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  1. Jeremiah1212, thank you for the information. Travel agent was able to reduce cost for 11 day Equinox cruise late next year by $1000 for my wife and me.
  2. In-depth investigation of cruise ships and lines as related to Covid-19. Not sure if this is accessible to non-subscribers. https://www.wsj.com/articles/cruise-ships-set-sail-knowing-the-deadly-risk-to-passengers-and-crew-11588346502?mod=hp_lead_pos5
  3. We were on Silhouette a few weeks ago and were told by several staff members that some take vacations while others stay on board to provide various services, like the fire watch Esprit mentioned. Others are needed to prepare and serve food to those doing the work and provide other services required. I didn't get a sense as to how many of the crew stayed on board, nor do I recall Sue mentioning if she would stay on or not.
  4. Thanks for sharing the wine list.
  5. If someone starts to brag about all the places they have visited, I pull out my guitar and start singing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGj7-R6WPf4&list=RDPGj7-R6WPf4&start_radio=1 They don't stay around long.
  6. Thank you for the list. But no Bud Light?
  7. Found this for prices of drinks on Edge:
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