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  1. I think we have to book by 6/21. My question is can they be used for cruises in 2023
  2. Got my vaccine this morning, excited that this is the first step back to normal.
  3. My employer is getting the vaccine between 12/11-12/18 here in mi
  4. Buried fil last week due to covid, not worth the risk.
  5. Before ncl canceled December there were talk that the ships were picking up crew. Has this been confirmed or do we know what’s happening?
  6. Wonder how long it will take cruise lines to fulfill these requirements
  7. Is the 10% off your current price or price of future cruise
  8. Where in your acct can u see it’s refunded? I got email 10 days ago it’s coming back but last time I checked acct it wasn’t there
  9. yes but there are tons of different professions that fall under that
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