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  1. Did they create more bar spa or more hot tubs
  2. Yes they had the 7 people stand to the side while staff held onto bracelet, they keep helping people in line but wouldn’t sell vibe, when the rest of their group got there they all went directly up and bought vibe. Totally handled incorrectly we we made the best of it and meet some great people in h2 o
  3. Our last cruise in March they held 14 passes, first 7 people arrived before us, last 7 after us but they wouldn’t sell us any, sucked
  4. What are people’s favorite excursions and excursions companies, we will be there end of March. Have looked a pitted adventure charters
  5. Thru ncl there are 2 different excursions that goes to the baths, anybody ever take both and can explain difference
  6. Do either of these places have websites
  7. So can someone message me a contact with ta, going to book with p c c tonight
  8. Looking at b1. Hubby loves the sounds and forward would be windy. Thanks for opinions
  9. Handicap, haven and top level latitudes then it’s what boarding past u got, first come first serve
  10. We are on epic 3.23.19, how do I tell how full it is
  11. Is haven sold out your your cruise? We are sailing and and only 1 haven room left so my hopes for upgrade aren’t great.
  12. Would love to see a copy of your info/tips for ports and ship
  13. CDC recommends the top link you have from amazon
  14. Is the cc app going to start working
  15. We r doing in march Sent from my iPad using Forums
  16. Let’s us know how it is Sent from my iPad using Forums
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