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  1. Would imagine first consideration should be port/starboard and recommendation is port sailing west from UK and starboard sailing east from USA. Sheltered balconies will not afford you the same amount of sunshine as non sheltered but will give you closer proximity to the ocean but views are only really possible when standing. That said I prefer a sheltered balcony on a transatlantic crossing as weather so changeable throughout the year and I like the stability of a mid ship/deck. Whichever you choose it is lovely to have your own outside space for a quiet read and early evening tipple, however, you will likely find that there are so many areas of the ship that you enjoy or want to explore that it won’t really matter.
  2. I am referring to the OBC that is the additional incentive to purchasing FCD when on board. Obviously the OBC for any particular sailing can differ and fluctuate, I assume based on demand.
  3. I have transferred 2 future cruises and Cunard have extended the validity date in both instances with regard to FCD and OBC due to the extenuating circumstances.
  4. Here is a rousing rendition from 175th Cunard celebrations on 4 July 2015 at the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral. We had the most magical experience from the minute we boarded QM2 at the Per Head in our home town Liverpool till disembarkation in New York. This was our first ever sailing and it was just meant to be on the QM2 from Liverpool. Obviously not our last but nothing will ever top this wonderful crossing! FullSizeRender.mov
  5. 1210 is the larger balcony on deck 10, and 1676 on deck 11. I would avoid deck 12 given Cafe etc above. Opt for deck 9 or 10.
  6. We stayed in 9384 on Baltic cruise in June 2018. Absolutely loved it and it is the only wider balcony aft cabin on this deck. Sailing into Stockholm early morning was one of our best experiences and we never felt the need to use the sun decks due to our own private solarium! I do suffer from motion sickness so was apprehensive about movement but other than day 1 on the North Sea we had no issues. Not sure if there have been any changes to the layout following the revolution update so might need to check this out. For your information Cruisedeckplans.com provide details of cabins inform your choice.
  7. Have never experienced problems with ordering room service on QM2 and Queen Victoria, either in Britannia or grills cabins, including early morning trips in St Petersburg. We opt never to dine in Kings Court.
  8. You do not have to transfer to another cruise. The offer to change/amend a booking free of charge, if travelling before end of June, is open to ANY holiday. We have just transferred our 6.6.20 deposit to a week in Spain next year. A holiday we would likely take anyway to a hotel we know and like.
  9. Unfortunately QM2 is currently getting bad press 'It's the honeymoon from hell!' Benidorm actress Crissy Rock 'terrified' as she is quarantined on month-long Queen Mary 2 cruise amid coronavirus fears” Apparently passengers are in panic, according to a ‘friend’ of hers with one passenger fainting yesterday as they don’t know what’s happening or where they are going! I can appreciate the frustration at the change in itinerary and the fact that you will be having no port stops between Dubai and Fremantle, however, the change is in order to avoid coronavirus and is hardly a quarantine situation. Cunard have taken appropriate action in very difficult circumstances and should be commended rather than criticised. Being aboard the QM2 is often holiday enough for me!
  10. I have recently returned from a week on Discovery 2 and have posted a copy of the menu from The Atrium Bar. We opted to upgrade to the premium package and to be honest whilst I prefer SB when drinking white wine, we found the Pinot Grigio Bolla to be a superior wine. We are on Explorer 2 next year and have decided to wait until we board to upgrade to premium - or not. We found the difference in the standard of drinks between bars on the Discovery 2 to be extreme. Pool bar and various music lounge venues often supplied (or tried to) none premium brands. We had to pull bar staff on a number of occasions particularly in relation to ensuring we were given Hendricks gin and premium wines when requested. I would also suggest that you need to be vigilant with this regard in the restaurant.
  11. Fantastic photos and very helpful for those currently thinking of booking QM2 and fond memories for those of us who love her! Thank you.
  12. We purchased FCC onboard QM2 in March and more recently onboard Queen Victoria both with the OBC allowance.
  13. Pear Carr


    Don’t worry! We were on QM2 earlier this year calling at Phu My (for HCM) and Nha Trang and no Visa required - assume sorted by Cunard.
  14. Always a sore point for UK residents when we read about drink packages and sommeliers offering ‘amazing wines’ within the $12 limit when this perk is never available to us. Same can be said for included gratuities!
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