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  1. Hi guys! we're back and it was wonderful! only things I wish we'd been able to change/known ahead- #1 I wish we'd had a chance to go over our ceremony with the officiant. 🙂 #2 - I wish we'd known how far we'd be walking in- we would have cut our processional track differently. 🙂 We had a wonderful time with our friends on the cruise, the miami-base planner (A Love For Detail, email me for her contact info at trainsdogs at gmail) was SO AMAZING 🙂. NCL was fun and enjoyable overall and it was a really wonderful trip of a lifetime.
  2. we are two weeks out from departure (for Miami; ship sails on Sunday but we need to get wedding license and crap dealt with there before we go :D) and I am LOSING MY MIND a little bit. :D But it's gonna be great :)
  3. Congrats! It's definitely feeling down to the wire for us May brides! :) (We are May 12th on NCL :D) We're having like 11-13 people sailing with us (so not oto many) and something like 25 people coming to just the ceremony. For my family, it's a tiny wedding, LOL but it still feels pretty big and there are so many things to figure out! We ended up hiring a planner to coordinate a welcome dinner (instead of a rehersal dinner; the night before the wedding, inviting everyone - mostly as a chance to spend more time with our non-sailing guests and family) and she's been amazing- found the venue based on a pretty vague description of what we wanted, and is organizing hair/makeup for us before we board, too. I will say that although I knew going in they weren't super responsive, I've found Royal Ocean Events to be a real pain to communicate with.
  4. I've done late on all but one of my cruises. Early is just too darn early for us, and since we're not really into shows or comedy, that doesn't effect our scheduling much. YTD/ATD was okay the once but I really liked having the same waitstaff with the scheduled dining.
  5. We decided to do Embarkation day specifically for that reason. DF's family and mine are not local to each other, so no matter where we held things, a significant number of people were going to have to travel. At least with embarkation day, EVERYONE travels and no one has to go on a cruise who doesn't want to (ie, the dads. Retired coast guard and retired navy and I don't think you could get either one on a cruise ship for longer than a few hours for love or money.... :P)
  6. I mean, even if your daughter told you 9 months out, that baby will be OLD enough to cruise. SHOULD they cruise with the baby? Up to them, the baby's parents- not so much the grandparents. They're the ones who should be making the decision about what is best for the baby.
  7. Has anyone who has done a Miami embarkation day ceremony got any reccs for hair/makeup people? :) TIA!
  8. We got our contract back and are all official as of last week :D Going to try and sneak in one more cruise this year to check out Miami and what the port is like and all :) SO EXCITE. :) Our Save The Dates go out this week and invites in July. :)
  9. Our save the dates are ready to go out as soon as we confirm the day with royal ocean events :) Hopefully next week before we leave for THIS YERA's cruise :D
  10. The Liberty is my favorite Carnival ship that I've been on so far; the staff was great and it was a nice balance between new, big but not ginormous, and good amenities. But the extra cruise day would be really tempting for me - I have only been on one cruise shorter than a week and really didn't care for it, I think 4 days would just be WAY too short for me.
  11. 2019 for us as well- we're booked ont he Breakaway from Miami for next May :)
  12. The Liberty is my favorite ship! We haven't been on her since 2016, but would sail her again without any hesitation at all. :) Just a great size, and all the amenities we wanted.
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