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  1. When the world cruise is announced/sold - can you but just some segment(s) of it rather than the whole cruise?
  2. It is my understanding its somewhere around USD 1,400 p/p (I got a quote in NZD so using exchange rate - approximately). The trip to Cairo is on the second day, early start - 4.30 am. Flying to Cairo and back, a few hours there to visit the pyramids. As much as we would like to go there, I can't justify the exercise, to be honest
  3. I've just replied to your other post - apologies, I did miss it somehow. Thank you, this is very helpful - this is what I love about this forum, you have a few different, very helpful advice and you suddenly know so much more than before you've asked 🙂
  4. taxare, my apologies, I've missed this post 🙂 as I've been reading 2-3 threads on the subject I think some wires crossed in in my blond head, apologies 🙂
  5. Hi Jackie, Apologies, I thought I've replied yesterday but it appears that I had not pressed submit button! (I AM blond - literally!) 🙂 in the meantime someone else posted a link to our cruise's overland/overnight excursion (I still can't get there myself but can through the link (which is really weird!). I did use your tip about looking up similar sailings to get an idea of the excursions available and their cost, which had proved very useful as the list of total excursions in a port does not mean they are all offered. So thank you once again!
  6. Jackie, thank you for offering to help! I have to say that I've found so much useful information from your replies/comments on this forum! my email address is galina.bell@outlook.com We are booked on 16 April 2020 Abu Dhabi to Rome on Voyager (yes, I know your opinion about it - now, but I did not know when we booked 🙂 ) https://www.rssc.com/cruises/VOY200416/summary Thank you in advance! Galina
  7. taxare, please excuse my ignorance - this is our first cruise with RSSC. Where can I find prices - I cannot see them on the list of excursions, must be missing something? TYIA
  8. Travelcat2, I might be mistaken (looking in the wrong place?) but on our sailing (April 2020) i can't see Regent Choice clearly marked on the list of excursions. Some of these are obvious as are listed under "executive" (car, van etc) options. Others are not, however they come up in search if I filter by "Regent Choice" option. Is there an easier option to find which excursions are "free" and which are "extra cost"? we will be selecting based on what we want to do (subject to availability as we are not in 240 days class) rather than it being free. However I would still like to know what I am booking. And the second part to this question - there are no prices listed. Can you only know these at the time of booking? Thank you in advance 🙂
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