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  1. Hi guys! we're back and it was wonderful! only things I wish we'd been able to change/known ahead- #1 I wish we'd had a chance to go over our ceremony with the officiant. 🙂 #2 - I wish we'd known how far we'd be walking in- we would have cut our processional track differently. 🙂 We had a wonderful time with our friends on the cruise, the miami-base planner (A Love For Detail, email me for her contact info at trainsdogs at gmail) was SO AMAZING 🙂. NCL was fun and enjoyable overall and it was a really wonderful trip of a lifetime.
  2. we are two weeks out from departure (for Miami; ship sails on Sunday but we need to get wedding license and crap dealt with there before we go :D) and I am LOSING MY MIND a little bit. :D But it's gonna be great :)
  3. Congrats! It's definitely feeling down to the wire for us May brides! :) (We are May 12th on NCL :D) We're having like 11-13 people sailing with us (so not oto many) and something like 25 people coming to just the ceremony. For my family, it's a tiny wedding, LOL but it still feels pretty big and there are so many things to figure out! We ended up hiring a planner to coordinate a welcome dinner (instead of a rehersal dinner; the night before the wedding, inviting everyone - mostly as a chance to spend more time with our non-sailing guests and family) and she's been amazing- found the venue based on a pretty vague description of what we wanted, and is organizing hair/makeup for us before we board, too. I will say that although I knew going in they weren't super responsive, I've found Royal Ocean Events to be a real pain to communicate with.
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