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  1. Not a fan of Nassau but feel the need to get off the boat and find a spot to grab a bite. NO chains (Fat Tuesdays, Senor Frogs). Anyone ever been to The Bearded Clam? Or can you recommend a place that's within walking distance to the port?
  2. If you are referring to Tiki Bikin Hut, yes it is still there and has gone thru quite a transformation from the pics I am seeing. Last time we were there, maybe three years ago, they were re-doing the entire bar and they were serving from folding tables, and coolers of ice. Not a pleasant experience,. First time was fun, 2nd time not so much.
  3. Yes I forgot about Black Friday and Cyber Monday....might be a gooooood deal then.
  4. You need to keep checking the website (you'll have to log into your cruise), especially around holidays. I had 2 Deluxe BP I booked and paid for at $52/day pp on Harmony in December 2019. Went into my cruise the weekend of Memorial Day and found the drink packages were BOGO 50% (BTW which is actually discounted at 25% off each package, still comes out the same) which brought the price down to $49/day pp. I canceled the current package and re-booked the new package deal. Saved $49.56. I am going to check again around 4th of July and Labor Day to see if there is another sale. YOU HAVE TO KEEP CHECKING....
  5. Yeah, I've always paid cash too. I haven't been there in a while though, since last cruises were out of Tampa and Miami. But it does appear I will have to pay more than what I expected for my 7 night cruise, 136 instead of the 119 I had set aside.
  6. After further research it appears they are NOW charging for the actual DAYS you are parked and no longer the duration of your cruise. So that really sucks. But tax IS included in the $17/day rate and NO MORE CASH accepted to pay for parking (another sucky thing). But I don't think I would ever park off site. I have read some terrible stories about the hotel cruise parking rates and the separate parking lot businesses in the surrounding area. I like the thought of my car being in a garage, not-so-easy access, with security, and not crammed in like a sardine like some of those lots do, again from reviews I have read. I'd like to come back from a 7-day cruise not spending my time filing a police report because it's been broken in to, damaged, or stolen.
  7. I have never paid anything but a flat rate at PC. No tax added and ALWAYS for the same number of nights the cruise is for. A 3-night cruise, I paid for three nights, not 4. A 7 night cruise, I paid for 7 nights, not 8. Unless it's changed for 2019 and forward. So you may want to call and confirm on that.
  8. Have never done and would never do anything else other than Maya Chan when in Costa Maya. Seaweed is just part of nature and there are other things to do if you don't like the seaweed. Beach games, massages, food, drinks, food, more food, more drinks, socializing with David and/or Mark & Jane if they are there.
  9. They all end up in Florida at some point, so I'll be happy.
  10. That's EACH WAY...so add that into your day expenses. That's one reason I don't go those places. $34-$36 for transportation PLUS TIP to and from a resort is crazy. It's literally a 7 mile cab ride.
  11. There is only the two of us and I've only allowed $8 that is posted as the rate for 1-4 people. Unless we can find 2 more people to ride with. But I definitely won't play that game where they want to charge me $12-$16 for 2 people just because a cab holds more than 4.
  12. I usually use PC for our Eastern Caribbean cruises and quick Bahamas cruises and Tampa for my "in-between mega ship cruises". Only doing Tampa/Carnival this time around because I just got off NCL and need a break from them and December 2019 is RCCL Harmony. Needed a filler cruise to hold me over. Maybe a Bahamas jaunt in May or June.
  13. I'm in FL and we have western Caribbean itineraries out of Tampa and Miami, and you can always do NCL or RCCL. But I see by your signature, you are loyal to Carnival.
  14. 3rd hop for me. 1st my sister. Unfortunately I have no cell phone service out of the US so I can't contact anyone. Tom did say Carnival usually gets in a 9:30 when they have a 10am scheduled arrival time but having to wait to get cleared might still put us at 10am getting off. I know the hop host usually will wait around a few extra minutes from past experience. I'm sure it'll work out.
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