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  1. I am late to this party but I also live in Cincinnati. Blanton's is a very hard to find locally and only available at the distillery on select days and a very limited supply. If you happen to be there when they put it out, it is limit one bottle. We found a liquor store at the pier in St Thomas that sold Blanton's SFTB and Blanton's Gold. We bought 2 SFTB and 1 gold last year and we so sorry we did not buy more. We were very excited to go back this September but Tropical Storm Karen got in the way and we missed that port. We were very disappointed ( and so were our friends ) We are headed western Caribbean in November but I am afraid there are not any good options for bourbon that direction. It is going to be a long wait until Nov. 2020 when we will be headed to St. Martin.
  2. We are also from the Cincy area. I followed your ordeal earlier and hoped you would finally get your vacation. I am so happy you did. We were on the Breakaway last week in a Haven Spa Suite with Narciso as our butler. It was our first Haven experience and it did not disappoint. We had a wonderful week despite a disrupted itinerary. It was crazy. Please say hello to Davidette, Raymond and Gabby in the Haven bar from Andrea and Brian. They are amazing but it appears you have already experienced the smokey Old Fashion. The entire staff in the Haven are outstanding! Enjoy your trip!
  3. I never sailed on the SS Norway but my first cruise was on the NCL Skyward in 1979. I was 15. I happened to have a scrapbook that has my original ticket. I sent a copy in and I did receive credit for that sailing. They probably thought that anyone that could pull that off should get some points. Now that I think of it, they should have doubled it! LOL!
  4. Thanks for the response. I should have printed a screen shot but never dreamed they would claim they do not maintain a list of the included cruises. According to NCL, LATREW is not the Insider promo code. The rep. told me they have recently sent out directives to their staff and travel agents that LATREW just means you are a Latitudes member. I was told my cruise may or may not be included (who knows) or could have been included but the promo sold out when I booked. Craziness. Funny thing you mention the upgrade. We had a POA cruise booked for over a year when you could get additional points for booking 9 months out. We won a bid upgrade and according to them, it voided our grandfathering of the 9 months deal. We are just getting tired of the games they play. I love NCL but thinking it may be time to move on after this one (or maybe before) Thanks again!
  5. I am with you. I am also a bit of a bourbon snob but even if I wasn't, they do not have anything left on here as far as bourbon goes. Woodford $22.95 is just stupid. Seeing the list you have from RCL that includes Blanton's, I may need to reconsider our next booking.
  6. Does any,one happen to have a list of the sailings that were included on the July 2018 offer? We were told our sailing was part of the offer. I called to see if the offer would fall off our reservation if we wanted to upgrade our cabin. Now there seems to be confusion if we even have this perk. Of course, i did not think to print the list of sailings at the time and now I have nothing to verify if our cruise is/should be included? Anyone?
  7. BUT I'm also cautious (chicken!) in case the refurbishment takes longer than scheduled (as in RCI's Empress of the Seas l-o-n-g delay) :D We are booked on the March 30th sailing and now you have me cautious. What exactly happens when there is a delay and the ship isn't ready? I don't want to buy expensive airfare tickets if they may cancel. What did they do with Empress?
  8. We have only been part of the bidding game once. It was early in the program. We booked an inside on POA. I really wanted a balcony and I put in a very competitive bid. I thought it was a good idea to put in a very, very low OV bid as a backup. The OV bid was accepted almost immediately and I was out of the game. Lesson learned. Only bid on what you REALLY want. At the end of the day, the OV was just fine.
  9. Well, I feel a bit embarrassed. Yes, we are Gold. I guess it is apparent that we rarely do a NCL excursion.
  10. Just booked the Rebel Yell excursion for Oct 2018 Getaway cruise. It was listed at $129 but when I checked out it gave me a discount to $116.10. Don't know why but I am happy about it!;p
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