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  1. Which side of the ship will have the view at sail away? I am wondering if we can see it from our balcony.
  2. Thank you so much! And do you call them when you get off the ship or do you arrange a time and place? I assume it’s chaos finding a car when everyone is getting off in NY.
  3. Can someone tell me what levels of Marriott match to what MSC levels for status match? I can’t find it anywhere on MSC site. I have multiple potential ways I could do a status match and not sure which one would give me the highest level. Thank you
  4. Was it a car service or a shuttle bus with others?
  5. When I click to login to my account on the USA page, instead of bringing up a place to enter name and password, it just redirects back to the home page. So there is no way for me to login to my account currently. I tried IE and Chrome browsers. Any ideas?
  6. Hi, I am on the MSC Meraviglia leaving Oct 18 out of Manhattan cruise port. I am driving from NH and do not want to drive in Manhattan. This hotel offers a package for one night stay, parking for length of cruise, breakfast and transportation to and from the port. I am looking for RECENT experiences (since they seem to have changed things over the years). Tripadvisor has very positive reviews like "Transportation to and from the port was in late model Lincolns. Very comfortable. Pick up at the port was across the street and they were very prompt." and very negative reviews like "Waited 2 hours in cold for return car service from the Cruise and Park Package. Awful communication, poor service, and repeatedly lied to on phone." These reviews are from the same place but so different!!! I am most interested in reviews on the port transportation, don't care as much about the hotel room itself as long as its safe/clean. If you stayed here on this package, Was your transportation by car or by shuttle bus? Just your party or combined? Was it on time? How did you arrange leaving and pick up times? Thank you
  7. Will I be questioned carrying a gallon on myself? I assume they don’t normally let you bring water on.
  8. I enjoyed your review even the negatives. I am cruising Meraviglia next year for the first time on MSC. This had some good tips for sure. I hope you finish the disembarkation part.
  9. I am following also. Wondering if there is an HDMI port on the TVs.
  10. I was wondering if anyone has stayed in a GS on Majesty. Do these have the same things included inside in the room as other GSs? I have previously been in one on Liberty which has a playstation in it that played blurays. I was wondering if they have this on Majesty GS rooms.
  11. If I was booked when VOOM was advertised to be included, I heard that it will still be included for me even though its no longer free for all? If so, has anyone experienced what happens? Do you have to purchase it, get charged and then try to fight to get it refunded? Sailing on Majesty. Thanks
  12. That won't work in this case since the Majesty does not have a concierge. I am looking for anyone who has ever had a suite on Majesty and reserved a cabana and how did they do it so that they got priority over non-suite passengers.
  13. I don't believe anyone can pre-book online. I guess my question is that GS passengers are supposed to get priority booking over other passengers and I am asking how that happens. Does everyone get added to a wait list? And then the suite passengers move to the top of the list?
  14. Hi, I am cruising in a Grand Suite on Majesty in the fall. I have previously cruised in a GS and know the perks on Majesty are different (maybe not existent) so I am prepared for no perks at all but asking just so I don't miss something if it is available. I know there is no concierge and no lounge so no free drinks. Priority embark? Priority disembark? Reserved seating? Priority tendors? Full dining room menu for room service? Anything else? Also I booked when the fast internet was included for free and heard that after they changed that they would honor it for those that booked when it was advertised as free. Does anyone know how I prove that onboard or will it automatically be free? Thanks!
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