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  1. To Keith and other bloggers: Knowing you prefer to travel with carry-on luggage only, and given the great quality of your many photos, are you mostly using an iPhone? Do you carry an iPad or a laptop to write your blog from? With each passing year we've been carrying less equipment, but we bring Kindles for reading. So other than bringing a battery pak for heavy touring days, are there any other tech must haves you would recommend. Adelina
  2. Is the 2022 World Cruise really sold out, or with all the statuses now showing as call for availability a hint that the world cruise is on the verge of being cancelled?
  3. Keith or other frequent WCs: Do you have a standard checklist of to dos before you leave for the cruise: e.g. put mail and newspaper delivery on hold, can you suspend cable service, special to dos for your car, what temperature do you set the thermostat at, etc. I'd like to start a running spreadsheet now so I dont have a panic attack on the plane of something I forgot to do. In particular, I'd love recommendations on tech items you love for monitoring your home. Also would like to see a shopping list with suggested quantities of toiletries: toothpaste, mouthwash, shaving cream for items Crystal does not regularly supply. Also recommendations for standard off the shelf medications such as Tylenol, allegy and cold pills. I remember having a wicked head cold in Bangkok trying to find the little red pills to stop a runny nose. Although now with prudent mask wearing, maybe that wont be as much of an issue.
  4. That’s interesting, because it’s the pen that’s in my room tonight On deck 9 on the Symphony sailing to Panama. Maybe they ordered a new supply. 😀
  5. Here’s the very nice pen that you will find in your room that fits in the doc holder.
  6. Hi Keith: Please add: Oct. 11 (OCS191011-14) Caldera to New Orleans, CruisePfan (Adelina/Roger) Jul. 14 (OCS200714-11) Stockholm to London/Dover, CruisePfan (Adelina/Roger/Kristin) Thanks.
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