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  1. The issue is that unless the cruise line makes vaccinations a compulsory prerequisite to board - there might be non-US travelers who have not been vaccinated yet. The other question - what about those who for health reasons can't be vaccinated - will cruise companies discriminate against them? Tough call all around.
  2. This makes me want (even more so) for our first planned but postponed RSS cruise to happen. It is not just the cruise line - airlines, NZ border rules (currently going away and returning one must spend 2 weeks in a hotel in isolation at $3k + time off work - not a go for most not-high-fliers I am afraid 🙂 )
  3. Marc, do you think that the same treatment (generosity) would be extended to a new RSSC cruiser? It is a common knowledge in the industry that "high flyers" (or rather high floaters 🙂 ) can expect more "looking after"? Disclaimer - I am not planning any special occasions, just being genuinely curious?
  4. TC2, how does this work - when we received FCC, it had to be used for travel within 2 years and booked within 1 (as I recall). Back in early March, it seemed that by October 2021everything would be back to normal (ha, what a joke!). So I am just trying to understand - are you saying that it can be re-booked, but only if the cruise is cancelled?
  5. looking at your handle, you might have some experience with Russian language or heritage ties... I think that, by default, SP is a friendlier place than Moscow or many other cities. Nevertheless, things have changed a lot. I am not talking about tour guides - hence recommendation of a private tour in the Hermitage. However wondering the streets is a different story altogether - and I am sure you understand that in 9/10 times a foreigner can be easily picked up in Russia (and discriminated or prayed upon). It is better be safe than sorry.
  6. It is in the St Isaac's Cathedral (note - the photo is not mine, mighty Google)
  7. Marc, trust me - Russia today is very different to what it was in 2009. It is very different to what it was even 5 years ago. In the gone by days of the USSR people in general were in awe of foreigners and although shadowed by KGB - foreigners were reasonably safe. Nowadays, many people hate Americans, Police and special forces are corrupt and have no regard to foreigners. People are easily caught on a wrong side of the street. The bottom line - do not do it on your own. The Hermitage - a private guide is the best option. Everywhere else - stay close with your RSSC group. IMHO (and experience)
  8. I think during these times you (and everybody else - regardless of their SSS or the equivalent on another line) should be happy with any measures put in place to minimize places of potential transmission, not to bicker about your "lost entitlements". As to washing more delicate stuff - if need be, you can always do some special items in your cabin. It's a minor inconvenience after all.
  9. Marc, this is not quite a link to the study, but I've found this good and informative. Have a look https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-020-02058-1
  10. TC2, with respect - at the moment FCC appear to be quite an uncertainty as nobody knows 1. When cruising resumes 2. If cruising resumes - will the ships be accepted in all ports, some of the ports or none? 3. Will cruisers be able to travel to their cruise destinations or will be restricted by quarantines in their country of residence (i.e. 14 days on arrival)? With these questions in mind, even125% FCC is not as attractive option as it may seem. When we took the option of 100% FCC in March - i was confident we will be able to cruise in October 2021 (18 months later). Now - not so confident at all ... But...remain hopeful still!
  11. TC2, why are confident about November, but not January, February, March and April? I mean, if it is ok to cruise in November (unlikely, IF) - then months after that should be ok too?
  12. sadly, what the US is doing is not necessarily a beacon of hope for many ... 😞 ( I don't want to start the political discussion here, just merely noting - how many of us would be happy to go on a cruise now if the situation was like the current on in NY, or CA?)
  13. There are a lot of various theories doing rounds. One does not know what to believe. However, I do think that humans needed this wake up call to re-valuate our values, what's important and what's not. We are (in NZ) at the end of day 3 of a 4-week (at this stage, could be longer) lock down. And suddenly you understand that so many "important" things are not really matter that much! Today I did not have garlic whilst making an Italian dish, oh shock horror! normally I would have jumped in a car and drove to get it. Today? I just laughed it off and used garlic salt instead. Nobody complained, and the wine tasted even better! (mind you, it was a 2010 Merlot, but who counts, right? 🙂 Hope you and your DH weather this out and enjoy Regent again, soon!
  14. New Zealand has closed its ports for all cruises from tonight until 30 June. All passengers arriving in NZ ( with exception of a few Pacific islands ) must self isolate for 14 days. There are other restrictions in place too. We are now one of the highest restriction imposed countries. Although deemed good for health , negative impact on economy will me massive.
  15. just seen on my RC - a cruise from Dubai leaving in 3-4 days has been cancelled (not sure what cruise line), Seabourn has also cancelled two April cruises departing from Dubai. This is just another issue to add to the mix discussed here - you are healthy, have a certificate, but a port/country stays you can't get in/depart ...
  16. think is was a joke by Mr Bill 🙂 (with an underlying message though)
  17. I am sorry, I do not know you, TB, and neither I know TC2. However, somehow your posts about her and her DH appear to be "backhanded" compliments. If you are genuinely concern and find TC2's DH "adorable" this is really a good time to stop.
  18. Digressing - if a cat has 9 lives, how do you count their age - as a cumulative or start each time all over again? if this is the former, than you can have a cat who lives to celebrate 100 y.o. and get a card from HRM (if you are in Commonwealth) 🙂
  19. Most of us would not have seen this discussion. There is no reason to disclose other person's information, even if you did see i somewhere. There is a reason why most - if not all - people here use handles. if a person is concerned about someone's age just referring to your/your DW/DH etc "age" or "age to be of a concern" is sufficient, without going into specifics. IMHO
  20. was it something to do with global events though? (just curious)
  21. another sad news from the cruising world - another empty ship ... https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=12315306
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