ‘paid’ for it,but they were certainly major investors. If you are on RCL or Celebrity ship you will almost certainly use the Seawalk before any other cruise line ship.
  10. Celebrity should dock using the Seawalk,,,,it’s was paid for by Royal Caribbean.
  11. Not all of the lists are as they seem... There is no Jameson’s whisky showing on either list,,,,believe me they have it. Guinness (cans) are not shown on Classic,,,but I have always got it on the Classic.
  12. Hi We had a new PUP offer in the UK last night. It was another of those put your info on social media,,,,,,no thanks. IVITY A new year is upon us, and after a particularly tough 2020, many are entering 2021 with a restored sense of purpose and new goals for the future. Here at Celebrity, our #1 New Year’s Resolution is to return to service safely so we can open up the world again for our members. Tell us your top 2021 resolution by 25 January 2021 and earn 20 Power Up Points.* STEP 1 STEP 2
  13. Hi Ken Maybe that’s the answer,,we both use the same e mail address.
  14. Hi it just happens,,,I think the wording in the T&C’s says something about if you have a linked account points are matched.
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