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  1. What is this mysterious mariners desk you speak of, I can't find a contact for it anywhere.
  2. Write this day down because it will forever be known as the day HAL refused to take my money. I just tried ordering some flowers to an officer's cabin and Ship's Services told me there was no way for them to process the order. So I guess miracles do happen.
  3. I noticed in a photo on the promenade deck of the Koningsdam there was a sign which said ‘No Jogging.’ While I suspect I’m about to be excoriated, I’m curious how people really feel about this as, with the exception of two short sections aft by the dining room, there seems to be a pretty wide walkway? I get that there’s a jogging track on the Sun Deck but it seems pretty small, it’s already boring running in circles so I’m not looking forward to smaller circles (if ten miles is 30 laps of the promenade deck, it looks like it would be 150 laps of the jogging track and I can’t count that high). I realize there are treadmills in the fitness center as well, and I plan on using them too, but they’re even more boring than running in circles! And go...
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