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  1. yes actually it shows Fantastica cabin 10234. I plan to call this week but I know there will be a lot of people trying to get through for more urgent issues so I will probably wait a bit.
  2. Help - Trying to get advice and see if this ever happened to anyone else. I cruised once on MSC in 2019. I have nothing currently booked. They sent me an email about “my upcoming cruise” with a booking number. Sure enough, I log into the MSC for Me app with my credentials and they have this cruise there under my name which is not mine. Am I going to have to call (wanted to avoid that since so many people need to get through)? I have not been charged any deposit or anything like that. It looks like they attached someone else’s cruise to my account.
  3. I don’t think this is fair to OP. I wouldn’t bash MSC but when you book from MSC USA out of Miami for a cruise that’s starts in the US and ends in the US, you would not expect them to process the charge out of Paris. You would expect them to process the charge out of Miami.
  4. http://www.crew-center.com/deadly-bus-accident-belize-kills-5-people-including-2-cruise-passengers This is so incredibly scary and sad.
  5. Meraviglia only has US on the desk, not near the bed. So in a regular cabin you can run an extension cord from the bed to the desk but in a suite you can’t since the bed is in a separate room so you need an adaptor.
  6. Glad you are getting use of the hot tub! We had such high winds it didn't work out but we loved the suite. Mark was fantastic! We had the premium plus drink package that included the mini bar and he would offer to replace everything we used twice a day. He was always right outside the room and easy to contact for any issue. The only thing we didn't like in that room was the couch badly needs to be replaced.
  7. Hi, I just sailed Oct 18-28 in cabin 12010, which is an Aurea suite with wrap around balcony. The hot tub was kept full and heated the whole time. It was not something that was drained and filled. The cabin attendant checked it daily. Of course, on my sailing (to Canada) we couldn't use it much because of the cold/wind. Most nights at sea, the wind was too fierce to even stand outside. But in warmer climates/conditions I am sure it will be great. We loved this suite. Especially the walk in closet with so much storage space!
  8. They hold back times from being available for the included massages which is unfortunate. I ran into the same thing when I was on last week in Aurea with the included massage. However someone next to me who was purchasing a massage on the ship and booking was offered many more times than I was for my “free” massage. Then I pushed the issue and suddenly a good time was available.
  9. Boston was very nice! We are getting off in NY tomorrow but I wish we were going to FL to see some nice weather.
  10. I have to admit we did not attend the parties, not much into the dance parties. I am sharing the info for everyone else. I don’t think too many people dress up because they don’t know ahead of time except the white party which there were many dressed up. Now that the themes are being talked about more, maybe soon more people will know and bring clothes to dress up. Last night was “60s, 70s, 80s” night. Tonight is elegant night number 3. Here is the menu from MDR last night:
  11. Hi the internet is pretty slow at sea. It’s fine for emails and some web sites but videos it’s not that great. The YT app does work but it’s slow and buffers a lot. I am guessing it also depends how many people are using the WiFi at that time.
  12. I personally did not get any information ahead of time regarding themes, other than on these boards, nothing from MSC.
  13. Someone else responded with a possible inside location. I have not seen any outdoor locations at the back of the ship except the buffet tables and the upper deck, nothing low.
  14. I started this thread to answer any questions on Meraviglia while I am onboard. I didn’t mean for it to turn into a place for a bunch of complaints about the ship. We are having a great time and have no major issues! Tonight’s theme is Tropical party for those interested. Here is tonight’s dinner menu for those interested in MDR menus
  15. The other poster is correct that there best bet is the Casino and the Pub when they are open. The Sports bar on Meraviglia actually doesn’t have TVs and is more for the arcade. The Satellite has gone out a few times on this cruise but supposedly it was due to being far North.
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