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  1. We typically eat in the Lido on the last night, but it doesn't have anything to do with tipping. It's because I try to have most of our stuff packed by then. MDR clothes are packed away. And we have anytime dining anyway.
  2. If you use a TA, you have to get confirmation from the TA.
  3. Hey, Clay. Dave and I are boarding the Veendam on the 18th, which is probably when you are disembarking. 🙂 Have a super good trip.
  4. We were on B2B2B2B cruises in the Med last year, a total of about 50 days. I never used the laundry service one time. Every night, I simply washed what we wore that needed washing, rolled them in a towel and hung them to dry. Generally, most things were dry by morning, and the stuff that wasn't was left hanging in the shower until it was dry. The laundry service is lovely but really hard on clothes and I avoid it if I can. Our upcoming trip is far longer, and involves Antarctica, and that means heavier clothing, so I might be forced to send some stuff out, but it won't be much. Fle
  5. First, with the right equipment, it's the easiest thing on earth. Set it and forget it. I often do chuck roasts that cook in the bath for 24 hours or longer. Second, sous vide used to be solely used by chefs in restaurants. It's a perfect way to have steaks, for example, kept hot and perfectly cooked for several hours. Third, having lots of meals to prepare would make it even more appealing. Big water bath, lots of steaks, for example, all ready at the same time. Maybe they don't use it. But I thought I read that somebody mentioned seeing it being used during a kitchen tour.
  6. Perhaps. I was just offering what I think might be a reasonable explanation.
  7. I suspect that it may not have been raw at all, but simply cooked via sous vide. I do a lot of that (sous vide) and chicken and pork cooked that way can remain pretty pink and still be thoroughly cooked and perfectly safe. My husband was a bit put off by pink chicken (near the bones, especially) at first, but he's gotten used to it. Here's a blog article talking about it, complete with photos. (It would be nice if I included the link. LOL) https://thatothercookingblog.com/2017/03/07/cooking-chicken-sous-vide-pink-juices/ If you've never tried sous vide for meat, you are missing a trea
  8. Well, I find it mystifying. We are that "HAL demographic" and we've seen PMJ on land. Neither of us recognized more than one or two of the songs they performed, but we loved every minute of it and would go again in a second. And we drove for more than 2 hours one way to see them, and paid a pretty penny for tickets. I hope they are on one of our cruises coming up. We'll be on the front row.
  9. As someone else mentioned, we used the HOHO bus for Athens. It was super. It came with a free walking tour and that was also superb. I booked the tickets online before our departure and got the details for the walking tour so we could make sure we were at the correct stop/time.
  10. I packed a bottle of liquor in our checked luggage after a cruise for the trip home. I put it in bubble wrap, taped it securely, put it in a ziplock bag, and then in a second ziplock bag and then wrapped it with clothing and positioned it right in the middle of the suitcase with packing cubes all around it. It was fine.
  11. LOL I shop there once a week and resist going anywhere else ever. Sometimes I just have to because Aldi doesn't have everything all the time, but I really don't like it. Aldi is small. I go in, get my stuff and get out. I don't have to choose between 14 different kinds of ketchup or sixteen varieties of olives. And the bill is a fraction of what it would be anywhere else. We're considering moving and the first question my husband had was "Do they have an Aldi there?" 🙂
  12. FWIW, we have a subscription to the digital version of the NYT, and it's been well worth the money. I know that doesn't have anything to do with accessing it on a ship, but I just say that to counter the nasty comments about the paper. As far as HAL offering it on board, it's nice. I like it. I wish they would continue it. BUT if they don't, it may well not be something they can control. They have to have some sort of contract with the NYT to do that, and maybe the deal simply didn't work out. It was free, for pete's sake, and I don't know any other cruise line that offers such a thing.
  13. I don't see the corkage fee as a gratuity, or at least not entirely as one. I suspect some of it is considered a tip, though, but not all. It's a fee levied because they are storing your wine, retrieving your wine no matter where you are and literally pouring your wine for you. It's the money that goes in part to pay the wine steward's salary. My husband gets about four glasses of wine out of a bottle, so typically that's four meals where somebody has to go get the bottle from the depths of the ship, and bring it to him and then take it back and put it away.
  14. That confused me too, but I think what they mean is that you can't use shareholder credit for casino charges and casino gratuities (basically, you can't use it for anything in the casino), not for the daily hotel service charge. I had to read it several times.
  15. My husband and I have tickets to see Post Modern Jukebox in mid-October in a nearby city. Some people, like us, really, really like PMJ. That's not a joke. If we were lucky enough to be on a HAL cruise where they were performing, we'd be on the front row.
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