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  1. One correction, the ice cream is at Atmosphere Ice Cream bar which is near Atmosphere Pool Bar South not North.
  2. Yes they have the smoked cocktails in the Sky Lounge. They are $13. They are only included with premium plus package (and maybe yacht club but I don’t have experience with that).
  3. On board Meraviglia for Canada/NE until Oct 28. I may do a review after the trip but if anyone has questions I can try to answer. I know others are posting live reviews. I am not in Yacht Club so won’t be able to speak to that. I am staying in a Aurea corner suite with whirlpool and have premium plus drink package. We are having a great time so far. A couple things I have seen asked before. —Soft serve ice cream (vanilla or chocolate, cone or cup) is available free to anyone (no package needed) at the Atmosphere Pool Bar North, outside the buffet and opposite the grill. —Ice tea and lemonade is available free to anyone in the buffet during lunch and dinner in addition to a couple of juices, coffee, tea and water. —The TV is very limited in English speaking channels but you can hook up your laptop and play content (locally saved content, not streaming). It is difficult to get the HDMI cable in due to the TV is mounted close to the wall but it’s not impossible. Also once the MSC App loads, you can’t switch inputs. You must turn on the TV, then hit the “source” button quickly before the MSC app software loads and then you can switch. —There is only one US power outlet in the suite, which is at the desk in the living room. The bedroom only has European outlets. In the suite, the bedroom is a separate room completely so we had to get an adaptor to plug in my husbands CPAP. I don’t know if they give out adaptors to everyone or only for medical needs so just FYI you may want to bring one. In a regular cabin the desk may be closer and not an issue.
  4. I have this booked for our cruise leaving October. 18. I don’t see it on the website anymore but booked months ago. Our cruise on Oct 18 leaves out of the Manhattan pier. Should I call the hotel to make sure the package we booked is still valid?
  5. For the free Aurea massages, do you tip and if so how (cash or room charge)? I wasn’t sure there will be a slip since the massage is free.
  6. Ok thank you. They should probably change the wording of the Premium Plus drink package because it states it includes “room service menu and drinks ordered through room service”. It doesn’t say room service menu minus American breakfast and dinner items which only really leaves continental breakfast and sandwiches. Anyway, given that Meraviglia is just entering the US, do we know if the N.Y. based sailings would have these menus yet?
  7. I am confused by this statement as the menu above has many dinner items including a New York Strip steak. Why would they be on the room service menu if they cannot be delivered?
  8. Is the American breakfast included with the Premium Plus drink package? The package states room service drinks and food is included.
  9. As I and others on here have stated, we are not looking for a freebie from MSC. I am more than happy to pay for the distilled water and more than happy to pay a PREMIUM for the distilled water. We have no easy way to carry the gallon jugs on the plane (not allowed) and shuttle to the port.
  10. I’m not the OP but agree that MSC should have distilled water available. I don’t think they should have all medical equipment (like an actual CPAP machine etc) as someone suggested but having water which is tough to carry on board and as easy for them to provide as any other bottled water they carry, should be provided. I’d even be fine with a markup, say if they want to charge $5 a gallon but saying carry it on is crazy to me. I got my upcoming first MSC cruise for free, staying in an Aurea suite, from a casino. My guess is that MSC did a bunch of these deals with casinos, not only because they want people to spend money in their casino, but because they want to introduce more people from the US to the brand. My husband and I will I am sure enjoy our cruise and find some way to obtain distilled water gallon and carry on board (we are not sailing out of POM as someone suggested it’s easy to grab there, we are sailing out of Manhattan and arriving at the port by shuttle so I’m not sure where we will grab it). Anyway we will enjoy the cruise but because of the way special services has treated our request for distilled water, we won’t purchase a future cruise with MSC. We will go back to RCCL where we are treated much nicer when requesting a simple item. I am sure it doesn’t matter to MSC that we won’t come back to purchase a cruise after our free cruise, but given the huge number of posts on this topic on various Facebook groups and roll calls for the upcoming Meraviglia US trips, of all MSC first timers, I think MSC will eventually realize they are making a mistake not offering the water on board either for free or purchase.
  11. Land based hotels do not need to provide it as you can walk next door and buy it at a store. You can’t buy it in any store on the ship, so cruise lines normally provide it for free. However as I said I would be more than willing to pay them for it but they say no. Gallon jugs of water cannot be brought on a plane. This makes it very difficult for people to obtain it when flying in and heading to a cruise terminal. Not to mention if you do bring it, carrying a gallon jug around the cruise terminal with your luggage is not going to be fun. There is absolutely no comparison to a land based hotel.
  12. I was told the same thing (filled out medical form for my husbands CPAP). Going on Meraviglia next month. First cruise line to ever say they won’t provide distilled water and we need to carry a gallon jug with us. i am willing to pay for it but they won’t provide. It makes no sense, they stock endless supplies of still and sparkling water, sodas, juices, alcohol etc and can’t stock distilled water for medical purposes.
  13. I will be cruising out of NY on MSC Meraviglia in October. For our stop in Saint John, there is an excursion offered called “Bay of Fundy Whale Watching” where they drive you there and then go on a whale watch. It’s a long drive and expensive but I am very interested in this if there would actually be whales. Does anyone think there would be whales there in late October? The date is Oct 21 that the ship is there.
  14. They should be compensated for everything on ship being closed one of their cruise days.
  15. If only the buffet was open and everything else was closed including dining rooms, they did not get a 7 day cruise, regardless of port location.
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