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  1. That’s a great option, but sadly my younger son has special needs and it would be difficult to put him in a different room. Looks like the consensus is to stick with the 2BR, which I’m sure is an amazing room that we will love!
  2. This is helpful, thank you! We’re still really torn....the Crown Loft has an undeniable “cool” factor that makes us excited. I’m sure the GS is great, but it isn’t quite as exciting, although arguably far more functional. My parents will also be with us in a 1 BR Grand Suite, currently just a few doors down from our current 2 BR, so that’s either a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it!
  3. Currently for an Oasis cruise in March 2021 we have a 2 BR Grand Suite booked for our trip traveling with our kids, who will be 16 and 12 (turning 13 on the cruise). We’re trying to decide whether to switch to a Crown Loft. As far as I can tell, the rooms stack up like this: 2 BR GS: Full bedroom for the kids, leaves the living room free to use as a sitting room. Larger balcony. But it’s on deck 9, so potentially not as advantageous an area of the ship, and I’ve heard that the fits and finishes in the room aren’t quite as “plush”. Crown Loft: Spectacular room, still has 2 bathrooms, very close to Coastal Kitchen and the Suite Lounge. It also “feels” more convenient to the pool deck. But the kids would be sleeping in the living room. We usually ask for a rollaway bed for our younger one so they don’t have to share a bed, so between that and the foldout couch it will make it difficult to use the downstairs as a sitting room. Price is fairly similar within our margin of comfort, so that isn’t our deciding factor. Any advice from those who’ve been in these room categories?
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