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  1. You are correct. My FCC has nothing to do with this year's events and I mentioned in my original post that it resulted from a cruise we took, not one that was canceled. If you notice the FCC being questioned in the original post was also not a result of what is going on with the virus. I understand the terms and understand I will lose it if it is not used. I have found a cruise it would work on but they are unwilling to let me use it as part of my $1500 deposit so until I feel a bit more comfortable giving them more money, I will wait.
  2. I took the Traveling Man's advice and called again. I spoke to three different departments and they all agreed. I can't speak for other FCCs, the expiration on this one is a "sail by" date and not a booking date. I have been told the FCC cannot be used on a Nov 2021 cruise regardless of the booking date. The credit can only be used on a cruise that sails by Sept 27, 2021. I tested the "sail by" aspect and asked about a sailing on NCL Joy for 9/25/21. That one would work. You don't have to come back by 9/27, just sail by. LOL! Just be careful if you have one. They did say I could
  3. For some reason I cannot see the FCC on my account but the TA and NCL can. They have never reappeared on the account after the May cruise was cancelled. My Cruise Next certificates did show back on the account. Both the TA and a NCL rep. told me it is sail by date. The only thing I have is the letter left in our cabin which says "The future cruise credit is valid until Sept. 27, 2021" It does not specify.
  4. I have been told our FCC expiration date is a sail by date, not a book by date.
  5. We had a FCC than was given to everyone on a recent cruise we took. We applied it to our May 2010 cruise which was canceled. The expiration date is at the end of September 2021 and did not change. We are unable to cruise in 2021 until November. I called today to see if I could get an extension since we lost so much time to be able to use it because of the shutdown. I was told no. They did say that things could change later but probably not. I was surprised they would want to pass up a booking of 2-3 Haven cabins by not extending our date by a month. I guess they don't want my money.
  6. We have a KYSS bag and we love it. Another poster commented that if someone really wants to take something, they will. I feel like my bag is obviously chained and locked so that "should" make my bag look like more of a hassle to steal than another one. We use the bag more than I thought I ever would. For example, I was flying alone so I was able to lock the zipper top on the bag while I slept or went to the restroom. The one downside is that it is canvas, so it is not waterproof and it not as easy to clean. As tacky as it sounds, I keep a kitchen trash bag in a ziploc bag ins
  7. I just wish they would allow me to upgrade and not make my husband upgrade too. He is not a wine drinker and is happy with Bulliet bourbon. I am a BIG bourbon fan and not crazy about Bulliet. My only saving grace is that those Haven bartenders can work magic with it. I am not knowledgeable about wine but would love to be able to try a few. I keep hearing about that Veuve Clicquot which I know nothing about but I am intriqued by the chatter about it. I try not to bellyache about it since I know there are many out there that have the situation where one person drinks alcohol and the
  8. I just checked our May 10th Breakaway dining options. American Diner is now showing. Haven guests were offered free lunch on embarkation day at Margaritaville. I wonder if American Diner will be offered now? I would be game to try it for free but I haven't heard anything that would make me want to pay an upcharge. I will miss the watermelon margaritas but that is about it.
  9. Oh....thank you! That sounds like good news!
  10. We have been there several times but we are traveling with some them haven't been there. We did not get off the ship in November but heard it was a diaster. The guys were considering a golf excursion so we were trying to figure out what the deal was. There was a photo of Escape posted at the beginning of January that looked like it was docked with a RCCL ship. If that was the case, I would think the pier was complete. Who knows?
  11. On our November cruise on Getaway, we had to tender into Roatan due to the unfinished pier repair and a RCCL ship in port with us. Apparently RCCL has first dibs on docking so if they are in port, NCL has to tender. It was a nightmare. We are cruising again on Breakaway in May. We are trying to find out if the pier is or will be done by then. Does anyone have that information? Suffice it to say, if we are tendering, we are staying on the ship. We would like to know so we can decide if we want to plan an excursion. Thanks for any information anyone can share!
  12. Oh, you were not really incorrect. It is just different on Epic then on the other larger ships. We wish they would include it or modify the Haven sundeck a bit to include an outside bar. We love Haven but do not like that the bar area is so far removed from the sundeck.
  13. From what I understand, the area on Epic is called POSH and it shares the same space as the Haven sundeck. That is why it is included. On the ships that have VIBE, it is a separate space from Haven and is not included.
  14. HIghly suggested because the "champagne" is not very good. OJ may make it drinkable.
  15. We enjoy sitting at the bar too. As one of the contributors to this thread called us, "drunks" Nice. I agree the barstools can make an awful sound. It would be nice if they were narrower and swiveled so they did not require as much movement and people could get around us "drunks" Lol.
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