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  1. Welcome to Singapore and the Ovation OTS docked at Mariner Bay Cruise Center.
  2. Yes you are right. We had taken the Limo cabs a few times returning from the Cruise to home and instead of taking 2 cabs for 6 paxs we paid a flat rate fare. In this case taking the Limo cab was cheaper for us. If your Hotel in in Town or resident is not far from the Cruise Center, then it's better to take the Taxi by walking further down and join the queue.
  3. You can get Wines from SGD $15 onwards from the Supermarket :).
  4. You can get it from any MRT Stations. I've attached the links for your info. https://www.smrt.com.sg/ http://journey.smrt.com.sg/journey/mrt_network_map/
  5. Check the links. https://www.mbccs.com.sg/inside-mbccs/shops-services https://www.mbccs.com.sg/component/content/article?id=29
  6. You booked a tour for those? Depending on whats your interest, I would suggest Gardens by the Bay (near Marina Bay Cruise Centre), try local food at Satay Club(walking distance from Gardens by the Bay). You can go to China Town by the SMRT line.
  7. Not possible to do Gardens by the Bay, hawker centres, take a bum all under an hour. There is a Hawker Centre, Satay Club near Gardens by the Bay (walking distance) and for Bum Boat rides is at another location.
  8. Yes one of the best port in asia for a walking tour near the cruise port.
  9. 10am should be fine to clear immigration. After checking in, you will be at holding area. Nothing there to do at the holding area but wait till boarding. Don't think they will allow you out of the immigration while you are in the holding area.
  10. The coming Ovation repositioning out of China, the IFly and North Star is free.
  11. Yes I had sailed from Habour Front a few times with Star Cruise and am aware of the Duty Free shopping there. Since then we been sailing from MBCC and never seen any otherwise I would have got all my beer/liquor/wine entitlement purchase from Duty Free Shop on my disembarkation at MBCC. Recently sailed out in March, no DFS too and will be at MBCC again in October. Keeping fingers crossed. :)
  12. I don't think there are any Duty Free shop at Marina Bay Cruise Center. Suggest getting them at Changi Airport on your arrival. https://www.mbccs.com.sg/
  13. There is an alert out for Dengue in Hong Kong. Do take necessary precaution. https://www.info.gov.hk/gia/general/201808/16/P2018081600960.htm
  14. You can get a 1 way air ticket from Singapore to Malaysia (KLIA). Lots of flights available.
  15. Nice Hotel in good location and near the MRT so very convenient for travelling around Singapore.
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