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  1. I have to thank each and every one of you for this discussion and helping my DH and me to make an agonizing decision on our April cruise (first on Regent - were soo looking forward to it!) we've decided to postpone, hopefully by next October things will get back to some normality. Why October - this is the time when the cruise itinerary is almost identical. You can only do Suez Canal twice a year ... I
  2. Hmm, probably not the most timely post - due to all the cancellations happening at the moment, Italy being off the list etc. However, I am sure that at some point (hopefully, sooner rather than later) it will get back to normal, and we will start talking about ports, and hotels and officers - not changed itineraries and coronoviruses . My question - if a booking includes a one night pre-cruise hotel and transfer between the hotel and the ship, and the cruise departs from Civitavecchia. will the hotel be in Rome and transfer from Rome to Civitavecchia, or the hotel is likely to be in Civitavecchia (not that there are many hotels there)? Thank you in advance 🙂
  3. this shortage is wide spread, and not everybody goes to a doctor either. so the actual statistic is not known
  4. OK, the website has now been updated. Glad it is out there in the open. Still a hard call to make - to be (a traveler in April 2020) or not to be? THAT is the questions 🙂 https://www.rssc.com/coronavirus-statement
  5. in short - yes, two close family member who live with us However, I am pragmatic in understanding that we can catch virus anywhere. Therefore my biggest concern still is to be stuck in some place for a while and the next one to miss on ports which were our driving force to book this particular cruse. We have just over a week to make a call.
  6. Flossie, when I was on the phone with Regent Australia, they said that the US gets all informative first and Australia, NZ ans UK a day or two later. I am just repeating what I am being told.
  7. Oddly, Australia/NZ Regent office has no information on this letter yet, they are "expecting a new informative" tomorrow. Does this mean that anybody from this region will miss out on 3 April cancellation option because of this?
  8. suggest this is the earliest 30 day from the date of the letter
  9. Sorry, I was not specific enough - the bit where it says "it can be applied to a new booking within one year on any 2020 or 2021 Regent voyage." Does this mean you have 1 year to apply but the voyage can be through to the end of 2021? TYIA 🙂
  10. Can you please explain how FCC applies (for sailings up to what dates)? We do not have a specialized Regent TA in NZ, and our TA is yet to receive this communication 😞
  11. If this is the case, maybe we go to Adriatic instead? or cruise Greek islands?...
  12. Thank you and I could not agree more! this is neither time nor place. People are looking for answers (albeit in vein so far), we are all glued to the CC for a reason. Neither of us knows what happens next, however just to be among people who understand your anxiety and dilemma is a little comforting. There is no reason for snarky comments as these really distract from the topic.
  13. The last 15 or so pages of this thread discuss/speculate what Regent may/will do. At this point in time there is no further information apart from cruises cancelled in Asia. As much as it pains me to say - you, and us, just have to wait and see. My DH and I in a "similar boat" (no pun intended) as we are ending our trip in Italy (plus 3 ports there on Regent) on 6 May (think you must be on the next cruise on Voyager after us?)
  14. I am not posting this quote to start a new debate about Regent vs other ships. Just a food for thought - found in another forum whilst looking on something about ports in Italy "I hadn’t canceled any cruise, but it looks as if the cruises will cancel under me! We are booked on a Silverseas cruise (a company under the RCL umbrella) just expanded the restrictions of boarding from the 3 northern Italian Regions and made all of Italy as restricted. You are restricted from boarding a Silverseas ship if you have traveled or visited (or flown into) Italy 15 days prior boarding, which kind or makes it interesting for my 23 April departure out of Rome and visiting many Italian ports of call. Waiting to see what the options of cancelling and getting full refund, and FCC."
  15. I've just looked up - it appears that currently only 10 municipalities are on the "prohibited" list as CLIA refers to the Italian MoFA site
  16. Do you get an e-mail if the wait list is cleared or do you have to actually log in to check? Thank you 🙂
  17. I understand and appreciate your comments (even if there is a difference between the countries). Presumably, this only works if you already have a policy in place? I can't see insurance willingly increasing policies right now?
  18. I can only comment for what I see in NZ, however as part of my work, I do see a lot of international Insurance policies (albeit predominantly business related, not travel). It is common that after a particular event this event is no longer covered unless the policy have been purchased prior to the event.
  19. Respectfully - the point of any insurance - you pay your premiums and hope that you never need to make a claim! so self-insurance should take that into account. Having said that, even having the insurance may not help in times like this. E.g. even if Regent offers FCC for next cruises - this is not an "event" defined for most insurance policies. As such, one (like us) needs to weigh in the cost of air travel (it is very expensive to travel to Europe from NZ). If people go for FCC in most cases (unless the policy is CFAR which usually has a $$ limit too ), other "bits" of travel may not be covered.
  20. the issue I think is more about being stuck some place/denied entering ports/changes itineraries etc. Not necessarily the virus itself
  21. this is true, it is time to really wait and see. Some people might be coming to their last payment and having to make a decision, this might be harder. For others - like us - as there is nothing else can be done, we will wait . And try not to read too much! (it is hard - it is everywhere - news, social media, forums1)
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