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  1. Dear markham, thank you for your wonderful reply. Good to know I am not alone with my feelings. All the best!
  2. Dear SLSD, I feel with you. Some good friends who travelled with us on the Encore last year are from Dallas, too. They would have loved to go on the Europa2 as well, but of course weren‘t able to because of the travel restrictions. All the best.
  3. Hello MJN1, the trip should originally have taken us into the Norwegian Fjords but was changed to the Baltic Sea after the Hurtigruten desaster. Hamburg overnight, Visby (Gotland), Stockholm overnight, Gdansk and a number of days at sea. Beautiful trip. We were able to get off everywhere and took advantage of the complimentary bikes a lot. Smoking still allowed on ALL balconies, the YACHT CLUB terrace and Collins Bar. And yes, it will waft through. But not a lot of smokers on this trip. Below 100 guests and full crew.
  4. Dear all, we just stepped off the beautiful, immaculate and in every detail thought-through Hapag Lloyd EUROPA 2. Is this the best ship in the world? No doubt, YES! Best suites, best Michelin-star food, best wines, best spa, staff all trained in the finest hotels (e.g. Kempinski, Steigenberger, Four Seasons...). The whole 2 week experience was breathtaking (again). Everything on Hapag Lloyd is perfect. From the first moment to the last. Even during COVID 19 with daily temperature checks, social distancing and wearing masks when walking through the ship, even if
  5. Will be joining the Sojourn again in April (after having done Odyssey and Encore this year) and can't wait to experience the excellent service by these hard working guys and gals once more! I don't mind their tattoos - actually, would love to even see the hidden ones of some of them ;-)) I just watched a video on the "services" of the new Norwegian Encore (... I wonder where they got this name from?!). Almost everything is to pay for - what a total turn off. I'm sure if you tell the F&B that you don't like the shrimp he will send someone diving for bigger ones.
  6. Yes. Sauna and small steam room in gents changing area available free of charge. Kneipp pool in the Serene Spa is out of service with plants put on top of it.
  7. Oh, I just LOVE the look on people‘s faces when they return to „their“ reserved sunbed just to find out that SOMEBODY (of course it was me!) has removed their stuff and the sunbed is now occupied by ME! 🙂 We used to take care of a cat for some time. When our dog came back inside the house and the cat was on his sofa: SAME LOOK ON THE FACE! 😄 So to all the sunbed hoggers on the Encore in September: be careful. Your stuff is not safe any more because I will be around! 😎
  8. @Daneite Yes, USB outlets now on both sides of the bed (if I remember correctly 2 each)...
  9. I totally agree. It is all about marketing anyway. Experienced sommeliers in fine dining Michelin star restaurants would never suggest these champagne brands anyway as they prefer small and not very well known wineries in general. Also, keep in mind, that there are many Proseccos, Cavas and German Riesling sparklings out there who are priced much higher than the average champagne...
  10. It was not announced, I believe, but since I just spent a few days on Odyssey I was surprised to see M instead of NF. It's a nice champagne in my oppinion but will -- of course -- never reach the level of a vintage champagne (or a Laurent Perrier Grand Siecle or Cuvee Louise for example), nor will Moet by the way. To be honest, with all the NV champagnes I dont see a very big difference. For a free flow champagne it was lovely and the secret to it is: more you drink the less you will notice any difference...
  11. Dear all, Odyssey has indeed had some work done to the public areas in dry dock. We just got off the ship in Civi aka Rome. First of all, the ship looks completely new again from the outside - as white as on the first day. Inside the staterooms, new white marble furnishings were installed on the shelf facing the bed, inside the showers as well as the addition of automatic night lights under the nightstands, which were new as well. Also inside the hallways a lot of wooden walls were renovated, etc etc... so indeed they are trying to keep her in shape... what a lovely ship she is...
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