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  1. bobupandown

    How many days until your next cruise??? Part 2

    28 Days for us, before we go to the Fjords.
  2. bobupandown

    Tips on CMV

    Hi Just got my package through today, for our April trip. I rang to book the premium package, we our going for seven days If you book before hand its £6 per day for tips, if you book on the ship its £7. We are going for 7 days but the 7th day is free, so I paid for the premium package for 6 days. I did ask about the tips been taken off, yes you can do this, but it has to be at the end or two days before the end of the holiday. Hope this helps.
  3. bobupandown

    C.M.V Tilbury Car Parking

    Hi Thank you very much for your reply, I also was getting a bit worried about the parking at Tilbury. Kind Regards
  4. bobupandown

    New to Magellan, advice please if poss

    Hi Badtwin Thank you for your reply, I was wondering the same about fridge and kettle. Would you be able to take your own travel kettle with you. kind Regards
  5. bobupandown

    Inside cabins

    We book inside cabins because we like it to be dark. Clock: We take a battery operated, or have the I Pad on. Night Light: I take to put in the bathroom, in case we get up in the night TV: So we can see the bridge, and the information they are sailing etc. Plus what you save, it's an extra weeks holiday. :)
  6. bobupandown

    Contacting P+O

    Hi I had the same issue, rang the free number at 8:30am and got through ok. If you have booked interdependently, ring your travel agent they seem to get through a lot quicker. Friends just on the Arcadia now, and they had to do that. P and O customer services are terrible. happy birthday and your silver wedding, when the time comes. :)
  7. bobupandown

    Hello Newbie Here

    Hi Slugsta Sorry for the late reply, and thank you. Yes I am looking forward to it very much, even though the reviews ar'nt up to scratch seems a lot of people arnt very happy. Never mind it's what you make it yourself. :D
  8. bobupandown

    Hello Newbie Here

    Hi jocap Thank you for your welcome and advise. Will look out for the Whales. Will also make sure well wrapped up for the sail away :D really looking forward to that. Hi Calgon1 Thank you for your welcome and advise, which location would you advise. Do you ask them to hold on to them, untill the last night. Sorry if this sounds a bit silly.
  9. Thank you Steve for a great review and photo's, it will be my first cruise in November and you have answered a lot of my questions. Hope you all enjoy your next cruise
  10. bobupandown

    Hello Newbie Here

    Hi Floridiana Thank you for your advise, that a good idea about the TV will definitely be doing that. Plus we won't be in the cabin for long, just to get ready and sleep. Since reading on here, I have now bought 2 night lights.
  11. bobupandown

    Hello Newbie Here

    Hi Laughing Angel Thank you great advice, I am really looking forward to it november, can't come soon enough.
  12. bobupandown

    Hello Newbie Here

    Hi Sea Green Thank you very much, and no you haven't bamboozeled me at tall :D I will stay with Freedom Dinning, which I now feel a lot better about and not as confused. Inside cabin happy to know it's the same size has an outside, thought it would have been smaller. Hi Host Walt Thank you very much, and your advice on the photo's. So if we like one, really we should get it there and then and dont hesitate. Otherwise we could be disappointed.
  13. bobupandown

    Hello Newbie Here

    Hi Sauer-Kraut Thank you.
  14. bobupandown

    P&O Oceana Inside Cabin B202

    Thank you for posting these, it's our first cruise and we have booked an inside cabin. I can now ring P and O and ask for a twin, we are on C Deck.