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  1. I have recently returned from a week on Discovery 2 and have posted a copy of the menu from The Atrium Bar. We opted to upgrade to the premium package and to be honest whilst I prefer SB when drinking white wine, we found the Pinot Grigio Bolla to be a superior wine. We are on Explorer 2 next year and have decided to wait until we board to upgrade to premium - or not. We found the difference in the standard of drinks between bars on the Discovery 2 to be extreme. Pool bar and various music lounge venues often supplied (or tried to) none premium brands. We had to pull bar staff on a number of occasions particularly in relation to ensuring we were given Hendricks gin and premium wines when requested. I would also suggest that you need to be vigilant with this regard in the restaurant.
  2. Fantastic photos and very helpful for those currently thinking of booking QM2 and fond memories for those of us who love her! Thank you.
  3. We purchased FCC onboard QM2 in March and more recently onboard Queen Victoria both with the OBC allowance.
  4. Pear Carr


    Don’t worry! We were on QM2 earlier this year calling at Phu My (for HCM) and Nha Trang and no Visa required - assume sorted by Cunard.
  5. Always a sore point for UK residents when we read about drink packages and sommeliers offering ‘amazing wines’ within the $12 limit when this perk is never available to us. Same can be said for included gratuities!
  6. We had the same experience on 14.7.19 at Southampton embarking Queen Victoria. As priority guests we were checked in as soon as we arrived (12.15) then had to join the queue for all passengers to pass through security. Once through security we boarded immediately.
  7. I opted for long dress on three of the formal nights and a shorter dress on the roaring 20s gala night. Long or short I am glad to see that most still take the formal nights seriously and make a real effort. Obviously some opt out and choose to drink/dine in the relevant venues where dress code is not imposed.
  8. Disembarked Queen Victoria after a 2 week Baltic Cruise on Sunday (28th) and we had 4 formal nights. We had a fantastic time with wonderful weather.
  9. Sheltered balcony mid ship for us on transatlantic! Have crossed in July and December and you cannot guarantee weather at any time of year! Worth it for the fresh air and sea views whatever the weather. You will not be guaranteed sun both ways on B2B as port out from UK and Starboard back unless you are changing cabins for your return.
  10. I would also check out the configuration of the rear facing cabin as some aft cabins have a fixed bed to the wall - as in one side and head - therefore access to bed is on one side only. We have sailed in aft cabins on Celebrity and have one booked on Queen Victoria as the views/outlook can’t be beat but we have opted for a mid ship balcony on our cruise on E2 because of bedroom layout and also some comments on engine noise at rear of ship - although this could be just on lower decks.
  11. Looking to book an SV cabin 6314 post refit. Can anyone tell me if there will be any modifications with regard to the size/layout of the balconies post refit? Would also be grateful of any information if you have stayed in this cabin. We have previously stayed in cabin 9384 which is currently a C1 and loved the location/outside space but not being offered on chosen cruise so not sure if categories are changing with the revolution.
  12. We are on this cruise on Queen Victoria on 14.7.19 and it might be worth looking at the roll call for this if your roll call is not yet up and running. There are a number of options for tours other than Cunard - we have opted for Alla Tours in St Petersburg - no need to apply for visa independently and there are tours to suit differing needs/interests. Not sure what your itinerary is but most other ports on the Baltic cruises are do-able on your own with Cunard providing shuttle services to a central location from docks in outlying areas and others being walkable from the dock to enable you to plan your own day.
  13. I believe Cunard generally send an email within a few days of disembarking with request to complete questionnaire/feedback. Out of convenience for yourself just wondered if you tried to book an accessible cabin or opted not to?
  14. I would say you are leaving this quite late but would look at alternatives to Cunard. Check out your roll call and see if any one is interested in sharing mini bus transfer to Bruges. We did same last year for a fraction of the ship transfer - mini bus pick up at terminal and drop off practically centre as smaller buses have access to central areas. Otherwise look at options for small group transfer.
  15. We did this cruise last year - same ship and likely same itinerary - first time with Celebrity. Generally we had a great time, however, there is no guarantee that itinerary will be adhered to as we were unable to dock in St Petersburg due to high winds and spent 2 days adrift at the end of the channel entrance whilst other ships came and went. Apparently due to size of Silhouette - no compensation and no alternative attempted. Hope you are more successful!
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