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  1. We cancelled last week before Royal cancelled. Supposed to leave on Symphony 3-21. I am wondering if we still fall in the 125% FCC.
  2. We are going on the Symphony March 21, just told my wife 6000 people on the ship, 16,000 at the hockey arena. Which do you think is cleaner? Can't cancel if you got insurance because you think your going to be sick.
  3. I did not have to pay any money up front. I had to submit paperwork for, missed days of cruise, parking at airport, co-pays for follow up , and other things.
  4. It is the company through RC. Cost about $160 based on a central park balcony It covered my life flight from Bahamas to Ft Lauderdale which was $13,500. and flight back home.
  5. You better believe get the insurance. I fell and broke my femur April 4 on the Symphony walking thru th solarium doors. I had RC Insurance - OnCall. I had to lay a day and ahalf at sea until we got to the Bahamas, then got lifeflighted to Ft Lauderdale Broward County Medical Center. They operated , spent a week there, then they arranged flights back. The lifeflight alone was $13,500. Everything was covered. All the medical people on the ship were fantastic.
  6. I fell and broke my femur on the Symphony last year, the life flight from the Bahamas o Fort Lauderdale was $13,500. I had travel insurance through Royal, OnCall was the insurer. Worth every penny. They took care of everything, including flights home with a nurse.
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